Rainy Day Forest



  1. What a pretty garden shed—it looks like something out of a fairy tale! All these photos have that quality, in fact. I would love to be there, to feel all that lush and damp. It's dry as a bone here, in more ways than one.

    And please tell me that gas pump dawg has an owner. You know how I am . . .

  2. *SIGH*
    I can just about smell the dampness!
    I love all the pictures and thank you for sharing such a lovely slice of your life.

  3. Beans Boots! Sister!

    I always enjoy these tours through the woods. Thanks.

  4. Moi: that is "Fido" (not joking) he goes to work at the country store along with Jake that big bassett you met and Lucy the yellow lab. They all go down to the store in the morning and return to their homes after 5. DOgs like to work! Koby is a chicken babysitter and Trout is the property Re-con and Ops. COme in June with Boxa. I'll take the couch. You can have Trout's nest.

    Scarlet: you are so sweet! It was so green yesterday my eyes were vibrating from color overload. Today is sunny. Im going out to pull weeds. You know what the field smells like? CIlantro -and Im not growing it its just its smell.

    Xl: LLBean Fiend. thas me (you know that white cat in the auction is Scary Smart, right?)

  5. The dog has a collar, so I'm sure he's fine. I think Moi is also still thinking about the dogs were encountered on our walk. (I am.)

    In the rain, your forest looks like mine, but more lush.

    I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait.

    EASTER!! The shed. all of it. Beautiful photos.

  6. Boxer: thats Peggy Jean silly. I cant wait either - Im getting the new roof put on next week, a new chicken pen after that and then a new driveway grading and gravel by the time you get here it will be nice. (still some tree issues -but you wont be able to tell -hell its still shady as all get out. I need like 10K of tree work. some of these big ass sukkas have GOT TO GO)

  7. See? it's been so long since I've seen Easter, I didn't recognize her. *sniff*


  8. Wow, you make a rainy day great! Makes you realise how much colour and life we see in an ordinary day when it's shown in beautiful pictures.
    Love the photo of the raindrops on the leaf. In the picture with the little cabin, what's the shiny black thing on the grass in front?

  9. In spite of headaches and sneezing, I love rain and wind. This is how I want heaven to be, lots of green, and cool. Awesome photos. I always love the dogs.

  10. Slice of life beckons
    we who yearn for simple joy;
    dogs, chicks, forest,stream ...

    It's always best to weed after a good rain! Your 'to do' list sounds daunting but I bet it happens .... looking forward to the pictures :-)

  11. Oh, good, Fido's not a stray. I think it's hilarious that that little trio heads out to "work" every morning together. I agree, all dogs need a purpose and a plan.

    As for pitching up, I would if I could, but I can't! I'll just have to pretend I'm there, under that canopy, walking those hills, scoping out possible bunkers. Sniff. Kiss Trout for me, will ya?

  12. If Fishy is right, then my yard should have zero weeds.

    Moi!!! are you sure you can't run away? there's wifi in them hills.

  13. Love! The green of the forest is one of the best. I wish I was closer ... xoxo

  14. That photo after your boots? I die it is so gorgeous. And is that your studio/shed? I covet, badly. The dog at the gas station? I covet him too. Although your story reminds me of the cartoon dog who clocks in to chase the wolf and then clocks out at quitting time. Maybe Sterling needs a job. Gorgeous photos. Well done you.

  15. dan! so good to see you! That shiny black thing in the foreground is a football that washed up on the creek bank after the rain. The dogs found it and were tossing it around. wish I had my video camera in hand when they did -so cute. Thank you about the photos - i havent done a photo walkabout in some time. I needed to see it all again with fresh eyes. you know though, in my entire lifetime I could not exhaust the wonders and possibilities of such a place.

    curmudgeon: rain and wind makes you sneeze? I would think the rain would wash away pollen and free up a nose. Thanks for your kind words and visit -I havent wanted to blog but I think Im coming around again. All ya'll help.

    fishy: rain and weeding go hand in hand. I believe we will have a helluva weeding day sunday morning. Your recent post about blogging was just the kick in the ass I needed. thank you!
    Nice Haiku -you itching to go? I will announce the theme shortly.

    moi: darn! darn! but, we have NYC to look forward to and its not that far away is it?

    When I had my studio sale out here in december one of my friends came out and was complaining about the store dogs - like they werent cared for and how she was going to steal lucy the lab and giver her a better life. I told her those dogs are happy and that they have homes. hanging around that store is about being social

    boxa: grrrrrhahahahah try to ply her with WiFi? NONE of us would go anywhere without it.

    tinkerbell: I do too. I would love to see you. were you at the beach?

    pam: that shed is a shrine to my mama. It is just getting started -but I plan to have some vintage photos of her in there, and a few garden things of hers I have...things she would like. I have this old ladder I plan to paint turquoise -her favorite color - and lean it against the shed. I had planned to let it weather naturally -but I might break down and stain it -you guessed it -weathered gray. Sterling has a job: terrorist.

  16. Gorgeous images dear chickory, everything looks so green and fresh in your garden and forest. The photo of Trout and Koby is so cute and a wet Peggy Jean. I love your garden shed,it's beautiful; I am trying to strike some cuttings from a native tree, I hope it works.
    Can you please tell me which breed of chicken Easter is as I think I saw a similar chicken on an Australian program? It has been raining heavily here for days, the garden loves it.
    Have a great weekend sweet girl!
    xoxoxo ♡

  17. Trillium envy. So green! I can't believe the veggies! Frost again this morning, and I was in snow drifts up higher an hour ago.



  18. •ღ. ℒℴνℯ •ღ. ℒℴνℯ♥

    Yah, I just love how bursting fresh everything looks like!


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