I gave Dusty to the Montessori school. broke my heart, though. there's nothing more to say about it.


  1. awwwww .. that's sad ..
    but if you left him there it must be a good place for him.

  2. That is sad. I'm sad for you. But I know old Dust will be one happy bird with all that attention he'll be getting. Hang in there! xox Pam

  3. foamy: they had goats and a pig and some ducks. they were going to put him out in this huge area with no real shelter. they had an old rabbit pen i helped them convert it and also convinced them to let Dusty live in the courtyard that was fenced and had a little garden in it. i was worried but the kids seemed to be really engaged -there were some summer school kids there. anyway, there was one little girl who seemed to really get that Dusty was a pet -used to being with people. i put him in her arms and we talked. she promised to take special care of him.

    i wanted to call and see how it was going but i stopped myself. i have to believe its okay and i dont want to find out it isnt. i left them with the numbers of the other 7 people who wanted to adopt him if it doesnt work out for them. it was the best i could do!!

    easter seems okay....and i got my 5 new hens from my pet chicken today. so, im back on the brooder. grrerhahaha

    thanks foamy. xo

  4. dani: i loved having a roo. i liked his personality a lot. and i dont mind the crowing. i found that he crowed all day if confined in ATL. when we are at chickory and he free ranged all day he had other things to do and was quiet. its the city that is the problem every time! thanks for coming by.

    yoborobo: oh girl, thanks so much. sorry i havent been around - iwill tomorrow. thank you so much.

  5. Sorry, friend, I know it's not you to give away your beloved chicks. There's no better home than YOURS, but I think Dusty was telling you he didn't want to be a city bird.

    He'll be OK. Don't worry. Given he's a Roo, this could have been MUCH worse for him.

  6. I knew you would be sad giving him away like that and I knew your heart would break but you have done your very best to find him a new home and I hope it works out at the Montessori school, I'm sure they will be kind to Dusty.

    My daughter's high school had an agricultural plot and farm animals, they had a rooster and hens and they never lacked any attention or affection from the students.

    I'm pleased Easter is OK and now she will have some more company with the new hens.
    Take care sweet girl Dusty will settle in and be OK. ♡

    Lovely painting there gentle 'Mother Hen'... :-) ♡

  7. Hugs. You did the right thing, and the Dusy will be fine- but I know that doesn't make it any easier. I hope to see you in late July or early August if you'll be around, but of course I will call you before then. Off to the coast tomorrow then home mid week next week. My kids will be with Granny while I rest (hopefully it will be a quick and easy recovery)...and I look forward to having an empty house for a week :)

  8. (trying to keep lip from quivering)

  9. I doubt the kids are going to have a chicken dinner fund raiser so heal your heart.

  10. Perhaps it will be an amazing home and a wonderful experience for both Dusty & the kids. That's what I'm hopin' for the handsome rooster. xo les Gang

  11. you got her a job! She's spreading her wings, doing good.
    is it me or are there embedded breasts in this painting? i think this would make a great body tattoo

  12. boxer: it just feels like ive let a lot of chickens down this year. after having red and dovey for five years with never a problem this springs been rough. thanks for your sweetness. xo

    dianne: thank you sweet girl! this is another one of those photochoppy of an original painting. i love throwing them in there and messing around with the composition.

    mayden: oh good!! lets float down the oconee on innertubes!! maybe hike to jacks river falls -its an all day in and out!! you need to be all healed up though. if not, i'll just spoil you. thanks grrrrrrrrrl enjoy the beach~

    shamu: i know. but youll meet the new chicks soon!!

    walking man: thank you friend.

    susan: that makes too of us. oh he was so handsome. and his absence is deafening!! xo

    ABG: its you -definitely YOU. grrerhahaha no the its the egg shapes that got ya thinking. hey...theres an idea! tattoo design! think i can give ed hardy a run for his money? ;-)

  13. Can't blame a rooster for wanting to be a country boy.
    You did the right thing and all you could do. Same for your other birds.
    Put it to rest.

  14. welcome new wee chicks!!

    Dusty will crow--doan worry, chile.

  15. I know it is hard to have to rehome any pet, but it sounds like you found an ally in the little girl. Have faith that Dusty will be ok.
    Are the new babies bantams too? I'm preparing for my first hatch - don't know how it will turn out - but if you are interested in additional fuzzy butts, let me know :-)

  16. I can imagine just how much your heart must hurt. But I think that little girl will look after him just fine. And recruit others in her cause.

  17. Chickory,
    of you to do the right thing for V while ensuring the best possible environment for Dusty.
    of you to take the numbers for other would be Dusty families.
    of you to look forward not backward.
    you through this sense of loss.

    Looking forward to pictures of the new Bantys !

  18. *sniff* thank you ALL for your support. you are the best. all of you. xoxoxoxo


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