happy valentines day



  1. Why, thank you!

    A little concerned about the mantis with the heart. Hors d'oeuvre?

  2. Loving my squirrely valentine!!!!
    Thank you.

  3. Love them all! Hey, check out My Pet Chicken when you get a chance. I think you'll like them better than ordering from Mcmurray. :)

  4. Too beautiful.
    Happy to you too.

  5. Loving mine too!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love them all especially the heart kitty...happy belated Valentines Day sweet girl. ♥

  7. I guess if I said, "Sweet," you'd swat me.
    These are charming.

  8. i hope everybody had a lovey-dovey valentines day with copious amounts of chocolate and champagne and nookie

    j cosmo newberry: oh, that one was for the cynics among us ;-)

    shamu: yay! im glad it arrived on time. i had such fun with it.

    dani: i did. i was bummed you couldnt see what was available. i think i will just go to the feed and seed and take my chances. i saw a show on PBS about a woman who had a pet chicken named cotton. he even got in the swimming pool with her (on a raft) rode in the car....etc etc. white silkie

    gnome: and i had no place to send yvonne craig. dag!

    boxer: yay and yay! i miss making them allready. i had to put away the doilies.

    dianne: of course you loved the kitty. dont hate me - i mailed your cards out friday and today is a ban and mail holiday so they wont leave until tomorrow. but they are coming!!!

    ABG: thanks so much. i can live with sweet.

  9. Never thought of giving Valentines to grasshoppers. But they must be cheaper, since insects don't expect much from the holidays.

  10. xdell: please make plans to visit me in the country immediately. you need an insect identification intervention! that my good man, is a praying mantis.

  11. Thanks Chickory girl, no hurry, I posted a package to a friend in the US and it took about two and a half weeks via airmail.
    Looking forward to your art. ♥

  12. At last...something to SMILE about. Thank you K9, these are endearing.....the bird pyramid is beautifully executed!

  13. Chickory, go back on My Pet Chicken, click on the section of day old chicks. This should bring you to a pic of a baby chick. Click on this and it will tell you the breeds they have. Hope this helps.

  14. When I saw the cat, it was cool, because I have two that color.
    And the mantis with the heart was excellent,
    but, the fly with the chocolates and flowers?

    Well, I did try a grand experiment with flies last year (the cotton-pickin farmers around us spray for Japanese beetles, and have been hurting the bees, too) putting meats by the fruit trees.
    I think it worked as we had a record crop of pears this year.

    But, I must say, having actually been in Bremen once, the birds stacked on each other's backs with flowers was the bestest!

  15. how did i miss this!!!
    these are perfectly loverly ..
    i like orange cats. i have 2 sans tails ..
    but i really love them all.
    esp. the praying mantis.

  16. I was going to say sweet as well ...
    guess I'll say ... tres lovely instead.
    I'm particularly fond of the ant as I believe insects, bugs and spiders to be much maligned.
    xo from les Gang at 29 Black Street

  17. Nice blog, nice illustrations, everything nice!


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