trout's first snow



  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaa
    doggie laughter in slow motion

    great video! my dog also enjoyed the snow. she always does. she thinks she's a sled dog anyway.

    i also think it's always very interesting to hear snippets of fellow bloggers voices..

    i could piece my videos together on imovie but when i do i loose the sound. maybe i'll just have to look into a newer version. i don't know.

    it's a great day outside today. i spent time walking around and exploring outside. hope you are able to do the same.


  2. Two thumbs up! Better than "CATS"!

  3. Big stick must come out of water. Why? 'Cause dat's dawg logic, dat's why!

    So, so funny. That Trout could be part beaver. And she's definitely springy.

  4. LOL omg I love the slow mo poochiepants!

  5. ah ha!
    i knew there was something doggy about that marcel duchamp comment at /t.'s...
    knew it, knew it, knew it..

  6. hey,

    animated titles,
    instant replay /w slo-mo!

    i'm seeing a red carpet in your future :)

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  7. I was wondering if all the jumping up and down had anything to do with Trout not being used to the sensation of condensing snow on the feet.

  8. I miss trout...I miss you...I miss the Mr. I really want to come visit you guys. I'm thinking maybe this summer sometime :)

  9. hehehehe he is a funny pooch! I have one dog who thinks he is a human... and another that is just such a DOG! lol

    Hope you are warming up! I am ready for spring already! Well here it will feel more like summer.. I am ready for 80 and sunny again! It is supposed to get warm here late in the week... just as I head north! grrr

    Anyway I am rambling on... its early and i havent had coffee. Too lazy to get out of bed and make it!

  10. Chihuahuas in the snow isn't this good.

  11. wow. And a HERO, to boot!
    I mean, after all, getting that dangerous snake out of that raging river!
    What FUN!

  12. hi;

    nice photographs and videos.

    happy blogging

  13. And, what do artists do with whatever "free" time they get on cold winter days?
    Besides get close and comfortable with cabin fever, I make absolute silliness with my computer and any images I've dragged away with....
    For example Trout's jumping behavior.
    Now, it may just be a case of perspective, y'know. Maybe Trout thinks shes DANCING out there with those trees.
    Some great dance....

    (that one's posted, and the next one is what m'dogs said to make in answer to "boney's dogs in the snow"....

  14. Wow! Trout can really jump! I have a feeling that Bushy and Trout will really really like each other...He kinda' moves and barks the same way..He can jump high too!

    Wondering what it is about that long stick that she found so interesting...

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  16. hahahaha!

    trout brings joy to my heart!

  17. Yes'm. You may post the video any ol' time you want.
    Heck, if you send me your address, I'll bundle up a bunch and send 'em out to ya.
    'Course, Jean says I'm not always successful at putting them on a dvd, but, the thing is, I try to make the discs so a person can watch them on the tv.

  18. I forgot to mention, over the long stay to home, I got and read your competition's book....
    J Cosmo wrote the funniest book I've read in years!
    I read it all in one stand, from around six in the evening till 5:30 in the morning.
    I laughed and laughed and laughed till I was crying, till I couldn't read for laughing too hard, till the morning sun came around and called me silly names for staying up and reading all night.

    Honest to goodness, it was the funniest thing this side of the South Pole!

  19. ....and, am I the last one to find out about who J Cosmo is?

    Meanwhile, to get the most out of the next comedy bit, I would suggest going to Aunties backporch (yeah, where I asked you to send Yellowjacket over to stop me if I was going over to "converse") and reading my comment THEN seeing the video @ my blog.

  20. 'course, it WOULD have been funny had I remembered to say (at the end of Auntie's comment) "wait a minute. I hear a knock at the door....I'll be right back...."

  21. OK, I just clocked out of k9 with praise on your day six.

    The reason I wrote, though, I actually forgot to write. (my shows tonight and I'm crap in public, y'know? )
    Anyway, the other day you asked me why I don't use the blogger video uploading system instead of youtube.
    And, the answer is, today, for thew past hour and a half, I've been uploading a bit that's only a minute long or so, but, it has taken almost an hour and a half.
    Last night before hittin' the hay, I uploaded three short videos in about 30 minutes.

  22. hope all is going well at chickory..

  23. Got a special visit from a green Dovey who was doing impressions of Saint Patrick.
    Or, perhaps St. P was doing an impression of Dovey.

    If you were flying fast'n'low, you may not know why my face got painted pink....
    (sometimes, like with the Christmas greetings, I fly "fast'n'low", too. Hardly see what's on the blogs, just dropping something off and off to the next blog)

    Just wanted to thank the busy hen....
    maybe she could drop by sometime....

  24. Hysterical video. Great blog, too.

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