chix n trout


grrrr! i cannot seem to improve the quality of my video on youtube!


  1. chikkins, trouts and chickory voices..
    what fun to watch this morning..

  2. I can't seem to get it going, but it's so good to visit anyway.

  3. Hey! I'se got the perfect buddy fer ya' trout dog...hee heee.....loved yore videoes--and now aha! We have yore voice

  4. OK

    Good start with Trout here, she should be just about ready to pose a question to the Republican Debates on Youtube in September.

    Meanwhile, the Chikkies are already making more sense and better points than the questions posed to the Democrats Monday.

  5. I'm thinking that maybe your canine might want to augment his vocabulary.

    Actually, I watched each of these videos once, and then watched them together. That was a weird experience--almost as if I were surrounded by critters.

  6. love the
    uptown manhattan
    music track /w the chix


  7. 'bout the quality...dang! Most of us folks can't afford the cameras with the great video quality...
    some run up 'bout 1500-3000 bucks!
    I thought they were fine.... y'gotta think along the line of what's more important, the filming or the content? Good content here, gal! And, thinks the Trout wants a visit to the river (or a swimming pool in the backyard....) (you had a video of two rotties plain' in a backyard pool....)

    However, I actually came with question in hand....
    y'all did some "portraits" of Mayden using techniques of other artists...(I liked the Absolut Vodka one. Kind'a Leroi Neiman like) and you did one by that guy from New York. I can't remember his name t'save me....
    Bisquick? no...
    Basquick? I doubt it...

    something like that there....

  8. Boneman- it was Jean-Michel "Basquiat". There is a movie about him with Andy was great.

    Chickory- loved the trout and chix videos...I never did post our turtle video :(
    I need to find it and post it at youtube :)
    Hugs friend~

  9. ok, I've been diggin 'round...
    no, not in the backyard fer bones....
    Fer the "quality" you spoke of...
    It turns out that a fair amount of cameras actually take a decent picture. The pixels of the whole are what makes some "funny" lookin'.
    For example, the camera I use brags (right on the front of the's so embarrassing...)


    Are ya kiddin' me?

    So, I took some movies with it (yeah, a movie camera inside a still camera...I'm so impressed...)
    and what I found was, if I don't mind lookin' at a one and a half inch by two inch picture, it's ok. If I even think about blowing it up, homeland security comes over and takes away my three
    If I even imagine enlarging the thing all kinds of weird looking pixels climb out and all over the pics.

    If, however, you have some great pix, (and I think you probably do) and you have a video program software thingie in yer computer, then, you can make your own "video" of still pictures.

    Hmmm....does that sound like fun or what?
    You did hear about the hard of hearing farmer and his wife? They had like, thirteen children.
    Every night she would say, "Do you want to sleep or what?"
    And he would answer, "What?"
    To which she would reply, "well, ok. Here I come!"

  10. hee hee. love the vids. love the voice ... esp yours!

    the chix soundtrack is priceless. but trout, of course, take the cake. she's a natural. of course, she is ~ she's a hound! if muffin (susan's cat) wins the presidency, maybe trout could be her secretary of state? i think she's got a gift for diplomacy ... really.

    enjoy your weekend, you silly girl.


  11. Your dog trout is a handsome dog. I love the color. Great blog

  12. I clicked on the sidebar picture of trout and dang! I was teasin' some abut the tree climbin' and all, but somehow I gotta think you've been lucky if ya haven't called the fire department t'pick him out'a a tree!

  13. uuuuwwwwweeee!!..hee! hee!...loved the videos!!..

    My own Bushy here sitting beside me went barking back when he heard Trout there...ha! ha!...

    Uuuu..and luv hearing the voice behind the camera too!...


  14. Happy chicks. Bet they lay happy chicken eggs to die for. Am I right? I'd love to have some happy chickens of my own.
    Thanks for a peek.


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