chicks' progress report


"ski" and "easter"
"lisieux" and "avila"


  1. Lovely! They're all so fuzzy and beautiful. But, easter is my favourite.

  2. so, Ski is the one that'll be putting on the wild head dress?
    (that did look cool!) and Lisieux is the one with the lil sparrow colored wings?
    They are fun looking.
    Can they do any tricks, yet?
    Like pick up seed?
    peck the ground?
    Eat skeeters?
    (guinea hens, for all their nise and fluffing run-aways, absolutely get the prize for making so many of Betz' skeeters gone.
    (never did figure out how they were doing that.
    Offering them discount flights to the West coast, maybe?)

  3. I continue to be dazzled by the chicks AND the way they are photographed.

    The "conversation" between SKI and EASTER is great.

    can I say it, before Shamu does?


  4. love the interaction in the top photo ..
    i'm trying to come up with talk blurbs ..
    you know .. like those lol cats ..
    you can have lol chicks ..

  5. They're so goofy lookin' when they hit the awkward stage. :)

  6. Holy crap, look at how big Ski is!!!!! The squirrels are going to have some serious trouble when Ski hits his/her full weight. I mean, look at those feet.
    I predict Ski and Trout will form a pack and have little leather jackets and smoke.

  7. Amazing!
    Quite the little surprise packages aren't they?
    Can hardly wait for the next photo essay.

  8. Could we say Ski is going through his awkward growth spurt phase ? He is freakishly handsome n'est pas ? Love the names and the photo doc of their growing.
    xo from les Gang

  9. faery: easter is the best. the calm bird sweet bird. and and i think she will be spotted! neat!

    boney: correct. ski is name ski cause hes a polish. and yes he will have a mop for a hairdo. their trick? is to dooky when i get them on the white sheet for their photographs. gah!

    boxer: i need to post some "caption this" photos!
    what was that you said? chicken movie?? i will when my arm gets right.

    foamy: you mean like i can haz corn? LOL!

    dani: i know! i found an old video i did of my first birds that was their awkward stage...i think there are a couple of awkward stages. right?

    shamu: well, i think ski will be a full blown chicken. someone played a trick and put him in the bantam pen! (dani thinks not -her polish was bigger too) i love your description of them as hoods. grherhaha!

    have you ever seen that add for orkin pest control where the roach uses a pizza to try and get in the house....then hes made to move on my the orkin man and he sqeals off in a muscle car? i LOVE that ad.

    fishy: yes. you buy them and really dont know what you'll get. i bought ski for moi -and now im stuck with him. grrrherherha

    susan: hahaha! freakishly handsome. perfectly stated! xo to ze whole gang

  10. You keep refering to Ski as "he" or "him", does this mean Ski is definitely a rooster, and if that is true, will you keep him?

  11. Dat Ski ain't no freakin' bantam, for sure. He/she looks like Michael Jordan!

  12. Gosh they have grown and are so beautiful...that top photo is priceless, I wonder what Ski is saying to Easter.
    I'm so pleased to see my little favourite Lisiuex (chip?) is grwoing so well and also Avila, lovely names you have chosen for them chickory dear. ♥

  13. Actually, I think I saw that trick on the photos.

    Just cruised by to show you the new highway proposal, seeing as how a whol;e lot of senators are eating money and taking too long...
    (no biting, now...)
    The new MexiCanadian BypasUh-oh. Rotti's growling...
    I'm beatin' a fast path out'a (ouch) here....

  14. while k9's on vacation, i'm always happy to visit broke neck chickory ..

  15. Normandy D-Day.
    Liseaux freed by airborne troops.
    The French are chickens.

  16. fishy: i tend to call him "he" cause hes taller and goofy. i dont know who i will keep except for Easter. what a smart little thing it is.

    moi: yes. i am worried he "aint no freakin' bantam" grherhaha

    dianne: something is wrong with Lisieux's eye. she keeps it half open but i cant see any reason why. this is a sad little chick -the smallest too. im glad you love it best -it needs a good Godmother.

    boney: oh yea, i know that highway. mexamerida!


    ive got a mean mean neck ache
    ive gotta mean mean neck ache
    hurts so bad
    its almost like a heart break
    lawd, yes it is. ;-)

    trolly: grherhahaha!!! excellent! you are the BEST haiku writing troll in blogland. no question about it.

  17. i'm sorry ..
    i thought you might be in pain, but i was hoping not .. :(

  18. well - im not panicking yet. im hoping it'll get better with rest. just couldnt think of a better blues riff than that - or at least on the fly. happy weekend to you sweet foamy!

  19. I do love Lisieux and I will be her Godmother and protector, I felt something special for her at first sight...I hope her little eye're a great Mum. ♥

  20. those little chicks are the most adorable! great photographs!


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