cherry blossoms and the chicks


because SHAMU nagged: the chicks day 12

i'm not sure, but this chick is a BB Red Old English Game bantam. and, i think these white wing bars might mean i have a roo. i asked on the chicken forum but nobody has answered yet. no name for this fella.

this is my favorite chick, named Easter. I think it will be a silver spangled which is a whiteish bird with black spots. this chick isnt afraid of me and doesnt scream when i pick him/her up. its a very curious chick -very alert. yesterday i took them outside to be in the sun for a while and he was very tuned into all the sounds of other birds.

Ski! the polish crested. he's bigger than anyone else. sometimes i wonder if he didnt get put in the bantam pen by accident. a character.

This is "chip" but name might change -named for his chipmunk like markings. the most fragile and insecure of all the chicks. Like dianne said, needs extra love.


  1. Can't wait for the honeysuckle. Did you do something different on these flowers? They don't look as pressed as your previous ones. Just as beautiful.

  2. shamu: i just laid a piece of green velvet over them -this is just a section of the bigger image. its very high res. im going to do a large painting based on them. and, i am making a Kokeshi doll with cherry blossoms. hopefull post by tomorrow (?)

    NO chicken movie. i havent even downloaded the footage yet.

    soon. or maybe more accurately, someday

  3. Thank God,
    something beautiful to look upon and think about! How "big", as in bigger than 6'x6' or BIG ?

  4. This and the photo of the flowers in your hat to the right remind me in some ways of 17th century Dutch still life flower paintings.

    Lovely, but also a touch creepy, like something preserved under glass, airless, science experimenty.

  5. Daffydils aren't really popping so much here, but, there is some kind of purple thing that really looks cool.
    Itty bitty flower, but so massive over some of the fields down by the creek it looks more like some of the farmers threw away whole rooms of purple carpeting.

  6. OK I can be patient on Chicken Movie 2009 but we're still going to get more day by day chicken picts, yes?

  7. fishy: no. haha more like 40 x 40 inches. thats big for me.

    moi: yes - and i get what you mean about the under glass thing. too still even for a still life. but creepy? ouch.

    boney: that sounds kind of like thrift. its the first to bloom down here and its in clumps like you describe. or could it be violets? where are you again? north dakota? ;-)

    shamu: uh, yeah. i took their pics last night will post maybe later. youve gone chicken mad.

  8. They are just so cute.

    Damn, 40 x 40 is pretty big for high res, what kind of scanner are you playing with?

  9. shamu: okay okay! here they are. i meant a 40 x 40 painting from the scan.

  10. Whew, I was worried just what we were going to be seeing on a scanner that big.

    So in my chicken madness I want to "adopt" one. And by adopt I really mean sponsor. I send some cash, I get to see photos, hear progress reports, ect. Can I do that?

  11. i tell ya what, shamu. i will make you the godmother of one. you dont have to send any dough. i will progress report you and send pics. do you want the plaster of paris disk with the chicks footprint for mothers day? hee hee

  12. my, how your chicks have grown! I love how different each one is. And that Ski, he certainly seems like he may be a hand full. He's gorgeous.
    And Chip. Those eyes. fall. in. love.

  13. i hang here
    for the chicks

    and the art works...

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  14. ohhhh ..
    i want a chicken too now ..
    but i guess i can manage to live vicariously through you .. :)

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  16. "Adopt a chick. Just the price of a cup of coffee every day and you will receive daily updates with pictures of your chosen fowl friend."

    Use the chicken movie for promotion. You'll make a fortune.

  17. Can I "have" SKI?? I'm kinda in love.

    Love the cherry blossoms. We're still in cold storage here. Pfffft.

  18. oh, must add:



  19. No, no, creepy in a good way! Like NIN or Bosch or Joel Peter Witkin.

    Holy crap! Ski's looking awfully like she's in that "awkward" phase. Don't worry, honey, you'll grow into all that length and be booooootiful!

    But that lil' chip is breaking my heart. S.B. just came by, looked at it and went, "Awwwwwwwwwww . . . I want one of those."

  20. See, everybody is loving your chickens. Plus we get all the fun of seeing Easter chicks without the stupidity of buying them for kids for Easter.
    Embrace the Chicken Love.

  21. Oh, they are so beautiful and growing so fast, love the wing bars on the top chick, any name there?
    'Easter' is so sweet looking along with 'Chip' whose face I think is adorable... all three are very pretty and 'Ski' looks so tall and vigorous, he is handsome.
    They sure got a good Mama when they were adopted by you.
    Very pretty cherry blossoms. ♥

  22. They are all so stinkin' cute!! Ski reminds me so much of Cotton. She was bigger than all the others too.

    A lot of people will sex them when the hackle feathers come in. If the tips are rounded then it's a girl. Pointed at the tip, rooster.

  23. I have a request.
    When you make the plaster of paris chicken footprint for Shamu's Mamachicken Day gift ...
    PLEASE take video,
    I just gotta see how it's done.

    Do you think it will be small enough for use as a pendant necklace? You know, like all those women who wear little jeweled kids around their necks and dripping proudly off their ears?

  24. kmwthay: and i really didnt show their barely their tail feathers. but if you compare them to just 10days ago they had hardly any wing feathers! Ski is funny. and loud.

    /t: man, these chicks are hawt, too. living in a brooder will do it. ;-)

    foamy: why can't you get some chickens? you live in the cawntry! you can teach your dog to watch over them. right?

    gnome: theres a smart capitalist! great idea. but what about once they are growed up? i didnt see people stepping over themselves to see more of mean dovey cooledge (which isnt so mean now that she needs us people for companionship)

    boxer: ski has so many admirers! you'll have to share with Moi. or maybe we can go with the solomon method - you get a wing, she gets a thigh.....

    i will work on the chicken movie this weekend! really.

    moi: tell the sexy beast to build a coop for ya and let ivan get used to the idea. i will have to look up joel peter witkin -ive never heard of him!

    shamu: "embrace the chicken love" another great T-shirt idea. bravo!

    dianne: i dont know about top chick. thats the little pistol. i was going to name two after some saints...theresas Avila and Liseux ..but i dont think these chicks are going to fit those names. i gotta feeling chick one is a rooster. thanks for your vote of confidence on my mothering skills. chickens and dogs truly are the limit of my capability.

    dani: if Ski turns out as cool as cotton i will be really happy. hackle feathers. whats that? around the neck? (will look it up) should we set up a chicken play date? hee hee

    fishy: hahahahaha! its better than wearing the spiders with jewels glued to their backs. gak!

  25. K9,
    I forgot to ask ... please post responses of Big Dog, Trout and MDC re: the new chicks.


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