got a farm truck today!


we welcome into our family of quirky rides this lovely 1977 ford ranger 100. a vintage pick-up which will be my future business address. looks blue doesn't it? its primer gray. we haven't decided whether to paint it the original green or white, but we do know that we will be going the el cheapo route a la maaco or earl sheib. how likely is it that after a few months of looking we found this 9 miles from chickory? it was clearly meant to be.

we bought it from a fellow who traded for it with another fellow who said it had been sitting in a chicken house for 8 years. looked like it too. ive never seen so much mud and dirt and grime in a car. as we looked it over, i wished i had brought gloves or even some purell hand sanitizer.

The seats and dash overflowed with "millionaire lucky bucks" scratch-off lottery tickets -the 2 dollar kind. i asked the guy "have you ever won any money with these things?" i about fell over when he told me that, yes, he had won $5000 dollars, $1000 dollars twice, $500 a couple of times. he said his wife also looks over tickets she finds in trash cans and finds winners there too -apparently some people do not realize that if you have a "buck" you dont need to match it with a number you are already a winner.

as you can see, the truck came with some entertaining after market decorations. I will most likely replace the georgia state flag license plate with my own plate featuring Little Yellow Jacket, a champion bucking bull. I loved the surprise interior featuring a bass superimposed over the rebel flag -or stars n bars if you prefer - and the required georgia bulldog seat covers. the seats are the bench kind -we had fun playing country lovers as we sat close to each other with trout riding shotgun while we test drove.

V taught me about pumping the non power brakes and to sort of pull up on the shifter as i changed gears. i found this far more to my liking than the truck we tried yesterday -a 1967 ford with a column style shifter i knew was too too much for me. i was, and am quite concerned about what we are going to find under that seat cover. we are going to have to stop by home depot tomorrow so i can buy a hasmat suit and goggles before we get too deep into detailing this baby.

the preliminary cleaning we did this afternoon took a while -probably due to the fact that i would pick things slowly and carefully out of the truck with just the very tips of my fingers, taking care to let as little surface touch me as possible as i placed each piece of funky human flotsam into a trash bag. the aroma of the truck was part white owl cigar and part mexican knife fight cologne and part christmas tree deodorizer. finally we got to the point where we could hose out the interior and it started to look and smell much better.

the 8-ball shifter probably wont last past the trip to the auto part store tomorrow. V really likes that the truck is actual old-timey metal and heavy and that the chrome shined up well. that worries me a bit -he likes "project cars" and i worry if he does too much with it, it will get "precious" and he wont let anybody actually use it; only admire it and wipe it with a diaper. "no no no -remember?" said i, "this is a FARM truck -a beater! we use it to haul and pick up stuff. and for me to look cute in when i pull into the farmers market. we'll affix my chickory logo on the door".

the terminator door locks grinned at me as i convinced V that replacing the bed because of the rust was unnecessary. he thought the lock was a skeleton; but with the red glowing eyes it was obvious it was not a mere skeleton, but the dreaded machine from the future. it locks doors. thats all it does. it never stops. until you are locked in. for good.

an eastern tiger swallowtail flitted by and landed on the forest floor. its path and landing was as light as my heart. i thought that V wasn't all that on board with me on the whole "integrated life of art and nature and farm and field" because he doesnt say much about it or want to come to chickory that often. but spending weeks on the truck search and finding the truck and making sure it was safe and fun IS how he says he is on board.

i cant wait take him on an old fashioned date to the swan drive in theater - one of the last drive in theaters in the US and it is right here in blue ridge! we'll throw a couple of lawn chairs in the truck bed and pull in backwards. we'll take a cooler with a great picnic -hopefully including something i grew- and i will spoil him with adoring looks, the occasional smooch and my eternal and deep appreciation for understanding who and what i am.

*update on Trout's eyes: her eye pressure is now in the normal range! we may be stopping the prednisone soon and dropping to one drop a day and then take another measurement. we cant just stop because if it really is glaucoma, pressure can build very rapidly and she could lose her eyesight. i am very encouraged. thanks to all who asked about her.


  1. now thats a truck if I've ever seen one. I vote green paint - I think green will really make this truck a sharp one. We have a drive in theater also - but it lacks the quaint, old time charm that the Swan holds. I haven't been in ages, but it sounds like something fun and different to do this summer.

    I hope Trout is doing better.
    xoxo - have a good weekend.

  2. There is only six bolts and a wiring connector holding the bed in place...I turn it into a mini flat bed (with removable sides) and leave the shifter...tres chic.

  3. Wheels in Paradise. It's perfect.

  4. kmwthay: well, green would be restoring it to its natural state. i believe that somebody intended to paint it black - the interior is spray painted black. it is a truck! i really like it. today we will go get a tag for it and some brakes and maybe tires. then the big clean up. go to the drive in! its fun. (make your own popcorn)

    dani: yay yay! thank you!

    walking man: a mini flat bed? is that bigger than the regular bed it has? there is rust at the end near the tailgate. i cant open the tailgate - you have to lift the latch and pull real hard -V can do it but i cant yet. we WD40ed it to death -still cant do it. maybe i will replace the 8 ball with a number 11.... V showed me some floor mats with little devils on them that read "hot n nasty". i wont be buying those *grherhaha*

  5. jean: it really is perfect. thank you! (swimming yet?)

  6. WHOOO HOOO, Farm Truck. Love the Terminator door lock heads, if only the eyes blinked. Dirt roads and Ford trucks were made for each other.
    Hey Boxer's got a Billy Bass fish that she's not using...

  7. shamu: we are getting a stove today too!! V says it will be much better because the grates over the gas flame is one big thing instead of little circles...that way we can slide pots and pans around with out them moving. hes very excited. boxers bass fish....grhehahaha -does it sing "take me to the river?"

  8. Wow! Your very own pick up truck, it looks very cool to me; I actually thought it was blue too at first sight, so glad you are so excited about it.
    I dont know about the colour,though white would look really nice with your chickory logo on the door and it would look great with all of your outfits you wear when you look cute pulling into the farmers market.

    A bench seat, how much fun is that and the drive-inn will be fun too.
    Have fun with your new project, its not just a truck sweet girl, its an accessory . ♡

  9. I guess this means you won't be buying "ole blue" from me. Odometer? Engine? Tranny? Tow package?

  10. I'm beyond thrilled to hear that Trout is doing so well, because what would your most awesome bad ass truck be without a Trout dawg to go with it? That, and a machine gun mounted to the roof. Jus' sayin' . . .

  11. (snicker) Not sure what song Mr. Bass sings, waiting for Boxer to fill us in. I'm liking Moi's suggestion of the machine gun.

    Breathing a sigh of relief on Trout's health. Does a heart good to hear.

    We had a truck like this growing up. My dad put a cap on the back and built little beds for my brother and me to sit on. I always thought it was better than a station wagon for long trips.

  12. I guess this means I can stop researching open fire pit meals? And how cute that Val gets excited about a stove?

  13. I was JUST packing old Bill Bob the Bass up ... who wants him?

    Things have aligned! This is the best post I could have read... not only working, but enjoying your vision. We used to have an old drive in just off the Island and I loved it.

    I love the truck. It's so "you". Tough and willing to work and yet.... has style.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xxoxox.

  14. Billy Bass DOES sing "take me to the river" and I think it would look GREAT on the walls of Chickory!!

  15. Oh hell no, he needs to be mounted on the interior roof of the truck. Maybe you could re-record the song into the soon to be copywritten "Git in yer hole, Peanut"!

  16. Green!! pAint it green!

    Trout is the charm--kudos to V fer gettin' on board wif' ya! Post pic of new stove--wht does ya mean...slide pots and pans?

    FAB U LOUS news all around--see what a difference a few weeks can make in life--Trout is good, truck is home, V is on board--honey, LIFE IS GOOD!

  17. It's like the truck was made for you!! I love it!

    Okay so I swear I'll get photos up soon :) I think I may be going on a hike today, but I honestly don't know :)

    Your country lifestyle is amazingly beautiful!


  18. dianne: grrherhahahha! an accessory! right! it is cool. its got on the hood of the cab 6 amber lights - makes it look like a tow truck or something. also the sides have metal things where i can tie stuff down when i go "junkin". i think i am leaning toward white...but then again that classic green has its own charm....

    troll: they claimed it only had 66K original miles. do you believe that? i dont -maybe 166. the engine is a 301 8 cylinder -theres a tow package the bumper is really heavy duty -V took the hitch off - dont know about the tranny. it fires right up and "runs good". we'll get tires if it makes it back to ATL we dont like the selection here in blue ridge. that should be a real challenge: driving it on the autobahn of 1-75.

    moi: will you settle for a gun rack? grrherhahaha i wish i could trust Trout to ride in the back. she will get out. i know she will she jumps out from the cab all the time. from high up too. crazy ass dog. thank you for saying that about her eyes. it was so stressful especially at the beginning.

    shamu: i know that fish. it would go nicely with my battery operated miniki nekko cat that waves his paw for good luck. thanks so much about trout- yes, sweet relief but still something to manage constantly. your dads truck sounds like an awesome childhood ride. we can still cook over the fire pit! i have a cast iron grate and will save the racks from the old stove. btw, there was a BEAN on the bean plant today. wow!!

    boxer: yay! things have aligned. and, not to get greedy, but the final pilar is the shed. of course i want V to build from scratch the one i cant afford. poor thing has a long long honey do list. God love em. you know what? he seems really happy - he said there was an absence of stress cause somebody finally paid their bill. alignment, baby!!

    what, you dont want to keep your bass? its so bainbridge!

    shamu: grrrrrherhehahhaaha!

    aunty: life is good. and the Good Lord has heard my gratitude. over and, eh?

    edith: i cant wait to see. hiking is far more important that being on the internet!!! muah to you too sweet pea. xoxox

  19. Didn't see the part about Trout getting better. Great news!

    As to driving a "farm truck" to Atlanta to see a better selection....uhm...Why?

    Buy the tires or whatever and transport them to Blue Ridge in the trunk of the Rolls Royce.

    Maybe, I'm confuzzled as to what you mean by "farm truck".

    Maybe it's changed, but in Florida a "farm truck" used to mean a vehicle that didn't need insurance, didn't need new tag stickers every year, was exempt from inspections, could burn regular gas, was geared for farm work, and wasn't used to zoom 100 miles on I-75 with the street-legal vehicles.

  20. I used to have an old pick-up truck, a real piece-o-tin, it was a Ford 68? I think - and it was green. I loved it until it fell to pieces on me. So I vote green...with white as my 2nd choice. And every gal needs a truck. You just do. That and a good dog or two - and you already have that. :) Congratulations!!!!! xox

  21. looks
    to be in
    great shape
    with just enough
    scrapes 'n dings to make it a real truck -- cab lights, too -- v.nice(!)

    have fun


  22. troll: youre right!!! it needs a tag though si i can pick up junk from town. it will have to leave the "farm" which is small. very small. but no inspection. we already decided not to drive it to ATL arriving at the same conclusion. of course it has some problems to fix to make it safe and well paint it mostly to keep off the rust.

    yoborobo: thank you. i have needed a truck for so long. i was raggin' out the good cars with the things i was doing. green looks like a big winner here today!

    /t: well, we know we have a few issues to deal with but all old cars do. thanks so much!! (i love thos cab lights!)

  23. What the BS do you mean, 'chepo like maaco or schieb'? Are you NUTS!?

    no...wait a minute. Don't you know any painters?

    Lemmee think for just a moment here...lemmee see here.
    Painters, painters...hmmmm.
    Seems there was this gal down near Georgia...Paints birds, dogs, people....
    She's got chickens, and a dog that climbs trees.

    If that's primer, the hard part is over.
    I have a dollar in my pocket RIGHT NOW that says there's probably SOME patch up spots by now, but, get the same color primer.
    Sprayers rent easy.
    It's a farm cart (we call ours a lawn cart. Keep it licensed, but, a lawn cart.) And, mine is absolutely screaming rust over the wheel welss and such.
    Two huge holes in the bed.
    3/4" plywood should fix that.
    It's a Ford. If it starts, it a rip snorter!.
    (yeah..I said if....)

    Oh yeah...use a lot of PINK and the old man'll lay off your truck!

    Yeah, baby!

  24. Another sweet and perfect post. Georgia seems like a strange and far away country to this girl from Nova Scotia all Deliverance, "that" truck and remembering one of your posts I read from long ago about neighbours nearby with guns. It seems like a land that time forgot. Which is cool in a sorta creepy way. Although you always make it sound beautiful.

    I love the butterfly and such good news about Trout - hooray ! and Hey how are those chicks doing ?

    much love S, Missy D and les Chats

  25. i absolutely LURVE the truck ..
    now you just have to be careful that ridgerunning cousin doesn't come by and take the truck to haul moonshine ..
    i'm so glad to here that trout's eye pressure has normalized. that means the medicine is doing what it's supposed to do. i wouldn't take him off the medicine. it would be like be going off blood pressure medicine ... my bp goes sky hiiiiiiiiiigh ...

  26. Encouraging words about beautiful Trout, be careful about taking her off the prednisone too quickly, she should be 'weaned' off that as well...but I'm sure the vet has told you this.
    Love to you and Trout. ♡

  27. You'd build the flat bed from wood...

    Instead of WD 40 on the mechanism try PB Blaster it is much much better for freeing inoperative and sticky mechanisms. Just remember a penetrating oil like WD40/PB is NOT a lubricant...once you have the mechanism working use a spray graphite or lithium grease very liberally into all of the points that access the mechanism.

  28. I believe I was a farmer in a past life because I read these posts and feel at home.

    Love the truck!

    You will never guess who visited my blog today. Just a heads up for you.

  29. hey ! email me your postal address please. I'd love to send some "thing" chickory's way. Love to Trout and the Chicks

  30. Love, love, love this post! So relieved to hear of Trout's continued improvements. I think it a riot that you took her with you to test drive this find.

    Does it even have a seat belt? Do you know how to down shift in mountain curves while still steering! HooEeeeeeee you are going to be in for some fun! Might want to consider a neck brace while driving this baby.

    Is the Chickory logo green and white? Can hardly wait for the photos of the painted Chickory truck with the Chickory dog and the Chickory chicks, the Chickory flowers and veggies, the Chickoy artist and the Music Man to ride into town to get the hat filled up with money. Do you suppose you can get Trout to pass the hat like the organ grinder monkeys?

    Did you find the stove in the chicken barn too?

    Oh yeah...I thought farm truck tires were from Wal-Mart? BR doesn't have one?

    Glad you got those stars aligned, looks like you might be emerging from the rough patch. And kudos to you for helping your V learn how to be a farm boy!

    Come on over and see the new post at the Pond.

  31. I'd LOVE to own that truck. Let me know if you ever wanna part with it.


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