merry christmas from chickory


chickens christmas dinner: peanut butter; millet; laughing cow cheese; oatmeal cookies; lima beans;blueberries

hounds christmas dinner: steak and salmon with beneful kibble and a peanut butter cookie

best gift: another day in the beautiful south


  1. the south is beautiful..
    just thought i'd drop by real quick to tell you that last night or rather early morning (1:30 am) it occurred to me that i had not checked my mailbox. so, i went and besides the credit card bill there was a package from ... she ...

    mwah....i loved the cards ..:)

    And, y'know how I put that halo on yer friend, Betty?
    Well, I borrowed that Boggs photo and gave you three gals haloes and even gave Boggs a Guiness halo (they're different, y'know)
    and posted the thing not two minutes ago.

    Thing is, what with some folks bein' fussier others, well, I gave instructions fer if any of the five of ya (Auntie's takin' the pix, so, she got a vote, too) want to have it taken off, I'll sure come back to town and take it off. Just tell Auntie. I gave her m'number fer just such a thing.

    I like yer new pix here, especially the road.
    Dang! I can hear the South calling me back.

    Well, I gotta beat a track back t'home fer if'n m'brother comes by.


  3. great pix. just popping in to say hi.

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  5. Hmmm-
    Love this post...the simple beauty of simple things~
    Love to you from us- and Happy New Year :)

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  7. MMMM Sounds like the pets had a very delicious dinner :) For christmas we adopted ours :) They are soo cute. I love them. Thanks for your comment. We are okay, although my car has been recently labeled totaled. Anywho, expect a cute card soon. Love you :D

  8. It's about time to take down Trout, don't you think?

  9. That actually was 'bout the saddest I've seen yer pup, what with the lights and all.

    Hey, how 'bout lending the Yellowjacket to me next time I start to get into a religious argument with anybody? You know, just long enough to beat some sense in me and then I'll send him back?

    Well, maybe not. Gets kind'a cold round these parts, and what with him being a champion and all, well, he deserves warm, green pastures, eh.

  10. Oooooooh'.............

    just beautiful!!!!!



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