the chicks: day 6


this little fella is the biggest one. for now, i call him "Ski"

this one is my favorite. he/she reminds of the creatures in richard scarry's busy busy city storybooks. this chick is busy and curious and has important things to do!

this one might be a rooster. very assertive and least interested in getting to know me better! the hardest to catch. a fast little dickens, this one.

i call this one "chip" for now. because her/his markings are almost identical to a chipmunks! this one is very docile (for now)


  1. How do you get them to stay sill for photographing? These pictures are great. What sweet little faces. I think I'm going to love watching them grow up thanks to your camera.

  2. hmmmm. Not sure about that last one's 'pedigree'...
    are those sparrow wings she's sporting?

    Which brings me to you suppose they actually grow their colors from their envirnment, too?
    If so, one of them will undoubtably grow a hat cocked down over her face, eh?

    (well, that beats the one that will jump into trees and BARK!)

  3. This is absolutely fascinating to watch. Just the color changes alone are amazing. I'm hoping for a Bantam rooster.

  4. boxer: ha! those sweet little faces might morph into mean dovey cooledge. which, isnt as mean as she used to be. lonely now. starting to join Trout's pack i believe. when you see her trying to eat out of trouts food bowl at the same time trout does you know the worm has turned.

    they just sorta stand still. probably scared to death. however busy favorite is never still i have to reposition that chick and shoot fast!

    boney: yeah it is a bit sparrow like! i might have a good run of names based on that suggestion: lets see, ive got a dovey, a sparrow, a wren......

    shamu: yes of course. you root for roos. cause you dont have to listen to it or be attacked. (to be fair, ive never really had a roo -not for long. i could get lucky and get a sweet one) i am shocked at how much more feather Ski has in 2 days. it will be a fun video to show his growth. hope i can pull it off!
    (if not i will send all the pix to boxer - I KNOW she can do it.)

  5. boney: you know i try and pick them so they will blend into the environment. lets hope your theory is correct!

  6. It's true I won't have to live with your ManChick however as a photographer, the male of the species generally is more brightly colored which makes me happy. Who owwed and ahhed over that big tom turkey at the animal rescue? Maybe getting one from chickdom will change it's disposition to you?

  7. shamu: grrerhahahaha you noticed i gave mr gobbler a wide berth. Respect the rooster! grrherhahahaha no, i will give him every chance. every chance, i promise.

    grherhaha *man chick*

    too bad you wont be going to the poultry show with me this saturday! id love to see the chickens photographed in your capable hands

  8. Amazing - portrait photography worthy of Vanity Fair. I am so looking forward to seeing how they change as they grow up.

  9. is it me, or do they look like they're about to go snow skiing? ag

  10. Awwww, they're so cute! :)

  11. send me footage.


    I'll trade you molded sugar.

  12. That Chip is one beautiful little chicken! Love the eye stripes.

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  14. Gosh they all look so different in such a short space of time...they are so cute...I love the expressions on their little faces and I just love their bright, shining eyes. ♡
    The little one at the bottom "chip" looks to me like he/she needs a little extra will be interesting to see what kind of plumage the bantams have when they are adults. ♡

  15. susan: what a coincidence! vanity fair just called.
    I WISH! ;-) thank you.

    AGB: they have the proper pose dont they? and new young feathers look more like fur -feels like it , too.

    DJ: welcome to Chickory! im glad you stopped by. they are so cute i just love watching them. this morning they were asleep in a row -their little necks stretched out. they are content -quiet little peeps.

    dani" i think it will be an old english game bantam. chip is the smallest too.

    dianne: you know what? i agree with you. chip is fragile. i think you have a good intuition. you will see what their plumage will be. in time lapse!

  16. ski
    is gonna
    be a brawler

    he looks kinda mean

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  17. Wow ... you certainly won't hear people saying, " they all look the same to me" What fabulous little portraits.

    Hope your "fragile" Chipchick toughens up. Your fast little Roadrunner looks adventuresome and I can hardly wait to see what happens to the colorations on your little Crestedchick. As for your "Manchick" ... if it turns out to be a rooster, will you keep him?

    I have questions:
    At what age will you be able to determine gender?

    Do you take them back and forth between Chickory and the City?

    Does your area allow for farm animals in the City limits? How many?

    How soon will there be a chicks print on ETSY?

    Are you sending chicks video to PNW FILMS?

  18. Meanest ass bird I ever knew was a Tom Turkey I had to babysit when his owners went out of town. He and me, we had a few words on more than one occasion, yes we did.

    These chicks, though? They're so cute, it's almost impossible to stand. I love Chip's markings - that lil' mask is awesome!



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