Hens and Hound



  1. They are all so intent on their business! Hope they found something!

  2. Vera! A most excellent birdy framed in a most excellently colored and lush Pre-Raphaelite landscape.

    And I like blur of the feet in the last photo. Busy, busy!

  3. I love that chicken feet blur also! What a wonderful life you get to lead. Do the dogs ever bother the chickens? I'd think they would be a natural prey also. But what do I know? We only have Lord of the Flies (Cats version) around here. Hope you are feeling recovered from the adventure!

  4. colors --
    georgia forest
    in fall -- you guys
    still have some green --
    long past up here in the north

    gonaa be white soon

    × × ×


  5. lucky darn H + H
    gorgeous setting
    xo s, dee & sam mule

  6. Beautiful colours. I love how the dogs and chickens co-exist.

  7. EASTER!!!! I just love anything with Easter in it. :-) My first visit to Chickory was this time of year so I love seeing the leaves/needles/woods. I still play the sound of your creek on my Ipad every so often. :-)

  8. It looks like the dog is acting as a bodyguard for the hens!

  9. A good home day is a treasure!

  10. I love these images of your Autumn forest with all of its lovely colours.
    The hens are just beautiful, the markings on their feathers are so intricate and it is good to see that they have Trout/Koby to watch over them. They are all having a good scratch around. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  11. Love you Bloggers!! Its cram school this week so lemme just say -thanks for your comments I will get to your blogs soon!! xoxoxoxo

  12. Ande How wonderful you said goodbye for a while with these exquisite hound and chick photos and your breathtaking Christmas painting. The way your creatures co-exist is a reflection of the love and peace that permeates Chickory. hugs Mom


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