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  1. You write a hell of an ad!
    Excuse my ignorance, but aren't you supposed to keep a cock around (of the avian variety)?

  2. I guess that was a silly question.

    I did not know I was up for cabana boy. I used to tend bar and I took several weeks of massage therapy classes...I like to think I'm qualified.

  3. gnome: thank you!

    er, you only need cocks for baby chicks. females produce eggs - whether males are present or not.

    *see me after class! grerhahaha

    oh and as for protecting the hen? with the crowing its like announcing to the hawks its dinnertime. its no problem here at chickory, but in ATL its bad. and V cant take the noise. it interrupts HIS noise -guitars, televisions, machines, cars....

    i also believe that Dusty administered a "correction" to V's hand which did not impress the head rooster AT ALL.

    (did you see moi offered you up as cabana boy for Blog Summit East?)

  4. uh oh you beat me back! i deleted and reposted because of the typo.

  5. Sigh. All my little godchicks are narrowed down to one. Dusty if you'd just learn to be mute what a life you'd have.

  6. shamu: wait! youre getting 5 new girls next week. dont fade on me now.

    ive got to go back and edit the ad. i need to add

    "sunrises" to his "turn-ons" grherha

  7. He sure is handsome. Handsome, handsome.

  8. Hilarious. I'm believing you actually published that.

  9. susan: he really is. hes japanese, ya know. i hate this but its gotta be done.

    troll: i absolutely published this and already received a reply! (i hope they arent planning to feed him to a python)

  10. We had a rooster named Fluffy (I kid you not) that we had to give away because for some strange reason he decided that my youngest was the next in line to his throne. ;) He ended up on a very nice farm with lots of other feathered companions to boss around. I'm wishing the same for Dusty. :)

  11. I'm sure he'd enjoy a home on Bainbridge Island. How does he feel about turkeys?

  12. that
    should work,
    but if you find
    willing takers too few,
    try throwing a deep fryer in with your offer

    good luck

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  13. grrherhaha ha

    ok, dusty, just
    pullin' yer leg there...

    hmmm, nice & firm...

    grrherhaha ha


  14. Dang, I'd take him if I had the coop ready. I need to piss off a few neighbors. Snakes aren't working.

  15. yoborobo: Dusty is nice. but he is LOUD. and V is over it. I am scheduled to return to ATL saturday and he was like - dont come home if you still have that rooster. he's kidding but i need him to love all the pets. poor fluffy. was it a silkie?

    shamu: im sure the chihuahua pack would just luuuv that. grherha

    /t: oh you are so bad! no! he would be far too stringy. not kentucky fried more fried chicken grherha

    moi: he would most definitely annoy the neighbors. at that he excels.

  16. yay! look at this answer to my ad:

    Hello there
    We have a small private school and the middle schoolers are responsible for the other animals (goats, pigs, ducks and rabbits). We have extensive gardens and a fenced pond that I think your rooster would love. You could bring him so that you could see his new home to make sure you approve.

    i am so happy! i hope this works out. i had two other inquiries. its the photo. he is so cute.

    Katy Allen

    Harbour Oaks Montessori School

  17. If there can be only one cock in the house shouldn't your old man be as worried as Dusty is over his new home? There are three mentioned in the ads.

    I laughed when I saw that voodoo was a turn off...great line.

  18. Damn! It's never easy when they turn out to be roos. :( ((HUGS))

  19. That school sounds perfect for Dusty! YAY! And I don't know diddly about roosters. My son brought him home as a chick (he 'won' him in kindergarten after they hatched - how could I say no?). He was a gorgeous fellow, very loud, and not the least bit afraid of our big dogs (quite the reverse). All was well until he took a dislike for my youngest. I think he felt like he had to be boss of SOMETHING here. Fluffy ended up at a neighbor's farm, very happily strutting his stuff. :)

  20. Awww Snap Dusty, going to School!! (it's not a culinary school posed as a montessori school? I hear Coq Au Vin is all the rage...)

  21. oooh, he is a jaunty lookin' fella!

    What has been the response so far?

  22. walking man: grrherhaha. well i thought about writing "voodoo priests need not apply"

    there was an ad that ran in atlanta for years under "psychics" that i loved. it read

    "psychics predict. voodoo gets results. call papa baptiste"

    yoborobo: yes. bossy! dusty bosses poor easter all day long. and its too much for her. she will be lonely for a while while her sisters are growing up. but i think im going to have her with me during this time - like taking her with me to town or whatever so shes not alone too much.

    shamu: grrrrrrherhahahahahaha! really. i hadnt thought of that. i did think of weird science or somebody who might feed him to *whatever*

  23. aunty: i received 3 inquiries last night! the best was the montessori school with other farmy type pets. im hoping to take him there monday. see my comment above where i pasted in what the principal wrote. im very excited. what was dread is now a bit brighter -i dont want him to be lonely - he has been spoiled.

  24. Why ain't that a fine match!

    Although Uncle did say ya should put Dusty's profile on

  25. The school sounds perfect. Lots of activity and attention.
    Glad you're finding a solution to your cock problem. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  26. aunty: he is hot! all the inquiries have come from the ladies. seriously.

    gnome: well half my cock problems are solved. grherhaha

  27. Mr. Boxer probably secretly hopes Mickey could be sent to a Montesorri school. He tries to bite him every night when he gets in bed. It's just too biblical for me to grasp. I love craigslist! If you're not looking for hook ups, it can provide instant connections and Gnome is right, you did write a great ad. He is a very handsome boy. New chicks!!!

  28. A MONTESSORI school, no less. Whoa! Do it, do it!

    And write another post soon, so we can see just how many double entendres Gnome's got in him.

  29. Aww! Poor Dusty, I would take him if I could, gosh your original family has certainly shrunk. :/

    The Montessori school sounds great and he deserves a good home, lots of company and love, I am missing him already...he is so cute and handsome...but I do understand that you only want hens. ♡

  30. I hope your rooster gets his new home at the school! That sounds perfect. What a great ad. The voodoo is one of my turn-offs too!

    Thanks for stopping by and mourning MJ a little bit!

  31. I'm too sexy for my roost too sexy for my roost
    So sexy it hurts
    And I'm too sexy for Chickory too sexy for ATL
    "V" and K9

  32. but what about those future little baby chicks?
    you could have had a reality show based on the saga of dusty and .. umm ... cute little mama chick and all those many, many baby chickies!
    but, it looks like this montessori school just might be the ticket ..
    i hate to see him go though. he is such a beautiful bird.

  33. grrherhahahaha!

  34. Yes what Foamy said, all of those cute baby chicks and the girls will need a rooster around to keep them happy...Dusty's own little hen harem. :-) ♡

  35. Dusty update? Is it off to the Montesorri school to be their new darling? Will you be able to visit him there?
    Does V appreciate your willingness to honor his request to be THE cock of the walk?


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