Words to Live By


"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn." John Muir


  1. I agree, I agree, I agree.

  2. It could have all been so different. At least word is sorta getting around, a day late and a dollar short, but still ...


    Had a good trip? Missed you much. Very glad to see you again. Welcome back.

  3. I knew John Muir was a naturalist but I didn't know he was a writer.

    I visited the John Muir Woods (north of San Francisco) about 20 years ago. The only time I've ever seen big redwoods up close. The guy I was with and I decided to venture off the main trail (we did have a map) and we were lost for 6 hours. We came upon an ederly couple (the guy had a pith helmet) and they guided us out. But very impressive woods.

  4. Thanks Chickory. Looking forward to set up camp deeper in bush. Will report.

    Best, turey.

  5. you can always count on nature to be there when you need it. xoxo

  6. It's what I live for. Best I can do now is by car. Welcome back.

  7. roxanne: headed for la montagne now

    foam: i know - you live it

    nina: it was a trip alright. thank you - good to be back in my own little com box - what could be will be round here as much as i can - until i cant and thats all there is.

    buzz: hey ya. I have a friend that lives on a cliff above muir beach - near the woods. it is beautiful. boy that night I got lost up in the Cohutta wouldnt I have been happy to see a pith helmet~

  8. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Mr Muir was a most interesting fellow.

    Nice to see you back, hope all's well in your world.

    @Buzz:I hope you greeted the fellow in the pith helmet with "Dr. Livingston, I presume"

  9. Turey: it always makes me smile when your name pops up. I am with your spirit in camp.

    boxer: for a little while longer at least - i dont take it for granted that is for sure. just got in from riding around up in the Cohuttas. so pretty but far from peak color.

    grins: that you curmudgeon? Its certainly what I live for. I am going to walk the AT next year. for a week or so.

  10. LOL Karl. yes, dr livingston. ha! thanks for the welcome, i see you got your halloween avatar together.

  11. Nothing like nature to put things in perspective. I hope you have a peaceful week.

  12. Moi: into Mother's arms, cradled in the boughs with wind cooled brow. and dogs in trucks. country livin is good.

  13. Never trust a hippie

    Who Killed Bambi
    The Sex Pistols

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  15. Chickory: I am baffled as to why your post is dated April, and these comments are from last October. I think the blog world is very strange these days.

    My offer stands: If you're doing the AT and you go as far as Damascus, VA . . . It's about 30 mins. from here. I'd love to meet for lunch, and I can make Chez Czar available for a hot shower and a mattress if you need one. Or you can spend the night on our floating shack at the local TVA lake.

    PS: The czarina was sending out some notes today on Chickory stationery.

  16. This is so beautiful. Before we got our dog and I started walking every day I never would've understood this, but now it makes perfect sense. Nothing gives me energy like being outside.


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