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  1. I just love the pictures of your chickens - and that little raccoon up in the tree! Summer perfection.I'm coming over. LOL! :)

  2. It looks like a perfect day,the meadow, tree and sky are lovely.

    I just love the pictures of Easter and Dusty, gosh they have grown, look at the size of the comb on Dusty...your vegetables seem to be thriving with your care and that of the scarecrow, lovely it an agapanthus?, the marigold looks beautiful with its butterfly, cute inquisitive racoon and I love the flowers on your dresser along with all of your treasures...
    I love visiting here my dear Chickory, you always brighten my heart when you are feeling happy. ♡
    love dianne xo

  3. just luuuuuv your chicken photos ..
    and of course the racoon photo ..
    and the photos of your garden and veggies ..
    the photo with your scarecrow ..
    your mirror photo, your hilly landscape photo,
    your flower photos ..
    yeah .
    i like your photos alright .. :)

  4. They are so CUTE!! Quite the little man isn't he. I love her golden coloring. So exciting. And the garden is looking good. How the hell do you keep the deer out? And how did you keep Trout out of the tree with that little bugger lurking about?

  5. Holy Cow! I wanna come live with you! Everything looks so wonderful! And the chickens are gorgeous!

  6. Mah bags is packed!!!

    AN that last shot? SHOWOFF!

  7. Amazing, amazing ... stunning and beautiful. Wow.

    "And" those are some kinda handsome chickens

  8. Everyone deserves a few good days. The simpler the definition of good the more the days are that conform to it.

    Be Well.

  9. yoborobo: c'mon! i see little tiny squashes growing. by the time you get here they'll be ready to saute

    dianne: that Dusty is a noisy stinky bossy bird! ive discovered the more confined he is the more noisy he is. hence, there is lots of free ranging. i know the risks - its not as bad at chickory as it is in ATL though. Im getting new pullets in 10 days. we'll be overrun by chickens.

    that is not an agapanthus - i wish it was i love those. no, it is a society garlic. an ornamental garlic i plant near the edges of beds to discourage deer. seems to be working. and the marigolds have really done their job too! the tomatoes are clear of any bugs.

    foamy: well, they arent as mysterious as yours! but i thank you. are you going to come over this summer? how about fall when the bugs let up? i might have a day of the dead party this year (if i can afford it)

    shamu: well, the Trout patrol seems to work on early morning and evening recon. and of course, my terrifying scarecrow. im really happy with how the garden looks right now. its as neat as a pin.

    dani: oh you are TOO kind. YOU created paradise. and have been an inspiration to me. and i thank you.

    aunty: grrhehahaha . c'mon aunty!! ise got a bed on the porch for ya.

    susan: they are goodly little birds. and such good garden company. merci.

    walking man: absolutely. every day i redefine good and indeed there are more goods. i can see an opportunity for this nation to make the same discovery.

  10. That garden looks near perfect to me. Love the chickens patrolling.
    At this rate, you're going to have to start a commune...with half the blogger world wanting to come live in your paradise.
    Not much call for a computer geek/photographer on a farming commune. I guess I’d have to get my hands dirty to earn my keep.

  11. I'm with Aunty and Gnome. When can I drop by? I would even end my fatwa on sleeping on the ground for a chance to explore your paradise, and I'll bring lettuce and tequila. PARTY!

    P.S. That raccoon is so cute, it's tempting to forget for a second just how mean ass they can be. Where the heck was Trout?

  12. Both this and the prior one would have been fine MM posts.

  13. The color in the flowers, the sky, the chickens, your room is vibrant and amazing. Not to mention the very cuuuuuute little racoon (who I actually don't like because they live in our backyard and eat my cat's food.) And the garden? Nicely organzied and it looks like things are popping! Nice to see it all - lovely update and I'm glad you had a good day. xoxoxox. Here's to many more for you this summer.

  14. yeah! fall sounds great!
    as far as the dead of the day party ..
    have everybody bring stuff .

  15. beauty, indeed

    & we're happy to see
    you are honoring nephew
    with that statue in the garden

    wish you a great summer

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  16. gnome: au contraire mon frere i think we do need a photographer with baseball player forearms. ;-) i accept children and dogs.

    moi: moi, when youu come i will give you the river room with the 350 count sheets and the beautiful view. when i build the shed im making a little loft in it for me to camp out. then i would have two guest rooms!

    Troll: yes it would have. and i actually started a MM with some Fred tomeselli visionary art but the power went down and i gave up. I will get back on board. promise.

    boxer: ive been waiting for it to get big enough to show...its so nice now -and the other half is coming up too. you are looking at about 1/3 of the garden in that shot. in the room shot on the dresser are some things of my moms that i cherish. xoxox thanks for wishing me happy summer days.

    oh moi....where was trout? at the base of that tree, natch. how do you think the little bandit ended up there looking so forlorn? grherha

    foam: good idea. that way, i can concentrate on making the party "take away". im thinking skull rattles this year? or maybe a frida jumping jack. dont know yet. btw, i saved you the flapping owl and jaguar i made in that museum workshop. 'member?

    /t: hey! good idea. i need a filthy john deere hat to complete the nephew look. grrehahaa

  17. "shrines" for the past/present/future are very big with me right now. I've been making them in many places. Very healing. I like that you've collected parts of your Momma - it keeps them close to us.

  18. You make me want to raise chickens. And I adore that racoon face. Did you take that pic???

  19. Glad Trout is doing her job and keeping the coon away from your chooks! Looks like a blissful day. How many pullets are you getting? Will they be bantams as well?

  20. These are your chickens? My how they've grow! So beautiful. that little racoon in the tree has melted my heart. I will be happy for the rest of the week. Thanks!! xo

  21. as always I am content and inspired by your writings and photos. Trout ever vigilant so like my Blue dog. I think you could make a book so easily but is it easy when living is what you do best..and painting as that goes without saying!
    I loved your poem about the creek...perfect and also the story that is told about all that goes on with the country in economic turmoil. it gets harder and harder each day.
    I get upset when Obama tells us to tighten our belts after he let the fat cats on wall street have all the bonuses on top of bailing them out. How can he face this country, then I think how much he inherited from Bush, maybe its just a time of hardtimes and down that country road the divisions will heal and the times will be prosperous like days of old. I have my doubts.
    hugs for trout and you!

  22. watermelon?

    Seeing the cute lil racoon up in the tree all I thought was...where's mama? Probably into the compost pike?

    And my goodness isn't that all the styling Chicken! Dang!
    Red enough to bring planes in for a safe landing!

  23. The coon!!! omgoodnesss- wow...
    He contains the spirit of my woodland heart- and I never see one in the day time unless he's on the side of the road :(
    That face...
    how I love it :)

    Hugs and be well <3

  24. boxer: id like to see some of your shrines. if its not too personal, post a photo or send via email.

    boy you would have loved my day of the dead shrine (i know you saw the photos) but it was so big. and thanks to you - i will have more candles! btw, i havent been at my studio for over a week so if you sent rocks, thank you, i will find them on saturday morning!

    pmaokc: i did. with my weak digital camera. he was pretty high up so that was the best i could do. poor little thing, Trout treed him. later in the day he was gone -i distracted Trout with river games.

    kristen: ha! you made me start saying "chooks". dianne says that too. im getting 5 bantam girls: 2 antwerp belgiums and 3 barred rocks. V wants the rooster to go. he cant take the noise and i am sad about this.

    kmwthay: yes they are the babies you saw! of course i gave Ski to Scott the local chicken whisperer but these are my grown chicks. i agree a raccoon is an adorable critter.

    marianne: of course the political class makes rules for us that will never apply to them. one of the reasons you wont see the feds prosecute the fat cats is they are invested in all the schemes themselves.

    thanks for you kind words. i like the life of garden am, art midday, garden pm. rinse later repeat. hugs to you.

    boney: little crookneck squashes :-) i know! i didnt juice that red up with photoshop either. that is dusty's natural red. grherha

    mayden!! hey hey. where have you been? thanks for dropping by. now, when are you coming?? i will arrange for a coon encounter. xoxoxoxox

  25. The word I use the most here: WOW!
    It's all so beautiful but, you've worked hard to make it that way.
    Are those shingles on your garden paths? Brilliant idea!


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