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what is your current obsession? painting. old school painting. no gimmicks no frills. just brush to canvas. im obsessed with filbert shaped brushes, gessoed hardboard substrates, golden fluid paint, layering, gold leaf, chromium oxide green, all the paint that starts with "quinacridone", good lighting, and "the loft" on XM radio.

what is your weirdest obsession?  young burt reynolds. ive taken a lot of heat over the years in blogland for my love of burt. in a world where women swoon over gussied-up metrosexuals with over groomed eyebrows and wimpy forearms (i like baseball player forearms..another weird obsession) young burt reynolds harkens back to a time when men looked like men, werent required to emote endlessly or wait patiently while you try on shoes. He put the A in alpha baby and wears neoprene like nobody's business.  and then there are his compound bow skills ;-)

what are you wearing today? shorts, camisole top and a straw cowboy hat. thats because i am going out to the garden. then i will come in and take a shower to go to "town" to deliver the fox painting. For that i will change into my defacto uniform which is jeans, some kind of (ironed) collared shirt and hiking boots or my hurraches from oaxaca.

Im old enough now to understand that it is an act of charity and civility to dress appropriately for interacting with other human beings. americans have gotten far too slack on the attire front. unless you are very fit you should keep your flesh covered up. this is especially true when you travel (this is yet another weird obsession of mine: tacky travelers)

what's for dinner? i dont know yet. probably mish mash. a bite here, a bite there. my friend, the unofficial mayor of Blue Ridge, gave me some fresh lettuces from her garden which i will have with whatever V left me to eat. i dont care that much about dinner.

what would you eat for your last meal? buttermilk fried chicken; mashed potatoes; biscuits with butter; green pole beans cooked to death; salad with romaine, tomatoes, red onions, bacon and blue cheese dressing; sweet iced tea with lemon; chocolate cake with white icing and ice cream.

what is the last thing you bought? Lemon cucumbers and "Casper" pumpkin seeds.

what are you listening to right now? some kind of warbler, the creek, the wind chimes made from capiz shells, dusty crowing, woodpecker pecking.

what do you think of the person who tagged you? i think she takes some beautiful photographs that celebrate what is good and true in this world.
i think she is generous and talented and in my next life i will come back as one of her dogs.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Well, im already there. but as an extra? Alachua County, Florida.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? somewhere like finland or norway. where i can see the aurora borealis.

Which language do you want to learn? spanish. im working on it. maybe i should learn mandarin, the way things are going.

What's your favorite quote (for now)? "Don't get lazy"

What is your favourite colour? ultramarine blue tamed down with titanium white; add a dash of turquoise.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? too hard to choose one! the DandG olive green straight jacket; the cowboy boots with the green tops; a perfect pale blue linen blouse from brooks brothers; a floral snap button shirt thats 70's but better; DKNY jeans with flap pockets i found at Goodwill that fit me perfectly.

What is your dream job? corporate pilot; surgeon; location scout for the movies; and of course, painter.

What is your favorite tree? really tough. just one? Oak. 

What are you going to do after this? make another chicken painting for the July 3 Rooster show.

what is your favorite fruit? Pinapple

what inspires you? great design; animals; gardens; toys; really good minimalism; other artists; architecture; illuminated manuscripts; old botanical engravings; much more

what are your favorite books? i dont read books very often. I loved "Interview with Francis Bacon" and a book on folk artist Anna Pugh; i read my field guides often and also a book called "Back to Basics" and the "Handbook of Country Living". I love "The Way" and "Furrow" by Jose Maria Escrivia. 

what are you currently reading?  nothing, though i was supposed to have read for my book club "the Poisonwood Bible". i never even got it.

Go to your bookshelf, take down the first book with a red spine you see, turn to page 26 and type out the first sentence: "Perhaps this is nitpicking about a lot of little things but the little things do count and can make the difference whether or not you are happy and satisfied with rural living" ..from "Living on a Few Acres" by the US Department of Agriculture. 

What delighted you the most today? visiting with my friend (the unofficial mayorette of Blue Ridge) and laughing my ass off. and, not having a headache.

By what criteria do you judge a person? whether or not they wear flip flops anywhere but the beach *grrrrrherherhahaha*

Are you artistic or crafty ?  im both. i love crafty. and i love art. its all the same thing. so is blogging, photography, gardening, keeping a house. its all a part of the creative path - if you do it right ;-)

my added question: who is the most over-rated artist of all time?

The rules: Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question with a question of your own. Tag eight other people. And of course, as all tags go, you may choose to ignore this request. Play if you like.


  1. (snicker) flip flops. (snicker)

  2. don't forget the crocs ..

  3. how is it that you forgot your well dressed scarecrow designation?
    That scarecrow is working on a higher class of crows!

  4. shamu: its no laughing matter shamu!

    foam: i was trying so hard....

    boneman: i dont want V to know another man is living here. my scarecrow has the oddest posture. its like he has a rod up his arse or something. grrrrrherhahahahaha

  5. Oh jeez, I saw a girl on the f-ing plane wearing sweats and flip flops! GRRRRRR. and not "nice" flip flops (like they exist) but those cheezy cheap pieces of crap that are flat and nasty. Why do people dress like they're taking the garbage out and then get on a plane??

    I like that you're living in the place you want to be. Nice.

  6. p.s. send me chicken videos and I will send you rocks.

  7. um...you dinna answer the last question...?

    I love the Alachua area!

  8. oops. Nevermind. I just figured out it was a question you are supposed to add... duh. damn. sheesh.

  9. Yeah we cool. I don't wear flip flops.

  10. GREAT description of the creative path.

    I'd eat that same last meal, except of course blackberry cobbler with hand churned vanilla ice cream for dessert,

    I do not own a pair of FF's but I do wear crocs for gardening.

    Maybe Modigliani

  11. hahahaha! Still laughing over "an act of charity" hahaha! You'll be happy to know I am doing my part. I don't leave the house unless most of my person is covered. And while I dress like a hobo at home, I take it up a notch when I go out in public - so as not to scare the nice folks. And about Burt - don't forget his most endearing attribute: he always looks like he is up to something. Love that about him. His humor. And his laugh! :)

  12. Oh my goodness. Hooray and such detail I only have time to skim so I must come back to read thoroughly when I get to work - Ha ! (at my friend Harry's little decor/gift shop). I'll be back !!

  13. Flips flops paired with maxi dresses in piling cotton seems to be the travel outfit of choice these days. Our country's fashion sense is devolving rapidly. First it was dress to play all day. Then to lounge around inside. Now, we're dressing to go to bed. And not in a good way.

    But a young Burt Reynolds? Si, por favor! I'm beginning to see how cloning could come in handy in certain instances.

  14. Being about as far away from the beach as you can get there are a whole lot ugly toed peeps here in the midwest.

  15. boxer: if the sweats read "juicy" across the ass she then hit the 3 top attire infractions. nothing is worse than the flights out of orlando florida. you get oiled up beach people who didnt bother to shower before flying back home and fussy post disney children. its very hard. very hard. tequila helps. will send chicks.

    jean: alachua is my home. always will be. whenever im driving down to see my family i always get off and just drive around...looking at the beautiful big sky landscape. *sigh*

    overrated: philip guston, milton avery, kanye west, jeff koons, so many....

    walking man: i bet you dont wear crocs either. yeah,. we cool.

    fishy: dont ask dont tell!!!!! grrrrrherhahaha modigliani? i can think of a lot worse than that. how about thomas kinkade? grrrherha

    yoborobo: that laugh!! yes. he is the best! youre right. mischief is his middle name. and yes it is charitable to consider what kind of visual you are foisting upon innocent bystanders. i hearby award you with the "chickory medal of civilized behavior"

    susan: okay. see ya on the flip side.

    moi: burts career trajectory would have been very different had he stuck with the kind of role he had in deliverance. but i dont care. he just looked good. oh i know so well the flowing gauze routine. will come in handy once were under sharia law. grrherhahaha (shades of K9 bleeding in)

    shamu: oh Dear God. frodo feet!

  16. Jackson Pollack (painting)

    U2/All rappers (music)

    Annie Leibwitch (photos)

    I don't know what category Audobon is in exactly. Illustration? He didn't SUCK but he's over-rated. I draw birds more realistically with a #2 writing pencil than he did with actual art tools. You draw them more artistically.

  17. Oh, man, Annie Liebovitz for sure. I wrote a scathing essay on her in art school and you'd a thunk I'd ragged on Jesus himself.

  18. Rotty,
    Did I understand you to mean you classify Thomas Kincaide as an artist?????!!!!!!!!
    Cripes woman, here I was thinking you had standards.

  19. Love this meme, may have to copy and try it myself later this week. Will admit to being guilty of certain flip-flops but more of the sandal variety, and having tried Crocs, but I'm just not into them. However, I will slip them on to go water the plants. THey are good "back door" shoes. I must go improve my wardrobe immediately!

    Meanwhile. Photoshop brushes. Just open a blank PS document and practice with them. I was confused at first because I expected them to be like the use of a normal paintbrush. And they can be. But mostly they work like a rubber stamp instead, especially if they are of an image (such as those travel stamps). Certain ones will throw the image out randomly. You adjust the size to what you need. But start with what is in your regular PS brush menu and see what you get. I heart brushes very much. In fact, I predict that you will be drawing and publishing your own PS brushes soon, you certainly have the talent to do so!

  20. I would hate to be on that plane leavin' Orlando! Good Lord give me my meds!

  21. Tres interesting ! as I knew it would be. Isn't it funny your red spine turn to page 26 bit (if you left out the word rural) could be a mantra for life in general. thanks for playing along and I would say most overrated (or over paid) contemporary artist that I can think of is Jeff Koons and old master I'd vote - Rembrandt

    ps LOVE the painting detail at top.

  22. ps. OMG I forgot re: Burt Reynolds - I too love man forearm (the vein popping kind - be still my heart) and when I was young my No.1 criteria for a boyfriend was - good hockey player (Captain or at least Assistant Captain preferred) - more shallow secrets from Black Street.

  23. Ho! What a target rich post--whar' to begin?

    To start benignly, I been in Alachua County an' it is real purty. I knowed you's be the sort that would love it thar. Leastways they have tall pines and rollin' hills, which we ain't got this fer south in Orange Co.

    Overrated artists? No question: Mapplethorpe. Serrano comes in a close second.

    I love that ya' listed laughin' wif yore unofficial mayor friend as the st thang ya did today!!!! See, pup? thas' why we loves ya', on account of knowin' the right order of thangs.

    On Burt--okay, yeah I'se on wif' the forearms part--I'se got a thang fer man wrists, akshully--love a dress shirt rolled back at the cuffs---uh huh. But Burt has a too round haid? Round face, something overly spherical about his haid.

    Charmin' scarecrow--since it be's a dead ringer fer Aunty! Escriva Forges on, an' a floral snap button shirt is SO YOU!

    Oh! Lovely lemon cukes--adorable...but , surprise! I never figgered ya an ultramarine. Hmmmn.

    But, waht inquirin' minds want to know: What shoes was on yore feet when ya's in them shorts wif' a camisole in the garden?

  24. P.S. - Burt. *sigh* Can't tell you what his Cosmo spread did to my 12 year old heart.

  25. Great post, I very much enjoyed your responses, you are certainly an interesting and talented girl.:)

    Burt Reynolds? ;) who would have thought; I had a 'thing' for Robert Redford for quite a while, though he came across as being a little unobtainable, maybe it was just the parts he played, but I liked his looks and sandy blond hair. ♡

    Those lemon cucumbers look very nice, I love anything lemon,
    biscuits, cup cakes, lemon meringue pie, lemon tarts and fresh lemonade. ♡

    In my opinion there are many over-rated artists, even some of the old masters. ♡

  26. Man, I can't tell you how hard I'm laughing at Aunty's comment that there's something: "overly spherical about (Burt Reynold's) haid."

  27. troll: agreed on U2 and most rappers. i dont know about pollock - you have to see the big good ones in person before you can say. of course, shagging peggy guggenheim always helps an art career. sadly, its too late for me. audoban is an illustrator. for field identification. his great art is the legacy of bird preservation. on annie, i somewhat agree. its hard to go wrong if you photograph celebrity in a sick ass culture that idolizes it. there were some great ones though - the best are the black and white rock star shots. patti smith in a dump of an apartment comes to mind....

    moi: amazing how art school isnt nearly as open minded as you would think. (not amazing though. we know where tyranny lives)

    fishy: naw i was just going way overboard. hes more of a franklin mint type product maker. but he is a millionaire. many times over.

    pamokc: okay i will give the brushes a whirl. and i forgive your flip flop and croc wearing but if you have sweats that read juicy across the ass, then, its over!

    dani: its awful. but, its also rather short. 1.5 hours.

    susan: i completely understand your man criteria. you need not explain! grherhahaha and yes wasnt that sentance out of the rural living handbook remarkable astute? thanks for coming by and enjoyed doing your tag.

    aunty: you are a real hoot. i love this "to start benignly" thanks for the few seconds to brace myself for the dig on burts haid. its not too round for me sister. no. not at all. grrherhahaha that scarecrow aint nuthin like you dont be up in here lying. grrrrrrrherhaha thanks aunty for a juicy *snort* comment

    boxer: yes. what a sense of humor. it wasnt his finest moment but it wasnt his worst either. he couldve been something else had he stayed with the serious acting like in deliverance. but, i still love him.

    shamu: yeah. another millionaire. i think like liebowitz, the subject creates a built in buyership. i dont like it either.

    dianne: redford. i hate his guts. mostly for his little tirades in the sundance catalog. instructing us proles on how to live green and be sustainable, while peddling overpriced shite. what do they make all the leather goods out of? soybeans? he did however, once, look good. agreed on the many overrated artists!! too many.

    moi: sure. aunty can dig on my choices. from the safety of her devastatingly handsome "uncle's" arms!!

  28. Hello again,
    I am back to your blog following some intensive research on the shape of Burt Reynolds "haid" . I think it did look rounder when he had that semi-afro hairstyle and before the face lift. I am thinking the main issue is the shape of his forehead, a bit bulgy and slopey at the same time.
    But the forearms are premium.

    Enough about Burt.

    I thought it very clever of you to paint Michael Jackson's face on your scarecrow. The no-nose is really good and certainly the inspiration is a very scary visage.

  29. You have the best comments over here at Chickory ... I must go now and stalk all of their blogs. I've been having a time with the wine label - lots of wracking goin' on but not much goodness coming out. I'm giving myself until this evening's end to try and come up with something. Merci for the compliments re: Missy D wading in the water.

  30. Man, I'm going to have sore forearms for weeks now!

  31. Oh...Burt and aurora borealis - two of my favorite things. I found your blog via A's Sending Pages out to Dry. I'll be back.


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