rainy night in jawja


Gladys Knight would have been inspired last night: yes indeed sometimes it feels like it is raining all over the world. creeks rose, traffic accidents multiplied and lake residents rejoiced. the news in the background seemed to delightfully report each and every mishap on the slick slabs around the city.

as it turned out, i declined to spend 5 days at chickory with V as we had planned. our marriage cannot survive that many days in such small quarters. love requires space; in my case, lots of it. So when the great outdoors are not an option, the charming little cabin becomes dangerous ground.

In Atlanta, the yard turned green over night with the drenching, and those greens seemed all the more brilliant against that gray rainy sky.

Cherry blossom petals swirled around like fake opera snow in the big wind that followed the rain. the petals were sprinkled over everything in the yard. the red buds are blooming and the dogwood buds are burst-ready swollen and a most agreeable color of milky green white.

i took some video of raindrops on a puddle to add to my "water" collection of video. i was quiet and still long enough to watch the pine needles cones and redbud petals move together as if magnetized to form little dams. all i could hear were the chimes from the porch and a mournful chipping sparrow -the one who's song has those three minor key notes at the end of the cycle - and i thought of my little Lisieux; if she had a song it would be like that.

Lisieux is still the smallest and most insecure bird of the four. She seems to gravitate to Ski and use him for shelter. something is wrong with one of her eyes it stays in a narrowed position. even with a magnifying glass i can't see why that would be.

she really doesnt yet understand how to take the water from the gravity feeder. I squeeze it so drops come out and she dashes over to get her water - im trying to avoid putting the other waterer in because when they scratch up their bedding it tends to get in the water tray and suck out all the water leaving the well dry and the bedding wet. so the gravity waterer is much better for them. when i take her up to be petted and photographed she still shivers and stays in a very frozen position.

Easter is the opposite. she (or he) is a very busy active bird. when i come to their pen to say hello Easter always rushes up to be first in line; never shrinking from my hand and seems to look forward to getting out of the pen. it was hard to get a good photo of Easter because he (or she) is always flying to me! This bird is a talker too. I really am charmed by this chick but still dont think ive gotten a beautiful photo of her/him.

I think Avila might be a rooster. if so, i should probably reconsider a proper name more fitting of a little tough guy as this pose indicates. and look at that comb! the most developed of all four chicks. This is a beautiful little chick - i should post a close-up of the lovely feathers. and the furry part of him is still a pretty pale yellow. Avila is strong; its hard to keep him in my grip he fights so to be free. as soon as it is dry and warm im going to give them some supervised outdoor time in the yard, and i know this chick will relish that time.

Ski is so funny. we only thought he was awkward before. Hes way bigger than the other birds. Im trying to figure out how i am going to transport these birds back and forth from city to country.Will i need a carrier for Dovey, Ski and then the other three? gah! Ski is the chick i can always count on to dooky up my clean white background sheet. and then he inspects it "did i do that?" oh yes you did!

I decided not to photoshop out Ski's shite -all three of these are his! (or hers) This bird reminds me so much of something....could it be this?

he fits right in, doesn't he? this truly was the right bird to choose for Moi's virtual pet. They are kindred spirits.

The man who said he was going to wait until May to till up my field for a garden must have changed his mind. When i arrived at chickory last tuesday, the vegetable patch was tilled and so was the wildflower area. Im glad -i was getting antsy about it.

I ordered a nice chicken coop from the UK for the chicks to have in the city, but i made V promise to build a bigger one for chickory. I want to get a garden shed and have V build a little deck around it and have the coop nearby so we have a hangout place out in the field. the garden is on the other side of the property from the cabin because that is where the sun is. I know im going to want to be out there -and where the chicken church coop is now its too dark and the hens wont lay well. so we have much to do. Im picking out plants now - i have a few seed packets: a mixed pack of summer squashes and some multi-colored cherry tomatoes. Also have some multicolored radishes but those are for fall. I m going to buy whatever they have at the country co-op; i figure they most know what they're doing.
while i dreamed and worried about the garden i went into the creek bed to see if i could find any red efts: juvenile salamanders. or are they newts? i forget. either way, I didnt see any. It might be too cold still. Trout had a big day out which was important. its been raining every day since. that's why V calls her "pouty trout". she is very pitiful when it is rainy. it can get quite tedious -the woebegone looks, the sighs and groans, the low tail. The unreliable hysterical drama queen weathermen are promising a sunny day tomorrow. I expect the Dog to return to a more companionable pet if so.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Chickens Chickens and MORE Chickens. They are so goofy looking at this stage, fluffy and not fluffy feathers, but cute. I love the progress they are making and I'm a bit curious about this english chicken coop you've ordered.
    Oh trouty, the rain will end. Could be worse, could be snow & Drama Queen weatherpeople. Snowing now although I don't think we'll get as much at Moi did.

  2. The look a little gawky, gangly. But darling. Love the cherry blossoms. Ours are just about to bloom, very soon. Maybe in time for easter.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. the rain really greened up things around here too. it was actually kind of pretty to see the rain ..
    the light was lovely. but it was rather cold.
    your chicks are precious, of course ..
    i was actually offered a chick. it turns out that a class i teach is hatching chicks .. :)
    i was real tempted, lol ..
    but declined ..
    you want another one?
    i'll personally deliver it ..


  4. Oh SNAP!! I'm a Godmother. Do I get to pass out pink and blue cigars?

  5. Great post, jawja - when I see that it reminds me of the song, now I have Georgia on my mind.:)
    Such beautiful photos too, the rain must make everything smell fresh and sweet...I love the pic of the lenten rose, gosh I wish mine would flower I also love dogwoods, there is something beautiful about a swollen bud, the promise of something wonderful to come.
    The chicks look so cute and are certainly growing, they do have their own personalities. Ski is starting to sprout his headdress, and that comb on Avila is so small, maybe Easter will be the only hen.
    I'm a little concerned about my Goddaughter Lisieux, poor little love I hope her eye will be OK and she gets over her withdrawn and nervous ways...hopefully one day she will find her song. I just knew I loved her at first sight and that she needed extra love and attention, you are a good Mum helping her with the water gravity feeder lets hope she learns how to use it on her own.
    Hope Dovey is well too.
    Your veggie patch looks like it is in a little part of heaven, what a beautiful place, looks like V is going to be busy, all of your ideas sond lovely.
    I hope you get that sunshine, it is always welcome after the rain and I know Trout will lose that doggone face and be happy.
    Take care Chickory girl, always thinking of you all. ♡

  6. That's one spiffy hen house. Will you paint it or leave it natural?

  7. Weren't the Jawas the little guys on the first Starwars movie? That place looks like dog paradise, lots of good sniffs!!

  8. shamu: the growth is driving them crazy. i remember when red and dovey were like this -just fussing with the feathers all day. it must be as uncomfortable as having leg hair stubble rubbing on your sheets! Trout has been a PILL all day. talking incessantly and stomping her paw down too. cigars? yes, the bubble gum kind!

    faery: cherry trees seem to be everywhere. and thats a very good thing. i liked your 287 photos. esp. the black and white with the pink flower. enjoy your weekend too.

    foamy: i bet its going to be a regulation chicken. too big -but then again, ski might be reg too. i hope not. we can always bar be que!

    dianne: i wish your lenten rose would bloom too! they seem to thrive on neglect. are you showing them too much love? thanks for your concern and love for Lisieux. im worried about her.

    shamu: i dont know. they say the wood is treated. you cant see it from the pictures but the nest boxes inside are very nice. this is a big upgrade from doveys converted doghouse.

    Pho Kid: you mean the slave traders? grrherhaha not jawas, pho. jawjas! it is a dog paradise. bring your pack and the misses, the grandson and the fishes and we'll picnic!

  9. Beautiful post!
    I so get the decision to not spend 5 days inside @ chickory, confined by weather.
    Like you, I need lots of personal space. Even in a location as big as the Pond house, I cannot spend 5 days indoors with Blowfish. Never could; so it is not about the prickliness that comes with 30 years of togetherness but just is my norm.

    Over in our part of the Carolinas we've been drought stricken for a long time, our status is "extreme drought" so these days of rain are a great blessing. The answer to countless prayers.

    Once the rain clears , your garden is started, the coop arrives, the salamander-newt returns to the creek and trout has an outlet for her intellect and energy ... life will feel like paradise!

  10. I love cherry blossoms. They always remind me of my dad. He had planted a bunch along our driveway when I was born.
    Such a beautiful sight to see this time of year, even better with your rainy, windy days blowin' the beautiful petals around.

    Love that new chicken coop! The babies are going to have such a great time in there exploring.

  11. yeah, i figured it would be one of these chicks that would turn into a
    holly farm/tyson chicken house chick ..
    they are white ..

    ps: you better not be bbqing ski ..
    lol ..

  12. Ski rocks! Those little tufts are making me laugh, laugh, laugh . . .

    I'm glad you all got what I know is much needed rain. Although, I do grok oh so well to bad weather day blues with restless dogs. Sucky.

  13. fishy: yes i was glad to see the rain too. north georgia is still in a drought. I think you are right, life will seem like paradise soon. there is a growing sense of doom here in the city. there are lots of signs of economic stress all around. i think space, light and working on real tangible "of the earth" projects will be a respite i will cherish.

    dani: i was thinking about that lovely playhouse coop mr wonderful built for you. my principle problem with the design is that you have to remove the screws to one side of it to clean the coop -did you alter the plans? this coop i ordered has a pvc tray to pull out for cleaning and i like that. the nest boxes are nice and you can close the coop from outside the run with that long handle. we will still have the big run and of course i let them free range too. even though its risky. happy sunday!

    foamy: well, ski would be the only one with meat on him. you come on over this summer. seriously.

  14. moi: are you not going to comment on Ski joining the Clash!? now you have 2 dogs to be bummed in bad weather. ;-)

  15. Ahhhh...this post is respite fer the soul. Lovely look at ordinary life as it is--the sh-- and the fluffy chicks, the puddles the green, the closeness on nerves, the open space, cherries is cheery--loved all this, Dawgy Pup.

  16. Knight sang Midnight Train.
    Brook Benton sang Rainy Night.
    Corrections happen.

    P.S. "Rudie Can't Fail" was written about Tipper and I.

    P.P.S. I invented really good photographic and verbal reflections on Spring Rains in Georgia.

  17. aunty: cherries is cheery. i look forward to more reports on your french oddesy soon!

    troll: you are indespensible! first the termites and now brooke benton. youre the schnizzle. (thats a snoop dog term - i know how much you like rappers. grherha)

  18. Yeah, we did a few things different. We added a second set of doors to the top, so the whole thing could be opened up. It makes it a breeze to clean!

  19. Having spent four days with Mr. Boxer and BIL Boxer, in small spaces, I can only say you are smart to know where the Marriage works... and doesn't work. Me too.
    The pictures of the chicks continue to dazzle me. Their expressions are all as different as their markings/etc. Beautiful. So is their pen, trout, your tilled soiled.. and Spring! I look forward to visiting you here at Chickory as the days get longer.

  20. Wow !! there's lots happenin' as spring arrives at chickory. I'm jealous of your freshly tilled garden... hmmm I must see if I can't find me a man with a tiller ... the chicks remind me of The Ugly Duckling story. Homely youngin's they are now .. but very soon to turn into beauties. LOVE their new crib !! tres lucky chickens.

  21. Ski in the Clash – bwahahahahaha! That's the best of all. Rock the Polish Crested . . . London Calling Ski . . . Rud-Ski Can't Fail

  22. I think is is amazing how that soft yellow fluffy down turns into all of these wonderful feather colours and patterns.

    That chicken coop looks very nice, I must have missed seeing it when I was here last...any room for me?
    I dont eat much. :-)

    I was reading the comments about space in marriage, I dont know how I would be now with someone in my life I have been on my own for so long. ♡

  23. Hubs and I went to the coast on Wed (he arrived on Thurs morning) and we left on Sunday. With the rain it did make for a "cozy" time- and at one point I just felt grateful for time in the bathroom alone! (and then I felt a tad guilty)
    Sigh- I just need to be me.

    Love the chicks...they are beautiful and it's fun to see them change.

    The sun is shining today and I need to get out of the house and be in it for a while...
    me, in the sun = good :) (with spf 20+)

  24. beautiful
    spring post

    looks to be a
    deluxe chicken coop

    good to hear you're getting some rain

    too bad we can't figure a way to divert some of the red river to other parts in need of water, eh...

    good looking broilers there(!) ;)

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  25. I see why you hang out here. It is nice here. I feel more relaxed just by visiting.

  26. Thanks dear Chickory girl for the lovely side bar link, you are very kind to me. ♡

    Its pouring with rain here today, early this morning a torrential downpour with high winds which were howling around the house.

    Its good to get some decent rain, we certainly need it, my garden will be happy. ♡

  27. You know, I've lived one-fourth of my life in rural areas, and had never seen a red lizard. Heard of, yes. Seen, no.

    Beautiful photos, as always. The coop looks absolutely grand. Were I a bird, I'd pay big bucks to stay in a place like that. You might have a flock on your hands soon.

    BTW, Trout will have her day in the sun. Every dog has her day, right?

  28. Dani: thats sounds like a good alteration. I have the plans but am wavering a bit...im worried MY mister wonderful is too busy ...and looking at the 1/2 of the coop - i might buy another one. the quality is very good.

    boxer: thats just 17 years of hard-earned experience! grrherhahaha thanks for your kind words on the photos -ive alreay failed to photograph them everyday. im always a big planner -a bit weak on the follow thru. (but you know that al ready -remember the 10 paintings? petered out at 9)

    susan: we all want a man with a tiller. my goodness our priorities do chance as we mature. ;-)

    moi: rock the coop-bah! (dovey dont like it)

    dianne: i have a people sized coop you can stay in. and lets hope the menu includes what i grow. (HOPE!)

    mayden: so good to see you!! you felt guilty? no! grrherhahaha youre a 24/7 do for everybody gal -you deserve space anytime you want it! Im glad you had some sunshine. are you going to come over tochickory this summer?

  29. /t: grrherhahahha! layers, /t, LAYERS. i think youd leave very hungry if you broiled up one of these bantams!

    enemy: i had to come here i was overwhelmed the same way you are. i have to be where things feel real and true. i dont want to spend much time in a futile struggle towards something that really isnt there anymore. make sense? im glad you came here. I ll be here more and less at the old dog yard.

    dianne: you are welcome. i didnt know what image to use - this one felt right. im glad you got the rain. its raining here today. i have trout and Lisieux at the studio today. she is struggling and i think the other chicks are pecking her eye and thats the problem. and now i have to leave town tomorrow and i dont know what to do!

    j cosmo newberry: yes my little quad coupe. ;-)

    x dell: my job is to ensure not only that the dog has many good days, but V, and the flock and any who come here. so come on down. i'll show ya a red eft (if i can find one) somewhere i have my own orange salamander photo. found it under a log.

  30. Thank you for using that beautiful Pissarro painting, it does feel right for me.

    I'm so sorry about Lisieux, sadly the weaker ones get picked on,nature is cruel sometimes.
    I dont know what you can do, maybe just keep her away from the others as much as possible until she is a little stronger and can defend herself. ♡

  31. I put lisieux and easter in a pen together. I hope that lisieux's eye problem is because of being pecked. if it turns out she is sick, i will be very sorry i put my favorite easter at risk. however, my sense of this is that her problem is indeed an injury and not sickness.

    terrible that i have to leave for florida for five days. now the chicks will be in the hands of the capable but very busy V.

    i will be going to see my mom. have a great weekend everyone

  32. Chickory dear I hope that all will be well with both Easter and Lisieux, I do hope the eye problem is only an injury, not a sickness.
    I just know that V will take care of them all, he sounds like a good man.

    So go have a nice time in Florida, go see your Mum, enjoy and we will see you when you get back. :) ♡

  33. My fave Jawja song is "The Night the Lights Went off In...". The original by Vicki Lawrence.

    That might make a good base for an Obama Rappery or a Hubby Band song parody!

  34. Your cherry blossoms are to die for. I love that purpley-pinkish color. It may just be my favorite, ever.

    I tried to plant some squash in the back yard. When they started to sprout above ground level, my dog became really confused by them and dug them up. I don't think I will be able to plant a garden until we don't have her anymore. unfortunately, I don't think that is too far off... she's stopped eating now. me sad. really, really sad.

    I also love your stories of Trout, and I think he needs his own wonder-dog blog.

  35. HI!

    I got bruises, and he is moving out.

    By the end of the month

    and i have been a total fool

    should listen to my homegrrrrrl

    can u arrange to meet me sometime in the summer?

    i am going to Cali, san diego and fransisco, pop in on da Boyd, i tink....

    GA could be arranged I do believe. Migraines gone girl. i am alive and I am pretty fantastic!

    will be in touch after homework done



  36. ps

    chicks are great,
    and i miss you

    look forward to spending time reading your past 3 months of posties.

  37. My they have grown. They were so small not that long ago and look at them now!

    Great photographs

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