snow day!


this post is dedicated to my buddy down in Naples Florida. xoxo

headed north for the big event: it might snow!

winter preparedness checklist: exhaust dog

secure redneck rigging

make a double batch of mom's eggy mac-n-cheese one to keep one to share with "nephew"
(nephew, for the uninitiated is my "deliverance"-like sometime neighbor)

trick out the hen house with heat lamp

and fresh stuffin' inside their blueberry box

set up my command center and wait for snow. watch in horror as the weather channel shows the ATL getting snow! oh no! its south of me!

reward! delight! yip yip yip!

trout's first snow. boney's dogs *yawn* (grrrherhaha)

the dark creek cuts through the blanket of white

the driveway....but im not leaving!

1:09 minute video starring the chix and trout and SNOW!!!!
(translation: its cold outside and i'm playing with imovie)


  1. Happy Snow Day indeed!

    Hugs- and I am sorry I missed it :(
    All we got was rain...cold, cold rain.

    One day you will have to show me how to edit music over my videos :)

    xoxoxo :)

  2. we got snow too!
    luv the photos..
    luved the video..

  3. Oooh, She-Pup, these heah is amazin' photos.
    The look up the driveway, the creek...and , uh, can ya save me some o' dat Mac n'Cheese?

  4. mayden: that sounds like a fun project. lets make a road trip movie! have fun at the beach

    foamy: yea! were you as excited as me? you probably see it more often - im still glad you got some. i love to look at the landscape with snow cover...i can see so much more. good to see ya here at chickory.

    aunty belle: oh....i bet you can make a mean mac n cheese yoreself. i bet youd be great company up here. yay!

  5. gorgeous...i want the mac and cheese recipe. :)

  6. the pics didnt upload for me... but the video was sooooo fun! Those chickens really facinate me... probably because I havent ever been upclose and personal with a chicken before (well not one that wasnt human at least!) What did they do in the snow? Did they like it? Its funny I actually do miss the snow a bit. That first snow of the season when everything is soooooo peaceful and calm... the moonlight in reflecting off it in the middle of the night...

    I dont miss it 2 days later when its slushy and gray... oh and I really dont miss those snow plows at 3am clearing the streets! Ohhhh and dont get me started about HAVING to shovel the walkways and drive... a couple of years ago,B4 we left Philly, we got together and bought a snowblower with 6 other neighbors... it was WONDERFUL!

    Happy snow!=]

  7. I had no idea you had another blog. Those pics were fantastic and that shot of the living room ?, well inside the house anyway, looks so inviting and cosy. Is this where you live SHE? What a fab place!

  8. You all look so snug up there and I just bet you're digging the snow! And that Trout. She makes me giggle. I wonder if she'd take to a springpole?

  9. Hey there! Thx for dropping by my place...will respond soon.

    Hope you are having a wonderful trip! The pics are great...the serenity that you have captured comes across so well that my stress level has greatly diminished!...forget watching fish! LOL

  10. hope you are safely ensconced sipping a glass of vino ...
    you think there's more snow in the forecast?
    i haven't checked the weather yet

  11. thursday next: the secret is a pinch of nutmeg.

    kate: i know. when its a light dust and then it melts away the next day its better. never gets dirty or old. however there was an ice storm a few years back that lasted almost a power and no driving. except i decided to take the big white truck (apocalypse) up in the cohuttas. almost went over the edge. but didnt. therefore it was fun.

    gypsy: its like a little pumpkin. the pine makes it glow warmly. thank you. i appreciate your kind words about my home. i love it here.

    moi: what is a spring pole? i tried to get her to follow me up a pine tree but she just barked like a maniac. however i was able to hide from her for a while before she looked up. that was fun/

    baceman: grrrerhahaha ohhhh i bet you have a very relaxing weekend in store. *yip* good to see ya! (i love my rush CD!!!!!!!)

    foamy: looks even mo better this time. i have chocolate and coffee. so, im good. grrrerhahaha
    *ever since the surgery if i try and have a cocktail or wine or even just a beer i get a headache!!!!!!!!!*

  12. Wow. Secret house. I have one of these and it's where I go to be happy.

    I now see why you like trees.

    This is just lovely. *sigh*

  13. Methinks you also have talents for cinematography.

    You people and your snow. Wouldn't you like to be up north here where it's nice and warm now?


    All right. I sympathize. But you do have some nice snow pictures. I hope nephew appreciated the mac and cheese.

  14. it's snowing a good bit in my neck of the woods. what's it doing in your neck of the woods?

  15. Springpole:

    It's how we exhaust da pitties!

  16. I loved this post! Beautiful pics. I love the tricked out chicken house.


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