have a blessed easter


*click for the large view! *


  1. LOVE this.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed weekend.


  2. WHOOOHOOOO, Year of the Chicken.
    Deviled Eggs for EVERYONE!!!!

  3. well, happy happy EASTER!
    (and, no. I haven't started smoking again. This is the way ol' Vincent painted it)
    (figured since folks call me this, I can go along, eh?)

  4. A purple sky for Easter!
    Charming painting, awesome color as always but K9,
    HOW on earth
    did you paint that chicken wire?????

    Hope your Easter is blessed with joy!

  5. you are some painter .. you know that?
    anyway, happy easter to you and the rest of your broood .. human and critter .. :)

  6. boxer: thank you! ive made some corrections since i scanned this - its much better but im not reposting! this'll git r done for now. lets see, whats onthe easter menu for the children. peeps?

    shamu: egg and salmon on toasts made with very thins and a touch of V's dill blueberry sauce. but not today. tomorrow. and sunday. sunday is halibut(t)

    boney: wow. youve lost weight! grrherhahahaha happy happy easter!

    fishy: er, not very well. ya see where i got off track a bit. it was hard. and, thank you.

    foamy: and a very happy easter to your crew as well. how about we collaborate ... nude torso with poultry? ;-)

  7. Fishy took my chicken-wire comment.

  8. Take a picture, Karmic Kitchen's Dim Sum Sunday is Easter Dinner. That dill blueberry sauce sounds delicious.

  9. Apologies to the Troll. The chicken wire looks awesome to me! I'd surely go cross eyed trying to do that and you paint really little , right? WOW

  10. Easter candy is ALREADY 25% discounted. I am in heaven. White chocolate and dove bars. Woot. Breakfast!

  11. What? You grind all that candy up into your morning shake? I don't remember that recipe?

  12. What an adorable painting to celebrate Easter K9, Spring, hens, eggs, new life.

    Have a blessed Easter sweet girl with V, Trout, Dovey and the chicks...I am so sorry to hear about Lisieux, I have left a reply to your comment at my blog. ♡ XO

  13. Beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter mon ami and I'm glad you got to spend yesterday's "three hours" in creative contemplation.

  14. Beautiful ... and Happy Easter to you and the Gang xo S. Miss D avec les Chats

    oh oh ! Did I miss something sad about Lisieux - off to K-9 for further investigation.

  15. A HAPPY

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  16. Happy Easter, however you paint it.

  17. I didn't get here in time to wish you a Happy Easter. :(

    Lovin' that new chicken picture! They all seem so happy and content. *Sigh* I wish I had enough property so I could add a few more to my flock.

  18. thanks everyone for the easter wishes!

    i took dovey to Lowes with me yesterday. V and i picked out some new plants for our shade garden and bought some straw for the nesting boxes in the new coop.

    avila is a rooster. shes making an odd noise -which sounds like the beginning of a crow. so, we'll have to think of another name.

  19. oh -my point about taking dovey to Lowes: EVERYBODY wanted to meet dovey. the guy on the check out had never seen a chicken and was very tentative when reaching out to pet her. and just as he got close -i did the classic "boo!" and scared the hell out of him. he couldnt stop laughing. it was so funny.

  20. You took Dovey to Lowe's? H-O-W-L !

  21. Hell No!!:0

    That guy is gonna remember this for the rest of his life. Dovey ROCKS!

  22. oh it was so fun. i had dovey out in the front yard and V pulled out and asked did i want to go to Lowes and i said yeah! so we went and everybody wanted to meet Dovey -a few people told me they have never seen a live chicken. (!)

    the kids were entralled. and dovey was very docile. maybe it was the grip i had on her legs! but it was fun to see all the double takes people did - a glance and then a cartoon double take...

    the cashier who made fun of his co worker i scared asked me about how many chickens you could have in the city- i said i didnt know i never asked. ;-)


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