Foodie Field Trip: Flip and Star Provisions


2:30 on Thursday - thinking i would go ahead and pack in some calories before my Jan. 1st fast

decor is cross between Clockwork Orange milk bar and Dukes of Hazzard garage

MMMMM what to do, what to do? I ordered the special: burger with fries and choice of shake

A pair of Krispy Kreme shakes await the Nitro treatment (yes real doughnuts are in this shake)
Here ya go

This one is the "burnt marshmellow Nutella" shake
I chose the Pistachio White Truffle shake. 
I give it an A+. Full of flavor and not too sweet; lots of pistachio pieces all the way down
the special. very nice -especially however they dressed the lettuce -nice and tangy
at 3 pm it was still packed
Bid Jason good-bye and headed for another foodie destination:
star provisions: a great shop for food and crafty home decor

if you can't make your own biscuits, then i don't know what. 


  1. MS has such a beautiful voice! Great job!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. peas is soakin'... some held back for blowin' thru Uncle's supersonic PEASHOOTER at the SQUIRRELS, Die rodents, DIE!!

  3. Happy New Year, Chickie, and thanks for stopping by my place for the Pre-Party. I must have fallen into a sugar coma after all that ice cream last night . . . off to the Eggplant Kitchen to make more goodies for the New Year's bash!

  4. Thank you so much for honoring my garland with a double donation and a link here. I'm deeply touched.

    Have a wonderful day and evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  5. happy new year, hunniebunnie! thanks for stopping by. xoxoxo

  6. Happy New Year Chickory!

    My there is so much going on, I'm having trouble keeping up. How did I miss the garland? All have to see what I can do.

    Hope this day brings you into a wonderful new year!

  7. "You've been DRINKING, haven't you ?"

    LMAO !!!

  8. Man, that shake looks good! Does it come with vodka? Hope so! So does that burger! Just sent a huge platter of stone crabs over to Boxers, dig in before they are gone! xo

  9. Oh, man, Chickie! You've outdone yourself with those Flipburger photos!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I'm up with a new post featuring Bacon & Blue Cheese (a couple more of Shamy's faves - heeeheeee).

    And I'll be back in the morning with brunch. Par-tay on!

  10. (1) I think I just gained three pounds looking at the pictures.

    (2) Sounds like a real party here: word games, garlands of activities and songs--even cocktails and pole dancing. You guys thought of everything, didn't you?

  11. The shakes (especially pistachio) looked great. Really interesting place. Himalayin salt? Who knew there was such a thing.

    Happy New Year to you Chicky.

  12. Wishing you the happiest of Happy New Years. I sort of made something remotely similar to a garland on Heather's behalf.

  13. I'm looking forward to partying with you tonight honey.

    Though how I'm going to do that after looking at all that food I have no idea. I could feel the pounds piling on.

    Happy New Year honey. xx

  14. Fab photos!

    I'm liking this blog very much, by the way.

  15., that burger an shake? The camera is workin' jes' fine!!

    I FAILED my star/flower!! Wail!
    It won't work fer this idjit woman.

    Cut me some slack on the concept, will ya'? I will post photos when it's done.

  16. OMG, those nitrogen shakes!

    I want buttermilk biscuits!

    PS: Are these great pixs with the new camera?

  17. WHEW! Taking a quick break from cooking to come over and have a sip o that shake and a bite of the burger! Ok, out again.....

  18. WOW!!!! you had a 5,000 calories. I really, really want one of those shakes. BIG TIME.

    I'm off to work in my garland!

  19. First rate tribute to our beloved Shamu!

    Burnt marshmallow and Nutella shake? Has heaven come down to earth? Although, damn, that pistachio confection could steal my heart, too. I'm glad I didn't have to decide.

  20. damn girl!! i'm real hungry now what with all these great food photos!
    luckily i'm about to head out for a great meal myself.

    anyways, i made a garland!!
    woohooo!! come and see it. it's at the bottom of my current post.

  21. Thanks for the cat tribute! Excellent!

    Sorry to hear about the fireworks malfunction.

  22. soused is ya dawg? Good--when ya judge my garland, give it a top prize--ya woan know no different. Heh.

  23. i've come back to take a peak inside of your dog house. it seems that fireworks and chickories don't mix, eh?
    funny cat pix, btw .. :)
    remember to check out my garland!
    and now i'm off to go out and about ..

  24. My garland is up! My garland is up!

    I love being on the west coast, because I'm celebrating EAST COAST STYLE this year.

    And, this doesn't end until Noon, so if you need to bow out early..... you do that.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  25. P.S. GREAT tributes to both Shamu and XL. Those cats are great. You can draw drunkee?


  26. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want a milkshake!
    The Nutella one ... please!
    Uh .... yeah, um .... you see, the thing is, my glue gun kinda had a malfunction (operator error) and I um, started using Elmers glue, and it's now kinda glued to the carpet.
    I think.

  27. Those are some way cool catz!

  28. Happy New Year Chickory!
    I've posted my garland at the Pond.
    I'm off to have some groceries so later I can party with the bloggers.
    Back later to make the rounds.

  29. Chickie Chickie! I love the pics. Keep the camera and keep at it! I hope to have a garland by tomorrow. And is that Dennis Rodman in the 3PM photo?

  30. Wonderous photos.

    I've posted a garland at mine.
    And i have the firebrigade on standby!

  31. answers are up for the Who's the Blogger contest. You still awake?

  32. Let's crack open a window, OK? The glue stick fumes are getting to me!

  33. oh hell no XL.

    *shuts the windows*

    that's our bonus!


  34. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  35. Chickory, I just posted my 'garland' on my blog below my New Years post.
    I know it is very average (pathetic really), but I was working under terrible conditions, it is 35ºcelsius here, I have no glue, no glue gun - just sticky tape and some staples holding it together.
    The curling ribbon won't let it sit properly ... I will be better prepared next year, hopefully!
    Happy Hew Year sweetie!

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  36. ha! glue guns dont work. you have to use rubber cement. grherhahaha

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    Dianne i think your garland is AWESOME!!!

  37. Have another look chickory, I have embellished the garland and it looks so much better.
    Thanks for your wishes!

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  38. Oh Hi again Chickory and thans for the shout out.
    Xl keeps getting closer and closer to my glue stick....

    Do you have Jasons Number Perchance?...

  39. 2011
    ushered in by garlands of goodness.
    well done Chickory, well done.

  40. Happy New Year Chickory!!!!!

    Big hugs to you, V, Koby and Trout.

    (I can't get a copy of Dianne's garland... can you get me one?)

  41. bwahahahah to XL's glue comment.

  42. Is ya up Chick9? Happy New Year, Pup!!

    Will post mah grrrrrrland soon--if I can untangle that thang. Limericks is SO much easier. Thar's a reason I din't go to art school. A good reason.

  43. Great photos btw chickory, those bottles look interesting and I love your cats!!!

    xoxoxo ♡

  44. Sorry to hear about your mishap. I wouldn't worry about being in the doghouse for a little while. I'm sure you'll find a way to make it comfortable. If you're short, that'll help.

    In case you actually did fade off as you threatened, we're now in 2011. So happy New Year.

  45. 9 minutes away here. Happy New Year Chickory.

  46. Look at ya--sleepin' peacefully while some of us finish our Chick9 DYI project.

    I did get > mah pitiful garland pictures posted.

    Sweet dreams, Pup.

  47. Hey, somebody hot glued my cell phone to the coffee table!

  48. happy new year everyone peace and respects

  49. So much for that planned photo extravaganza of my most recent Sam's Club outing. Not after this.

  50. Just found your blog today via My French Country Home. Love your artwork and the chickens too. I am your newest follower. :)


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