the creek


thunder flowed through forest mist
and cooled the skin that sunlight kissed
eternal tumble; trout's domain
fern filled banks where jewelweed reign
deepest darkest green lives here
the end of path where deer appear
if its refuge that you seek
you'll find none better than the creek

please continue to VOTE for my dog wine label. I think you can vote everyday. you vote at dog art today . thank you to everyone who has voted!!


  1. I've got two words for you..."Acorn baby!"

  2. Woohoo! I been a votin'!

  3. Love the creek! Love the poetry!
    Love voting for your wine label!

  4. I want to walk in that creek.

    Voting!!! and making Iran look like a democracy, babbbyy.

  5. Most (maybe all) of their wines have doggy names.

  6. wow ...
    your poem brings to mind gerald manly hopkins and inversnaid ..

    i need to get myself up there sometime and plant my hiney in that creek .. without it getting tweaked by a crawdad ..

  7. down there i mean .. :)
    actually we passed not to far from there this past saturday when we were on our way back from mississippi ..

  8. Beautiful creek, beautiful poem. Can you fish it?

  9. I couldn't get it to take a second vote.
    Yeah...I went back to vote again.
    Looked at the entries, wow.
    Dogs and Wines.
    Whod'a thunk?

  10. Yore creek looks heavenly!

    Done voted an' ast the whole clan to vote fer ya'!

    How's yore Mama?

  11. That is such a beautiful place and I love your poem, it must be so lovely listening to the water rushing past and feeling its coolness on a hot day as it pools into the creek.

    And that forest is divine, so many trees and ferns, so many greens, what a heavenly refuge that must be and so inspiring for your art. ♡

    I voted again today. ♡

  12. Voting again today, stop by the Pond.
    Make you laugh new post is up.

  13. i know
    this creek
    from "deliverence"

    beautiful, c

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  14. I voted early and often.

    This poem brings back great memories, eh?

  15. I want to wade through that creek too. Barefoot with my pants rolled up. I have a dog maintenence question at the end of my random post today. Was hoping you could enlighten a bit.

  16. Voted for you and would vote for the poetry if it was up for votin' somewhere!

  17. gnome: grherhahahaa! yes.

    dani: thank you!!

    shamu: thank you!!!

    fishy: the creek is so cold -even in summer and its always flowing. thank you!

    boxer: com' on. see you when the leaves change, then?

    troll: they do. did you see the other labels?

    foamy: you are welcome anytime. once a crawdad pinched V's toe. boy was his reaction priceless. did i ever tell you i lived in mississippi? yep. hattiesburg.

    moi: sure you can. the fish in there bring to mind "fingerling" theres a few holes where real trout are spotted...

    boney: theres lots of good ones. if i make it to the top ten i will be happy. thanks for voting boney!

    aunty: thanks for your vote! my mama is very frail and small. her skin is as thin as tissue. she is always in some kind of pain. but there was a sweetness to her sometimes and other times not so much. it was good to just keep quiet company with her. thank you for asking.

    dianne: it is so cool and refreshing. cold even. sometimes after a hot day i will put a lawn chair in there and just have a little nap with the water rushing all around me. and the black and blue bugs are all round and giant dragnflies. once a hellbender flowed by and scared me to death. have you ever seen one? so primitive its lungs are outside of his body. (!)

    fishy: thanks again! oh boy its not all that funny to have to walk around in the world like the elephant man. grrherha

    /t: oh boy. ive got to bring you up to date on "Nephew" aka "randall". grhahehaha.

    xdell: yes it does. i have to say that was the best of blogging for me.

    limwthay: come on then! its very green here i bet you would like it. it reminds me of costa rica in a way.

    pamokc: awwwww you are TOO sweet. im still sick and miserable. is there anything worse than a summer cold? gah!

  18. Hello to Chickory 's famous wine label artist!

    Just stopped in to ask if you are indeed back to the creekside and was you friend/neighbor correct....were you stunned at how much your flowers and veggies grew?

    Still voting for the label and,
    will add my prayers to yours for your
    " small, frail, tissue paper skin, in pain Mama"
    I just know your visit to her was a true present for her heart.

  19. What a great place to put a lawn chair,cool off and relax, how refreshing and soothing that would be...your very own spa. :) ♡

    I do think dragonflies are pretty, I have a couple made with crystals,silver set with glass and one made of pewter that was a gift.
    No I havent seen a 'hellbender', is it a kind of salamander; I like small lizards, geckos, chameleons though I've never seen a salamander, only in pictures.
    I dont like snakes though. ♡

  20. Does an open storm drain after a heavy rain count? The nearest creeks I know of have tires and refrigerators, used needles and the occasional cadaver in them. But I like the thought of having a place for contemplation and refuge that is not in my head.

  21. I like this poem and its inspiration.


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