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  1. I really, REALLY need to arrive at a place of zen-like calm within myself where I don't automatically feel the need to speed myself straight to your Etsy site and gobble up everything you create. Otherwise, I'm going to be petitioning the Obamanator for a bailout.

  2. YEAR OF THE CHICKEN!!! I'm like Moi but since it's time for a new camera, other lucky folks are going to snap up your work. Unless you have a chicken named Nikon?

  3. moi: you are TOO kind. and, i believe you have done your part to keep me in chicken feed. it's not for Etsy but a rooster show at a gallery opening july 3. this is an 8x8 panel. in the silver floater frame it looks really nice. i know obambi isnt going to bail me out so grow lil tomatoes grow!

    shamu: ditto what i said to moi. dont worry bout this one, youve been a great patron. btw, susan reminded me about the wine label...will do that next week. but i need to have somebody fill out the word doc for me - i dont have that. yeah! looking forward to what you do with the new camera.

    (still workin on that chicken movie - keeps gettin back burnered)

  4. I love this piece so much! :) Are you going to make prints of it for your shop? HMmmmmmmmm?????? Inquiring minds would like to know. :) Gorgeous colors, and such happy, contented chickens! They're all listening to the rooster sing. :)

  5. Send me the doc and I'll fill it out for you.

  6. Adorable! Year of the chicken indeed. I think I was born that year. No wait, that was year of the Rooster, but close enough. Love the colors, but most of all I love that truck from a couple of posts down!!!

  7. Sorry before hand but I can't help the rooster at the top greeting the new morn or shouting expletives because he has landed in such a way that only a rooster proctologist can extract him from?

  8. WHen does yore new chicks come?

    THey's lovin' that welcome paintin'.

  9. This is so beautiful and colourful sweet girl,the detail in the feathers and nests is wonderful...I just love it... I can see from the colours that you are feeling happier and I'm so glad of that, you have had more than your share of sadness lately...
    Its time for a change, I hope you are feeling fulfilled both spiritually and physically with your garden and time spent at Chickory. ♡

  10. send me video and I'll make one too!

    LOVE this and I think it will be well received. It almosts answers, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Like Moi, stalking your Etsy sight is my favorite thing to do.

  11. As always, it is beautiful. Love the rich colors. Imagine they would be fantastic when combined with texture and viewed up close!

  12. I'm still trying to figure out how to live in the world you paint.

  13. shamu: grrherhahahaha you fell for my plan! (no, thanks so much!!! - i know what i am going to do)

    pamokc: isnt the truck great? of course its in the shop now with predictable issues but it should rock soon. as V likes to say: year of the cock. grherha

    walking man: that is rather odd how ive placed him - maybe i should paint some more tree behind him into the sun. thanks for the heads up.

    aunty: i am getting 5 hens on july 2. they are belgium antwerps (look at danis post with her daughter -like that) and 3 barred rocks. those are the black and white striped ones. my first chicken was a barred rock. the original "chickory"

    dianne: i am feeling happier. now that trouts eyes look normal again and the chickens are getting the routine of travel down, the truck. now i am trying to earn money for a shed! then, i will have the basic elements to build upon. thanks sweet girl for coming by.

    boxer: really? i'll send you a dvd with all the footage. youll do it better than i ever could. i received my dark shadows package!! thanks so much. now all i need is tail of lizard.....

    the rooster painting: just one of many for this show. trying to do recession size work. but working on large paintings now.

    dani: i cant imagine why ;-)

    kristen: thank you! its on board which is heavily gessoed so not as textural as it could be. im working on some large paintings that have very interesting surfaces.

    gnome: you already do. youre the rooster!!!

  14. beautiful, c

    i can see this at 5x5'
    and hanging in my sunroom :)

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  15. Send to me! We can post both versions. What a fun thing to do.

    Glad you got the package. Rocks will be on the way once we return to Island.

  16. /t: me too! lets scan it and blow er up! thanks, /

    boxer: i will! id love to see what you do. boy oh boy. rocks! bainbridge rocks rock~

  17. y el sol brille et brille et brille ..

    i'm loving this a lot!

  18. Just love that the Rooster shares a palette with the sky and the leaves!

    How do you obtain such saturated colors? Is it because you use gouache?

    I have a drawing I did a while back which I hope to one day paint BUT I have not because I am a dreadful technician with watercolors. I am best with markers but I have family who will off my head if I do another piece of art using them!

  19. foam: hey.....thats not german! er er er er er rrrrrrrr

    fishy: its acrylic on board. its lots of sheer layers. i cant do anything with markers!!!

  20. Hey chicko!

    Long time no cheep!

    Guess where I am?

    With your PRESIDENTE!

    Security here even heavier than usual.
    Pray for me, for I am frail.
    Or even better send me an e-mail!


  21. i must have a copy of this for DP in Blue Ridge (Linda's sister). She's got her hens going now but no rooster yet. please send info about rooster show.

  22. Like the Warhols of Ski


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