Florida / Georgia Notebook


Anahinga on a cypress 
Bet you didn't know that cows eat citrus.

Dad's project ranch is more about ag technology than food, but there's still chickens

I like the interior as much as the beach - maybe more
Big skies like these are refreshing when you live under a heavy forest canopy
This pig lives near-by at a quasi-grove and old florida orange shop

at the farmer's market: I admired these violets, but bought airy ferns and sand cast planters

On the way home, I stopped at Small Batch Garden in south Georgia to visit my permaculture friends

These are food.

Wherever I go, I am interested in how the chicken thing is handled

Back to Atlanta to find the city in bloom: these are Camelias


  1. You have camellias???? Oh wow. We're still waiting for ours .... I ca hardly wait.

    Love these photos ...


  2. The swamp, dirt road, and African Violets pix reminded me of Adaptation. Sorry.

  3. This is NOT the Florida I've been led to believe is Florida.


    Welcome home. xoxox

  4. I like the interior of Florida better. What does Daddy Chickory do for a living exactly?

  5. Love LOVE the photos. And you have me very interested in chickens for some reason. Hubs has found a new source for free range eggs and I am very happy about it. I asked if we could go visit this guy who is selling them and he said "NO." Well, not only no, but hell no. Evidently, he's pretty salt of the earth. We might not WANT to know where the eggs come from ;)

  6. Thank you chickory dear for sharing these photos of many chickens, camellias and big skys, it certainly is pretty country, entirely different from what I had always imagined.
    Welcome home sweet girl!
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. We've been thinking about chickens. But then I think about Sophie, and how she loves to hunt. Then I think of the foxes that play in our back yard when Sophie is not trying to hunt them. It would have to be a Fort Knox of coops. Great pics of the flat land. I've never seen that part of Florida. Welcome home! xo

  8. That Anahinga on a cypress could be in national Geographic. I really like it. I'll bet there were some bass on the other side of those reeds too. My favorite parts of the interior of Florida are - the shady ones. Welcome back.

  9. What a terrific shot you got of the birdy! With the exception of that swampy-looking ditch, the fifth photo could be my hood, esp. the way the sky looks. I remember you mentioning something about that. I want to cry at the thought of all those Atlanta neighborhoods bursting forth in colorful bloom. I won't start seeing little shoots of daffies or tulips or iris until at least end of March.

  10. I saved the Everglades. The Okeefenokee too. And Big Frog.

  11. Looks like you had a good trip. Thanks for sharing these pics on our first snowy day up here (not that I'm complaining). Welcome home.

    All of them!

    The dirt road and wide open sky remind me very much of where I lived in St. Cloud!
    Except I had a horse farm right cross the street!
    I did have a chicken ... a rooster.
    He found his way to my place after fleeing from his farm a "few doors" down! lol

    The flowers are beautiful ... and so needed after such a gray day!

  13. faery: a banner year too. One one buh, I can hardly see the leaves there are so many. hope you get yours soon.

    lx: i loved "Adaptation". what a great movie and one of the best cinematic car wrecks of all time. i didnt come across any ghost orchids...or air plants (bromeliads) which I love to discover in the hedges and trees.

    boxer: you mean disney world and daytona? remember those Clyde Butcher photographs from down in 10K islands? that is the incredible florida - theres a lot of incredible florida actually - my sisters town was gorgeous dressed in blooming trees and big oaks covered in ferns. *sigh*

    Troll: He designs and develops ag sprayers with a technology to manage the droplet size of a proprietary algaecide, bactericide and fungicide. Lots of sprayers go to south georgia for pecans but more recently sales are have made in South America to address citrus canker.

    pam: chicken keeping has become a "thing" in a martha stewarty kind of way. have you noticed on Pinterest? In south georgia my friends gave me a dozen eggs...BIG regulation chicken eggs i had forgotten how big they are. SOme of them were dark brown..Marans.

  14. Yikes. Typos, galore. my apologies.

  15. dianne: Is it? what had you imagined? its likely true. It is a large state with many types of landscapes....except mountains.

    Yoborobo! hey you. I dont know if you can tell, but in the last chicken photo, that was sort of Fort Knox like - with the overhead netting and all. Its hard with foxes...heck its hard with just hawks. but my dogs deal with the ground vermits so we only have to worry about death from above. great to see you!

    buzz: grrrehrhahahaha~ youre funny. it wasnt too hot yet. the anahinga was lucky - i only carry a compact camera so no long lenses - this fellow was closer to shore and i got it. thank you!

    moi: i might cry if a late freeze happens and kills all the blooms as has happened many times. what a weird winter. the garden will be a challenge this year -lots of bugs. it wasnt cold enough long enough to suppress the numbers. Man, I loved NM. I could so live there. The fragrant air alone would be enough. and, i like western people. I cant think of one thing I didnt like....maybe the thing about the water rights...but thats all. and your 100 mile view from you porch! Gah! incredible.

  16. al: how can you save it if global warming is sure to drown it? you better decrease your energy footprint - that alone should do the trick.

    eggy: hey, you have snow? lucky dog. We didnt get any -well there was a light dusting early in november but nothing since. enjoy!

    blazing scarlet: you lived in st cloud?! I love it...and i believe some grand somebody of ours is buried there...not sure but glad if these photos reminded you of your old "flar-da" home.

  17. I always enjoy traveling with you.

    I was thinking you came to gardening and chickens later in your career but looks like down home is your Dad's farm. Did he get you into chickens?

    This IS a weird winter! The peach growers are all terrified because the trees are setting their buds now instead o April. If they get a hard freeze, no 2012 crop. Guess they can't blame this on "global warming" since scientists have discovered there is no great ice melt happening. Sheeeeeeeeeesh. Now what is Al going to invent?

  18. Come back! The West likes you, too! And we didn't get to do a forced march up the mountain :o)

  19. The cute little food bunnies haunted me in my sleep last night. Selah. But the beautiful camelllias brought peace to my soul this morning. Thank you dear lord for camellias....Coco Chanel's favorite flower.

  20. More beautiful photos - what a lovely look at off the beaten path.

    Jealous of the anahinga photo - in all the years I was on the TX gulf coast hunting photos I never got one any where near so good!


  21. I love your regional chronicles.

  22. Fishy: no i had chickens before my dad did - i think when he visited me, he enjoyed receiving Easter in the parlor - and feeding her vermicelli. Weird weather when the jet stream is off - it will be a challenge to go organic this summer.

    moi: next time we shall march. i do a mountain walk daily but it aint no tres pistoles! I like the west - my MIL says i can stay out with her in Cali as much as i want -august is a good time -everything is burned up by then.

    scout: good to know (about coco not the bunnies) - yes, thank God for the beauties for they are the light that holds back darkness.

    Serendipity: thats hard to believe from the master photographer! thank you - it is off the beaten track a bit...not so much as my own chickory though.

    nina: dear one, I thank you.

  23. Good morning Chickory,

    The shot down the road is really good. Funny it reminds me of where we lived in Orange County CA when I was a little kid. Right before Disney destroyed it.

    Your dad has a neat place. Did you get him started on the rabbits too?

  24. Karl: thanks...funny, Disney ruined my town too. Those rabbits were at the place I stopped in south georgia. I should have photographed the big equipment my dad designed...the big sprayers; weirdly outfitted tractors -you might have found them interesting.

    the sand road. its a classic


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