circa 1962 bird illustrations


aren't these great? i have been buying some old field guides and little golden nature books whenever i can find them. the illustrations are always so charming and i love the old school coloration. i have really had it with slick illustrator (vector based) art -and though i appreciate the software, and still want to learn it, there is something about brush to water to paper that will always trump sitting before a glowing monitor to create art. I think i will always be an artist that does it the old way. c'est la vie.


  1. I started doing the same thing a couple months ago, when I ran into an old bird field guide for sale in our local library bookstore.

  2. I completely agree about the paint to paper aspect of painting. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with digital art. But to me, nothing is better than actual scruffy paint. Oh, and I love your stuff by the way.

  3. they both have their places ..
    neither one should replace the other.
    but there is just something about brush to paper ..

  4. Yes there is something very tactile about paintbrushes and paints and playing with and mixing the colours.
    I think your art is beautiful, such vibrant colours and wonderful compositions. ♥

  5. " Circa 1962" makes me feel old.
    I think this will be a generational divide....I find a closer relationship between the artist and the work when it is hands on. Younger generations who started learning their abc's on a computer console are comfortable with all types of electronic imagery .
    Is this your new addiction?

  6. There is nothing wrong with going Old School.

  7. they're lovely. what would you mix to get that background green?

  8. dani: they are just so much better. as good as the photography can be on field guides, sometimes the illustrations tell more.

    boney: oh i know youre old skool. and can i get another amen brother? amen, amen!

    hilary: welcome! and i agree it is a love hate thing with digital. i just love how it looks when paint hits the paper and i watch the color seep in. its one of the big joys in life

    foamy: agreed. which is why i still want to learn it. but mostly to make "products" noit "art" even though in my world those two meld often.

    dianne: thank you so much. i just think the act of painting feels real. like eating a real tomato instead of the hard red things called "tomato" you find at the store.

    fishy: meaning, the collection of older books with illustrations? its not new! the new kids have a sensibility that is their own. i see it a lot on Etsy -its a "look" i cant describe but "know"

    boxer: no there isnt. i might go even further to ancient skool.

    abg: i didnt paint these! they are cards i think came with a product. they were produced by mcgraw hill and were collectible cards. i bought them at the old lakewood flea. boy i miss that place.

  9. Dang you hit one of my weaknesses. I recently bought a collection of the Wildlife Conservation Stamps. Not just birds but trees, mammals, wildflowers, fish and amphibians. Just so beautiful. Even the squirrels. Dang it.
    These that you bought are gorgeous.

  10. chickory,

    i love these
    olde illustrations
    recently purchased a circa 1960, bound, hardcover, 2-book set of north american 'wild birds' and 'song birds' by national geographic press from a thrift store -- gave one each to my girls for christmas -- i bought this set specifically for the old school 'slightly off color' photography ( you know, with too too vivid cyans and magenta and almost no yellow :)

    i love these olde things, but question the necessity for one or another to always trump

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  11. heh...
    I is overrun wif' old school stuff--not jes' illusration, but HISTORY--

    THese is so charmin'!

  12. shamu: i have an entire drawer of stamps - i liked the habitat collections where the sheet of stamps mad an entire picture. i also like my set of golden nature guides which has the best illustrations ever!!!

    *even squirrels? oh dear*

    /t: me too! well youve explained why the color is what it is. old books like that are a treasure. my mom gave me north american birds there are a lot of line drawings which i find particularly useful. these ive posted - i cant figure out if it is the color faded or they were always like this.

    aunty: they are charming. and i like charming!! oh yes i know you are a book loving aunty


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