Its time to vote for the dog wine art label for Mutt Lynch Winery . you have this week, but dont delay in posting a vote for me. there are 51 entries and i can tell you that i have some very stiff competition. you vote at dog art today . I am entry #32. How it works is the 10 entries with the most votes gets to go before the judges. So go vote!!

*** A heartfelt thank you to all who left a note for me while i visited my mom. it meant the world to me. those who know me well will understand just how big a deal it is when i tell you i returned home with a sore throat and the unmistakable horror of the beginning of a cold. probably H1N1. im very blue on every possible front and just want to get in my loblolly, put my head down and be still. i'll be around to your blogs tomorrow ***


  1. Such a lighthearted image! You must be feeling hopeful again! Kudos for a job well done. I will certainly vote for the Trout in bliss label.
    There's a thought, can we vote online for our favorite label?

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH. That is perfect. Hey if you don't win that should be our Blog Summit T-Shirt. Go TROUTY!

  3. i hope i win. i hope i win. and if i dont i hope susan does. i wonder if miss d is on her lable?

    fishy: i think you can vote on dogarttoday. but i also read there were 3 judges.

    shamu: funny ive been thinking of tshirt designs for my farmers market stall. (which is the truck's tail gate) i did buy a nice market umbrella and stand and a little chalkboard for my shop. june 20th is my first day. yip yip yip

    thanks, ya'll

  4. It needs a strongly vertical element for balance. Perhaps the hound could be "hanging fifteen" whilst holding up a banner.

  5. You are sooooo ... gonna win - I just know it.
    Love the big smile and ears a blowin' in the wind.
    xo S & Miss D.

  6. I love it. Weeeeeeee surfing. Trouty looks so happy. I'd buy wine with that on it. I'll go vote and I'll vote often, from every computer in my office and home. :-)

    I'll be sending rocks on Monday and I hope you're thinking of adding some of them to your Saturday Market.

  7. Haha! Well, who couldn't be happy looking at this? Trout looks adorable up there! :)

  8. Chickory,

    Tee shirts? How far is the Cohutta from South Carolina? I need to get you hooked up with Blowfish who has gone and bought himself a dern silk screening press for printing tee shirts.

    Oh yeah, I will definitely be voting for your wine label. Like Boxer, I will vote from every computer available to me.

  9. Be sure to let us know where to vote when we are able.

  10. I hope you win, I hope you win, I hope you win!

  11. OK it looks like voting starts June 15th. The winner gets an invitation to an event....wait for California. (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH) Sorry, no plane tickets or hotels included. Not good for either of our contestants, one in Georgia and one in Nova Scotia. Still lets bust out our voting fingers.

  12. art cop: i feel ya dog. but, its too late. i already sent it in. the deadline is tomorrow and i have a very busy day tomorrow. i will say this: it was critical to leave plenty of room for the designer to do what shes gonna do to it. she could add a vertical banner.

    susan: who knows. some heavy hitters could be in the running. we'll soon see. did you decide to not submit an entry?

    boxer: oh you are too kind. i appreciate that. you know everybody else is gonna have their "people" do the same. yay rocks means you are having down time on the island. good!!

    yoborobo: in my fantasy life trout is always happy. but in reality she has a bit of melancholy to her. ive never had a dog like her -complex little thing.

    i thought about making the ocean redish - like wine but then its too plague - too 10 commandments so i stuck with this.

    fishy: blowfish has a screen printer?? with the stuff to transfer digital image? im so there. thanks for your vote, fishy. i promise to not hire any lobbyists. grrrrrherhaha

    gnome: i will. and thanks

    dani: grherhaha thank you!! me too.

    shamu: yep. i cant wait to get a look at the competition!! california! natch. i wont be going thats for sure. although, i do have a friend at muir beach who would definitely want to go....

  13. HO! This is awesome...I mean, nuthin' so pleeb as hound beer, but a sophisticated Trou-lot

  14. I'll send in a vote...Good Luck1

  15. I love this! And I love that your dog is named Trout. I have put in a request to my English niece for a few good phrases for you too! If I wasn't drugged up on cough medicine, I could probably think of something really clever right now. Will let you know when I hear back from her!

  16. "The wine is so good it would put a smile on a dog."

    That's what your label said to me.

    All that aside...why do I have to vote for the best label? Why can't I just vote for the artist I like the best?

    UHHHH remember Motor City Burning Press is paying $50.

  17. That is such a great painting Chickory and Trout looks so happy 'riding on the wave of success',I just love her white teeth and smile. I will certainly be voting for you and Trout because it would make a fantastic label and... I love you both. ♡

    Did you get my e-mail?

  18. Vote often! I will . . . I love it.

  19. aunty: well, i wouldnt mind a dog brew either. i bet theyd like the foam

    hilary: thank you so much!

    pamokc: except to be "trouty" in england is NOT a compliment. yep -im making labels for my seedlings i plan to sell at the farmers really there to sell art but that will be the "farm" part of it. anyway - i need to have my english peas say something like "im sweet" but in a way a british "bird" would

    walking man: thanks! i looked at the MCBP website and read the post on it...tried to leave a comment but it wouldnt let me. i actually do have an idea for you -but it should probably be a vector based graphic -im an illustrator not a designer. you need logo - done in adobe illustrator which i really dont know very well. (wish i did) but i think i will submit something!

    dianne: well, i just looked at it. (i forget to look at K9's account) wow! man those flowers are so exotic. just what youd expect from a far away place in the southern hemi. the sculptural quality of those plants esp. the grevillea and hakea are astounding. thanks so much for sending them. i was listening to clark howard who does these radio shows where they talk about great deals on travel and they found a round trip to australia for 800 dollars! i thought...hmmmmmmmm who would i go visit? i like the whit teeth on Trout too. her teeth are beautiful. and sharp!

    moi: you like it? its simple for me -i tend to be more busy in my illustrations but i think clarity is the way to go. its different from what theyve done in the past (ive seen 4 dog labels from the winery) - they tend to go with wispy watercolor things. thank you!

  20. I love it! Let us know when and where to vote, please.

    and now, I'm off to look at your etsy site. Possibly gonna do one of those for Pondering :-)

  21. Hey, missed the deadline - brilliance did not strike ... was much too busy a week - excuse No. 42. Company coming - No. 17. I hope you win I'll be voting for you and I totally concur re: no banner - the instructions quite explicitly suggested leaving lots of room for the designer to play around. Well done C.

  22. Chickory...submit! converting from one format to another is JR's bailiwick, I don't know what is up with the comment thing I was able to post a few tests *shrug*

  23. i will vote for the best which will be you!!!

  24. Just stopped in to let you know i've been voting. I haven't been down to the Library yet to vote on those computers... yet!

    I think yours is in the top three.
    There were some good ones, there were some bad ones, but there was only one great wine surfing dawg!

  25. The "done" button has been punched

  26. I have cast my vote ... fingers crossed. The photo of you with your long hair, hippie dress, high handlebars and banana seat was tres sweet.

    I don't have a relationship with my mother, and my father died when I was 16 so it's difficult for me to imagine dealing with an ailing parent especially one who doesn't live close by. I had to look up loblolly and it seems like a good place to be for a spell.

    and ps plenty o'Dog kisses have proven tres effective in banishing the H1N1 virus.

    xo, S, Miss D avec les Chats garcons

    Would love to have your postal address just in case I might want to snailmail you a little somethin' somethin' (email)

  27. susan: i am not sure a coloquialism such as loblolly can be looked up. it is a kind of southern pine tree. but in the way i mean it - it is a hole that a dog digs to lay in. thanks for your vote.

    walking man and fishy! thanks for your VOTE!

    i promise to never hire lobbyists or plunge the country into massive unpayable debt that enslaves us.

  28. Now will Trout be president and you will be Vice President? Will you please wage war on ticks and mosquitos?


  29. I just voted from 2 computers in CA, 3 in AZ, 1 in SC and 1 in Sweden. For some reason, I can't connect to Puerto Rico at the moment...but I will.

  30. Just voted for your label. You deserve to win.
    Glad to see Trout on top of thngs....

  31. Voted, voted, voted! Sorry to hear you're sick, though. Boo. Feel better.

  32. I'm off to vote right now!

    Also: Typically English words (and my niece is still working on some):

    *Greenfingers (we would say greenthumb)
    *'ello (hello)

    The rest are sort of slang swear words that probably aren't appropriate?

  33. Voted!1

    Doan be blue,Pup! Yore mama was thrilled, I know it. Ya done so so good. Ain't gonna be too sick--youse bouncin' back right away.

    BTW--Aunty has up her first ever AUNTY poll.

  34. i voted too ..
    you said # 33, right?

    just kidding .... ;P

    but i did vote ....
    for you, of course.

    and now i'm off to visit my mumsy ..

  35. I've voted for you,
    yours is such a great entry with a smiling Trout.
    I hope you win and I hope you are feeling better soon. ♡

  36. Hey I just voted Chicago style...often

  37. thanks to ALL for your votes!!!! xoxoxox

  38. I just sealed a deal with ACORN...the fix is in.
    (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

  39. Hugs- and we voted! (but when I tried again today it was closed :(

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