i have seen this!


i did not make this video. but i have seen this. in the field ringed by trees. right after dark. around 9:15. amazing.

from appalachian history:

Happening right now, and for the next few days, the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee will light up as P. Carolinus fireflies begin to blink in beautiful, astonishing unison. The fireflies, who can sense when their neighbor fireflies are flashing and attempt to flash before them, send waves of light to cascading down the Tennessee hillsides.

i dedicate this post to V, who loves the fireflies.


  1. youse a firefly yoreself, ya sparkly li'l Pup.

  2. I've seen them by the hundreds, but never by the thousands. Must be quite a thing to see in person.

  3. Prior post--I wanna come when Foamy comes in the Fall!! I'll weed, shell beans, whateveah.

    an, uh, can we have a forearms contest please?

  4. I've never seen them here in New Mexico. Boo. Pout. Foot stomp. Too bad, because they're so strange and beautiful.

  5. One of the reasons I miss VA and the Blue Ridge.

    Go back and read two minutes to race time now...I made a slight change that you inspired and I thought worked actually much better.

    I have long felt that way the speaker actually laid down a bevy f challenges to his audience.

  6. Some of my best childhood memories are of chasing lightning bugs with my brothers. I wish Elizabeth could see them...

  7. We grew up on a farm in Michigan and would catch fireflies in Jars. There is a poignant scene in the movie "Hounddog" (film has some nice moments but also sad and lonely ones so not sure I would recommend although the feeling of heat and south and fireflies come through strong if you can take the heartbreak of it all)
    I am including a link here to the newspaper treasury you asked for Chickory and also wanted to mention that my best friend from Calif whom I met (Robin) is now living in Orlando FL and works at an art college doing all the promo work for the galleries there, if interested email me at clancysclassics@yahoo.com and I will link you with her as she may be a source for a show.. I would feel proud and thrilled if this worked out for you, she is a wonderful resource there in Orlando..
    hugs, M.A.

  8. I remember these from my when I was young in Ohio and upstate New York. They make me dizzy to see and I love this video. Whenever I see nature sync up, I am reminded that we are just part of a big plan.

    If I come in November, what will be left to do? Looks like Aunty and Foam will be grabbing all the "fun" :-)

  9. yes ..
    absolutely ..
    i've seen that.
    it's beautiful.
    ps: i'm good at shelling beans, btw ...

  10. Does shelling beans give you big forearms?

  11. aunty: stop! youre too sweet.

    gnome: its an extraordinary delight to the senses.

    aunty: maybe we need a blog summit east. i know moi gets one of the beds...that leaves one more. boy do i ever need to set up the sleeping porch.

    moi: and never in the bayou either? i would think maybe there....i can see your pout right now!

    walking man: yes -its much worse (for the rider) now. grrrherhahaha. i agree, challenges i have taken to heart

    dani: i do too. can you get to some southern mountains in the early summer? chickory maybe next year?

    marianne: how thoughtful! i will write you later today. and youve intrigued me with this hound dog movie. i might have to check it out, and fortify myself with tissue. thank you so much and looking forward to seeing the treasurry!

    boxer: yes. just little specks in the grand scheme. liberating, isnt it? what will we do? white water rafting? hiking? ultra light flying? fishing? having a bonfire? hanging out doing nothing? we will thin of something.

    foamy: im sure you are quite accomplished at many things! ;-)

    gnome: yes. wait til you see my beans

  12. I can sleep on a cot. And I think Shamy will be cool wid' that too.

  13. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful! We have fireflies, but I have never seen this. It must be something to see in person. :)

  14. Wow Lovely - nature continues to amaze.

    I'm with Aunty Belle - You, yeah you Are a firefly and I am tres sad to say I have never seen a firefly and I'm not sure how that event has passed me by. Maybe I go to bed too early ... that could be it. xo from les Gang

  15. Nope, never seem 'em in Looziana, either, although I know they're there. Oh, and, can you please tell Gnome: I personally don't require the forearm flexing. Just that of the wrists. When he's bringing us the drinks :o).

  16. my ears is buzzin


  17. Wow! We get lightning bugs but I don't think they flash in unison! Amazing and just a little spooky!

  18. Sleeping bag on the floor with dogs and chickens if neccesary.

    My grandest firefly moment was one where I wished I had cameras for eyes. Young Jacob dog in the big backyard of his Grandma at just after dusk. He kept looking at the little blinky lights, snapping his jaws at them. I watched as suddenly he leaped straight up into the air in pursuit of a firefly. Seeing him fully extended in the soft velvet night was like watching a ballet dancer leap with elegant ease. Exquisite.

  19. Hey nephew! We's comin' yore way...watch out!

  20. They are so very beautiful, I have only seen them before when Boney posted a video.

    We have 'glow worms' here that dwell in caves and they glow as well, but not as spectacular as these how they dance around the deep blue of the sky. ♡

    So that is the 'nephew' you were speaking of I have never seen him before.

    I have posted the white flowers for you. xo ♡

  21. wow.
    I do not remember ever seeing fireflies in Florida. We had gazillions in Ohio. I miss them.

  22. boxer: how do you feel about camping out? im staying in my tent!

    yoborobo: it really is! kinda scary in a way.

    susan: it is too cold there. it happens best after afternoon rain. i see them in my garden all the time during the day. they have red heads.

    moi: grrherhahaha! i bet he wouldnt mind at all.

    nephew! eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. you always give my heart a good jolt. (thanks 't, you knew i would love it)

    pamokc: agreed. reminds me of when i found saturn alone outside with the telescope. just a speck on a planet in a giant swirling universe

    shamu: what a beautiful memory/ i thought you were going to say he ate it and started glowing. grherhaha i LOVE velvet nights. my is the dusty dark blue one.

    aunty: git em!

    dianne: gloworms! do they become glow moths? how cool!

    jean: i think theres fireflies in florida, isnt there? probably in march....


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