1. Happy Boxing Day Chickory,

    Hope you had a fine Christmas. Congratulations on the new camera you may not love it yet, but you are takeing some pretty fine shots with it.

    Boxer hasn't sent Coco over to give singing lessons has she?

  2. Happy Boxing Day!

    I really like the chicken footprints in the snow!

  3. Happy Boxing Day sweet chickory!
    Lovely photos of Trout and Koby, the hens, I love the hens footprints in the snow. Are those flower spikes which are going to seed Queen Anne's Lace or Agapanthus, they do look lovely?

    xoxoxo ♡

  4. yes, the chicken footprints--very nifty, Pup.

    I has a new camera too-also do not love it.

  5. I love the pics! ESpecially doggies in the front room looking out the window blinds. And all you folks with new cameras, let me know what you got, because I am always interested!

  6. New camera? C'mon dawg, ya gotta like that!

    luv to the entire chickory family/menagerie.

  7. Hope you had a lovely holiday. It certainly looks as though you did :) Thanks as always, for sharing pics of your corner of the world.


  8. I have just been watching the 5pm news and Atlanta certainly did get that snow you were telling me about... gosh, sooo much snow!
    Wherever you are, whether in ATL or at chickory I hope you are warm and safe.
    Take care sweet girl.

    xoxoxo ♡

  9. The interior shot of the dogs in the messy room is brilliant.

    They said on the news it was the first White Christmas in the ATL in 100 years.

  10. Karl: happy post christmas boxing pre nye day! Are you coming to Boxer's new years eve party? Hope so. Well - i tried. I suspect that to really get the $ out of this camera is to learn it. but i have only 2 more weeks to return it if i am going to. so...i am practicing.

    cat: hello happy post boxing day to you! are you coming to boxers NYE party? what will you wear? white fur?

    dianne: believe it or not -those are the flower heads of a curry plant. arent they nice? i dont have agapanthus i wish i did they are among my favorites. but you know what i planted for this summer? giant alliums! Would you like to come to the New Years Eve Party at Boxer's? you can ride with me. :-)

    aunty: what did you get aunty? i have a cannon S95. its a point and shoot that you can take manual. Ive never understood how to deal with the f-stop fact in art school my only B was in photography. Im not thrilled with the general image- seems a little soft to me i like really crisp. and the macro isnt brilliant. i think the 100 dollar one does better. If i dont get some killer photographs soon im sending it back because it was muy expensive for a PandS. see u at the NYE party.

    pam: see aunty reply above. Im worried. I read a love letter to this camera in the NYT and online. but so far im not seeing the extra dough in my shots. i did look at a flickr page just for the S95 and there are some amazing photos...i just need to take it off the auto and P mode and LEARN. aunty said you had written a bit about getting that sharp image and blurry background...i did it with the christmas eve pic but sort of forget how. and i dont like how the camera overrides me choosing what to shoot when i have something else in mind. wish the shutter was a little faster. hope you had a blessed Christmas. see ya at the NYE party?

    faery: i do but i just dont get it yet. its a ton of dumb luck. and yesterday -walking the dogs...too blurry. yes i was moving but on the "moving" setting it shouldve worked better. again - this wasnt a cheap camera so i expect MORE. out of it and me. Would you like to come to boxer's NYE party? see invitation on top right!

    hi eggy! it was good. ate waaaaaaaaaaaay to much. getting ready for the annual starve down. See you at the NYE party. what are you going to cook?

    dianne: my friends in blue ridge say its like 10 inches. i can see it on my security camera at chickory. i need to get there and fill my bird feeders! in ATL is just a light dusting but we will not even get to 38 degrees today. brrrrrrrrr

  11. troll: messy room! you aint seen nuthin....V took a photo of me in the bedroom laying on a pile of clothes. THAT's messy. but glad you liked that one...i like the second photo best. lotta photochoppy to that one. see you at the party!

  12. troll: i cant post on you blog. so here is my haiku:

    a light traveller
    apparition messenger
    "do not be afraid"

  13. I love the invite you have for the party. Tres Cool. What kind of camera did you get? New cameras are tricky. I gave my first new one to Mr. Boxer. I hated it. I love the resolution you're getting witht the pictures. Love the dog shots. Look forward to seeing more of what you can do. And I agree about the "dumb luck" with photos. But with digital you can take a million and get one good one.

  14. p.s. buy a different lens for macro.

  15. boxer: i cant add a lens to this. the reason i chose it is because it truly is the most you can pack into a compact. i have access to a major dslr (V's) but its TOO damn bulky. i need something i can always have handy. I also dont like special batteries..i like using AA's but it was a compromise. im still thinking it over.

  16. Must be Christmas camera year.
    I got a promissory note for one which should arrive for New Year's Eve. That would be great because then I can go on a photo safari in my hood on the day :-)

    Ummmmmm, this might not be your camera if it overides YOUR vision.
    If there is no way for you to take the control back from the camera, well I'd think about the return.

    That being said, the second to last photo, of the chickens .... amazing clarity and crispness of every leaf, every feather, every pine needle, the rough texture of block and mortar, the staining of the board fencing , all is excellent. Amazing range of browns, golds, neutrals, lots of depth and lots of light.

    Happy day! Looking forward to the next round of photos.

  17. The chicken prints in the snow is my fave.

    The expression Trout seems to always carry on her face makes me wonder what she was in a past life. Diplomat? Subway ticket-taker? Nuclear scientist?

  18. they be mighty fine photos, chickory!

  19. What model camera is it?

  20. fishy: well that chicken pic was juiced up a bit in photoshop. however, it was rather sharp compared to the rest -but thats what i mean. it seems the camera has a sweet spot and outside of that - nyet. that pic was shot on the P mode with me managing the fstop. blindly i might add. cant wait to see what you do with your new camera!

    foamy: you are TOO kind. hope your break week is action packed - or maybe not? grherha

    moi: that face is the one she wears for photos. the stoic stare i call it. unless you were talking about the last one - my dog the vampire bat.

    Xl: its a cannon S95.

  21. EZ Depth Of Field:

    f2: Shallow DOF, quicker shutter. Great to emphasize focused object, background blurred.

    f4.9: Deep DOF, slower shutter. Max detail overall.

  22. You know, I've been looking for a point and shoot for the same reasons you were, being able to carry around and have it always at the ready. Have not found it yet and frankly I'm sick of the hundreds of them to sort through. Can you tell I'm not a very good shopper.

    If it's not working for you, get your money back and keep looking.

    Love the chicken tracks but even more I love the Bat Ear Dog.

  23. Yes the flower heads on the curry plants are lovely, there is even beauty in a flowers which are dying.
    I would love to come to the New Year's Eve party, much better than spending it on my own like I do most years, I shall get my wings out of the closet, dust them off and fly over. :-)
    Did you plant the purple giant alliums or the white, or both?
    I was happy to find that my miniature white calla lily had a flower this year, the photo I took was not so great.

    xoxoxo ♡

  24. Did you photoshop in the chicken in the foreground?

  25. On Friday when I went downtown, I left my BIG freaking camera bag at home and carried only the camera in my purse. Still too heavy/etc and I miss my little camera.I agree with Shamu,it's hard to know what will work. The Canon I bought last year lasted 10 days. Pffff. Are you keeping it?

  26. Sympathies on the new-camera learning curve. I recently replaced my worn out A630 canon with a G11 model. Have been very happy with it (9000 shots in as many months), and recommend it to you. Particularly for macro shots. If a flip-out swivel screen is not important to you, the G9 is a fine camera. You'd probably have to get a used one, as they're not in production anymore. These cameras have so many features nowadays that using them is an ongoing process. I bought a book about the camera, (G10/11 From Snapshots to Great Shots), which I refer to as much as the manual. Each teaches different aspects.

  27. Just looked up the camera on Amazon for reviews. Looks like one I would love to play with. There is always a need for point-and-shoot in my life but have yet to find one that I love. What gives this one potential to me is that it is 10MP. How fast is it writing to the card (shutter lag)?? I don't really shoot in RAW but you might love it for editing. In P&S, for me, I want something that doesn't need editing too much. And for that sort of money, you could buy a very nice entry level DSLR too. I have read recently where P&S cameras are probably the next technology to die away since people have very good cell phone cameras (Iphone) these days. So maybe they are trying to incorporate too much so they stay a bit more relevant?

    Not only is the best camera the one you have at the time you need to take a pic, but it is the one that responds to how you shoot. And really, in a point and shoot, I want it to be on AUTO and not have to over-think it.

    Post more when you get a chance! I bet you just have to unlearn the other one so you can get more familiar with this one.

  28. xl: thank you. part of the problem is finding how to shift the ring to fstops and not iso. or whatever. the problem is say a butterfly lands on a flower. i cant be fumbling around trying to capture that moment! Jayz if you have to shift a bunch of settings its not for me. NO
    i just want to do the art part of it -find it, shoot it. end of story. grrrrrr

    shamu: are you sick? why are you eating soup? i agree. it shouldnt be so hard. I like the camera i shot the jewelry with fine -it was about 100 bucks 2 years ago. problem is the client wanted raw and it doesnt shoot raw, and the file sizes were not big enough for them to make posters out of some of the images for their booth at the mart. so...but i dont know if this camera is right for me -its too smart for me maybe. i need to work with it more -got if from amazon and it has to be returned within 30 days. clock is ticking. I like the Bat Trout too. thank you.

    fishy: no. I desaturated the image and then put the sharpen filter on it and then faded that down a bit.

    dianne: giant purple alliums. for my truck bouquets this spring. I might start going to the chattanooga market this coming year. i worry about the truck going that far to be honest. it cant go that fast and there is some highway involved. come with me to the party! you can be my date.

    boxer: i dont know! i hope the return isnt a hassle since i bought it online. it was expensive - i bought it with the money i earned on the jewelry shoot.

    silasisgolden: welcome! you arrived just in time. not having a basic understanding about photography is hurting me. V pulled a book off the shelve that talked about apperture and shutter speed and i still didnt get it. its like calculus to wont go in! i just want to do art. *mewl* thanks for the insight and i think you might be right -with time, i will get it (i hope!)

    pam: oh good. i was looking for you. well CS3 doesnt to support RAW~ so how you like them apples? If i shot raw i would just load them on a jump drive and send them to the client. they can deal with it. but for my own purposes - i shoot jpeg cause i shoot for my blog, to show the art i make on my shop -and for just life. Im not going to try and turn into a "photographer". i will use photography to help me be a painter and illustrator but i have no intention of hanging my photos on a wall as a show -so to speak. But i want clarity. the lag time isnt bad. the best thing about this camera is the way it handles low light. i hate flash -it uglifies everything.

  29. I'm sorry you don't like the camera, but thank you for saying you also don't understand apperture or shutter speed. ME TOO. I don't want too either. I just want to take pictures. THEN the fun begins.


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