Merry Christmas!


is that all there is?


  1. Merry, merry to you and your menagerie! xoxo, eggy

  2. And a very merry to you too!

  3. Dovey is so classy with the lights and complimentary colors. And the pups, what is Christmas without dogs? Its their world after all. We're just here to service them it appears.
    Hope your holidays are all you ever wished them to be.
    Love, nina

  4. Merry Christmas, buddy! Give that bird a hug from me! Miss you.

  5. Merry Christmas to you, too.
    We just moved - the first home/house I have "owned" (and we didn't use a bank!), and we just hung one of your paintings up in the dining room.

    Hope you are well, and Nina, and the gang. I've been out of the loop for a while, trying out some new ways. All well. I will check out your wonderful art in the new year.

  6. merry merry to you! {{hugs}} xo

  7. Great photos dear chickory. A beautiful Christmas for you too sweet girl and best wishes for a wonderful 2013.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Merry Christmas, Chickory, to you and your family!

    How did that hen get in the house?

  9. Looks like someone had a good Boxing Day.

    Too late for Christmas, and too late to congratulate you for surviving the end of the world. So, I'll just wish you a great 2013.

  10. From the looks of it, you & yours had a FABULOUS Christmas Day! :D
    I wish you and your clan the very best for the New Year!


  11. Merry merry to y'àll, dawgs too. What did Santa tuck into yore stocking?

  12. Happy New Year, Chickory!

  13. Happy New Year Chickory!

  14. The dogs look like they were caught doing - something. Happy New Year Chicky!

  15. I never get tired of looking at your splendid dawgs.

  16. Happy New Year darling! xx

  17. Happy New Year CHickory.

    Haiku Monday challenge this week is at Serendipity’s -

    The theme is SPEED. The deadline is Jan 21 at midnight PST.

    Please come play.

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  26. What I love about this pic, besides the doggies of course, is the stack of guitar cases. Am sure there is a story there!

  27. Come back Chicory,

    The tribe is regrouping.
    Much love.

  28. Chickory, be my Valentine! [mmmmwhaaa!]

  29. I'se heard of Christmas in July, but not in Lent, Chick 9.

    In case ya' wanna look at infinity, the Ether Capacious post is up: ether

  30. Hey Chickory,

    Haiku Monday isat my place this week. Becca won the last game but can't host so I am substitute.

    Stop by and join us.

  31. Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.


    Hi, Chicky! Haiku Monday chez moi this week. Bloom is the theme! Come and play.

  33. Dear Heart,

    Are you all right? Saw on Nina's blog via Su that they are concerned for you. Many blessings to you and yours and the dogs and the hens and that sweet place in NE GA.

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  35. HAIKU THEME IS UP! Come play.

  36. Blog abuse--post a place holder fer Spring, at least.

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