daisy clover


before the bush hogger comes, field flowers are rescued

not photoshopped! held up against the late afternoon sky

the half moon over the field on the final recon


  1. Clover and Daisies, the honey bees friends. Simple beauty. Thanks for saving and sharing them.

  2. gorgeous shots ..
    i love clover ..
    blooming clover always smells so good to.
    ....not so much the daisies though .. :)

  3. lovely

    cool effects

    creative thinking

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  4. the last one gave me shivers. It almost feels like the computer screen is a window.

  5. Such pretty flowers and lovely photographs,the centre one especially.
    Yes the clover does have a sweet fragrance its such a shame that daisies look so pretty but dont have a pleasant scent. ♡

  6. nicely done! I try to minimize the amount of photo shop I do.

    You have quit the talent lady!

    speaking of photos...I FINALLY posted photos. They're not crazy of the landscape though. I'm off tomorrow so I'm doing it then.

  7. Nice photographs...now it's as Led Zeppelin is singing at the moment it's time to...Ramble on

  8. Very Beautiful! Glad you rescued them.

  9. I love the wild flowers - they are beautiful. When I mow our back, I always leave a 'flower ring' for the bees. :)

  10. Such sweet photos.
    They are all good, but the black silhouette flowers against that beautiful blue sky is my favorite. Love the opposing triangles composition and the image! ... some flowers still standing, some stems bowing ... is like a photograph of an analogy!

  11. aww thanks for the comment! The beach was a blast. The photos of Jessie and her daughter are the ones I was really glad came out because I was actually trying to make them look nice. Next time I told her were going to a park and to give the monster a nap before the photo shoot :)

    It was Ona Beach in Waldport Oregon. If you ever come, I promise it'll be our first stop :)

  12. thanks to all for the comments! im on a painting deadline. forgive me, i'll be around to ya blogs soon. xo

  13. Take a break and do the Drunken Master challenge! As the Checker's Ads say: "You gotta eat!"

  14. galison.com is something else ... it's a greeting card, paper, journal company that except submissions - I think you should submit some of your work "and" also the wine label. Missy D sends her regards to Trout. xo S.


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