early august scrapbook


sugar, the friendly spokes-paca for Sugar Creek Farm and georgia mountain fiber
just chillin'

a curious head at the end of an insanely long neck

stayin' cool in the barn

some of the great pyrennes pups for adoption

my friend the artist has found her new pup "hannah"

a white 'paca under her tarp

nest and blackberries...bumper crop this year

i left the porch light on over night to see what moths would come in

my favorite: the lunar moth (with torn tail)

lunar moth close up a surface more like fur than wing

red and dovey: the forest hens

trout jumpin'


  1. cools pics..
    now just don't take one of each back to atl..
    except for the chicks and trout of course..

  2. what in the HAIL FAR are you doing up so early??? are you saying dont get an alpaca??? theyre kinda big. i think a pygmy goat is my next animal.
    good to see ya foamy!!

  3. Hail far - I'm up early too - been up since 4AM Californy time - and finally now daylight's burnin'!

    Great pics! Love the 'pacs - their faces are so expressive.

  4. Dang, She-dawg...that luan moth is the purtiest thang I ever did see in moth-dom.

    What exactly is an alpaca, huh? is it camel cousin? Llama cousin?

    An', well, I'se thinkin' ya' might mean, HAIL FAHR.

  5. UUUUuuuuuuuhhh woooow!...What a cutey.....Would luv' to pet that...wonder if it bites.....

    and...what amazing things Trout can do!....LOL!....Has he always....well...been that great in jumping?...Did he get training?...:>

  6. 'Zat Trout jumpin' or fishin' fer Trout?
    Was that one of those huge moths?
    Dang! I miss the south on occasion, like those 8" moths hangin' around trying to look normal, not realizing they scare the bejeepers out'a most everyone that gets up too close before actually seeing them!

    New puppy?
    Is that fer Trout to play with?

  7. oh yeah, I almost fergot...
    that critter, Sugar?
    the alpaca?

    That's what I used to look like before I got m'store bought choppers.

    (well, 'cept m'eyes are blue,)

  8. Your photos are wonderful as always. Nevertheless, I didn't realize that Georgia was llama country. Would they represent the other white meat?

  9. love the photo of the white paca under her tarp! I took about 20 photos of free roaming chickens in St Thomas and thought of you so many times!

  10. Oh! I LOVE the Lunar moth! :)
    When my kids were small we loved a story called Stellaluna...which was about a bat who fell into a birds nest and was raised as a bird. Great story- but it's not about a moth :)
    Your friend has picked a lovely pup for a beloved companion- hope they have years of love and fun togther :)
    Loved the blackberries and birds nests~ "South and the summer"...
    miss you~

  11. i want paca.

    is trout on crack or something? what a crazy hound.

  12. that's a
    whack o' pacas
    you got down there, c


  13. "The Artist" is a babe...just sayin'

  14. Those are noble creatures, but may number 1 please come home with me? I feel love.

  15. yeb yeb


  16. Loving the 'pacas... though I just spent a few minutes going gaga over the puppy pics. So adorable...

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  18. UGLY LAMA FACE! Just kidding. I just think of the movie Emperors New Groove :D Such a good movie. They are so cute. They remind me of my mom. She used to raise them when she was little. They sure are cute, all bug eyed and fluffy.

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