the spring buck


Not that i see bucks, or any deer anymore. Trout patrols the property for living things and then runs them out. A new 6x6 painting at Etsy; a product of wishful thinking.


  1. he's
    lovely springtime feel

    there were nine deer in my front yard yesterday -- will try to get some pics next time and post 'em at mo'po for you

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  2. well, I do acknowledge the Great Trout, but, just like here (three dogs) I'm thinking any forestation makes for a good place to wander in the wee hours.
    Oh, no doubt they have to be quiet, but then, quiet they are.

    (come to think of it, that dog of yours is so talented, might just ride the deers through the forest)

  3. (uh-oh...I see a Bremen-like painting coming up, Deer with TRout on back, and a hen on top, and, what?

    I got it!

    A HAT!)


  4. *sigh*

    I love deer.

    this is pretty.

  5. Brilliant K9 colors ... of course.
    Funny you need to imagine the deer because of the Trout Patrol. Here, in my city place, I had to stop the car on my way up the hill to the Pond to await a group of four deer to stroll across the road.

    Does the RhodeHound chase away bears too?

  6. A Spring Buck, drat the luck
    carrying the standing dog, Trout.
    Wandering about the property, and slipped the young chickens out.
    They waitedf a while
    and then with a smile,
    put everything back as it was so K9 wouldn't shout!

  7. Gorgeous! One of these weeks when the money is good, I'm gonna pick up some of your goodies from etsy. :)

  8. /t: please do! ive been wanting to do more deer paintings. imy favorite deer painting is Landseer's "Monarch of the Glen"

    boney: haha! i can so see trout on the back of a deer. Trout has full range of the property and everywhere around us is heavy woods. amazingly, she is almost always just a whistle away.

    boney: for some reason i flashed on "death on a racetrack" i forget the painter lets see....going to google now....albert pinkham ryder. a dark little ditty, but i love it.

    shamu: thank you!

    boxer: im good with pretty. thank you! i guess i was also thinking of deer cause of the pythons in florida killing the tiny key deer. i hate that.

    fishy: you know what? i dont know if trout would be dumb enough to take a bear on. i do know last summer there was a time she came in and got in the back room in a corner and laid low....i wondered....

    boney: i like this magical tricker buck. sounds like a good picture book plot.

    dani: someday i will paint cotton or laverne or somebody from your flock!

  9. I'm glad I missed THAT news story. Ugh.

  10. Wow. The painting is spectacular.

    Ivan's flushing muledeer every morning now on our walks. Last week, a small herd of about a half dozen led by a huge buck went thundering by right in front of me. I thought I was going to pee my pants, but I tell you, the sight of my old dawg fast on their heels and reinvigorated by the chase made my heart so happy.

  11. He is beautiful! I visited Colorado this past October on my honeymoon. We were driving along and there in this guys yard, right off the road, were about 20-30 satellite elk. They were just hanging out, having a salad. It was the first time I'd ever been that close to elk, deer, or anything similar. We pulled over and I snapped several pics. I will have to dig them out and I will post on my page. It was about my favorite part of the trip!

    Happy Weekend!

  12. love this one. love the chicks. sorry to hear about Red. just saying hi.

  13. Hes very handsome, I love the vines and Spring flowers, so many pretty colours. ♥

  14. beautiful !!!
    my favorite of yours was the one with the hurt eye too ..


  16. Hey, you're posting a lot over here. Maybe I should switch your link.

  17. How BIG are the new peepsters? More pics!
    More progress reports!

  18. boxer: the pythons? very annoying. irresponsibility. its an epidemic.

    moi: i love that burst of puppyhood seen in old dogs. i also love mule deer!

    kmwthay: please do post your pictures. i keep a massive image file of content to draw from. i saw elk in alaska - that was exciting! so was seeing all the giant purple and orange starfish. weird!

    wulfine: thank you. oh i know youd love to have some chicks. they are such interesting pets. HI back to you. you cross my mind all the time. xo

    dianne: thank you -well those colors have not yet sprung. i cant wait.

    foamy:thank you -that other painting was of "whitey" the old buck off limits at the hunting lease my BIL is a member of.his antler was broken off, and blood was streaming down his face. V took that painting for himself.

    shamu: please! i have Kokeshi to paint. then CHICKEN MOVIE

    troll: i dont know. how about both? this is the kinder gentler K9. (grrherhaha)

    fishy: they have tail feathers now! new pics soon.

  19. Tail feathers! Soon you will be able to make quill pens to put in your peddler's wagon along with the eggs, tomatoes and art! Wonder how far it is from the Pond to the Chickory town?

  20. I am so excited chickory, my Blue Ridge card set arrived this morning, they are soooo beautiful; thank you so much and also for the bonus chicken card, wow lovelier than I imagined.
    I will be in touch soon. ♡


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