Trout's day out



  1. Yea!! She can see well enough to fetch her a stick in the lake--whoo hoo!

    But...Trout and V asleep, thas' jes' darn cute.

    Great video but the music were choppy on mah blogger.

  2. TROUTY!!!!! Man that's good to see. Did you make V work as hard as Trout?

  3. Now that's a day any dog would love to have... head out car window, swimming, running and then.... crashing at the end of SUCH a bizzy day. LOVE the music! She is your shining star. :-)

    I love her alertness at the end... head and eyes moving sharply.

    Good Dog. Good Owner.

  4. Aw...Trout is just awesome! And I laughed out loud at the end - all tuckered out. Looks like it was a grand day all around. :)

  5. And what a good day it was!!! Wind in the ears, water, chasing after sticks, & running through the grass, oh yeah! Looks like a tired puppy at day's end. Lovely.
    I hope you've had good news about her eyesight. Sweet Trout!

  6. aunty: she can see -maybe not that well - but she can see. sorry bout that music aunty. i was in a hurry to get outside!

    shamu: V was on cabin time. the creek lulled him to sleep. he worked hard, but on his own projects. rebuilt the chicken house door and its much more secure! er, how are you with squash blossoms? stuffed with pepper jack, jalapeno and dipped in egg and sauteed in butter?

    boxer: such a good day. i mean, just having sun and no rain for a day felt good. i know you understand. roo much rain and everything feels doomed. grherha

    yoborobo: i know. i agree trout is the best. and that short short coat of fur is perfect for county livin' thanks so much!

    lizzy: the doctors say the drops have put her eye pressure into the normal range!! but she must have them daily. a great day - im glad you joined us.

  7. I think I can make that work.

  8. it was the recipe inside the seed packet of all these different shaped zucchini and squash.

  9. lovedthevideo ..
    it's clear that trout is a very happy dog. what a wonderful place for her to romp around in.
    and at first i thought you had gone through some kind of strange transformation .. but then i realized it must be V on the bed beside T.

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  11. That is so bright and uplifting to watch, what a great day out for Trout,hanging out of the car window, taking in the scents and breeze, swimming, fetching her stick, running around enjoying herself, a lovely video.
    And Trout and V look so cute napping after a good day out. ♡

  12. Thats such a cute movie! Trout looks much better! Yeay I'm so excited!

    I have been borrowing a dog from "the boy" and have developed a desire to buy one!! UGH! I want a dog so bad!

    We'll see how these photos of a wedding go and then figure it out. One hobby at a time right ;)

  13. Happy Dog ! Happy K9 ! Exhausted V !
    Nice sharing, I am still smiling.

  14. Perfect ! oh what a day.
    Reminds me of the Noodle dog. Merci !

    ps. have yo submitted your work to ?


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