Painting on Black


chicken and corn 16 x 20 acrylic on board


  1. just Beautiful Chick! I love the frame too, just finishes it of nicely....

  2. princess: i had two of these frames - sprayed them flat white and rubbed on the gray. I wish I had more of them - I made the painting FOR the frame. I have a trunk show thursday and a studio sale in 3 weeks so I ma trying to make unique affordable new pieces. thank you!

    roxanne: sweet. thank you!

  3. I like the frame painted white/etc. Really nice contrast to the black back ground. I spent some of my weekend viewing a ton of Day of the Dead skulls and found a few that did the black background/white. It's interesting how much changes by the shift in contrasts, but I really like this painting. The images truly pop!

    Will you put your item online? Please? is that possible?


  4. I like the way your, or at least my eyes go around in a circle investigating the nooks and crannies, but when you stand back your struck by the symmetry of structure and color. Don't know much about art, but I like this. Your raindeer's still my favorite. What are those sand dollar, egg things, or am I supposed to know?

  5. Very cool. Thanks for showing it.

  6. boxer: On the days of my studio sale, which is November 26th and 27, I will also post some of the work on my website. I had been wanting to paint on black gesso for a long time - one of my patron saints of painting, Anna Pugh, paints on black and I always loved the look - although these pieces are to be very spare - i.e. affordable. to me- they are also like Miro with the shapes floating in space. You have inverse calaveras? I wanna see that. xo

    curmudgeon: thank you! the green eggs (i like that interpretation!) are just design elements. they are loosely "flowers". Im going to try and do some raindeer like pieces for the sale - but in more understated colors - so they are "cabiny"

    von LX: you are welcome and thank you, cat!

  7. LOVE it !! Love those old vintagey frames.

    Morran portraits are so stunningly sophisticated over at Studio Morran I'm hanging my head in embarrassed amateurish shame (just between you & me ;-) xoxo S, Dee & Sam(uel)

  8. warmly and softly
    sentiments rise
    harmony flowers
    tea with the sky
    corn trails and feathers
    a pull of the calm
    in centralised symbols
    that flow through the palms
    in psalms of a calling
    the deep of the sea
    where the birds fly
    a sense of all free
    in the feilds of emotion
    on eternitys tide
    with harmony flowers
    the earth and the sky


  9. The seed pod/flower in the upper right is my favorite element after the chicken tail feathers. Sometimes I see in your work a very delicate balancing act between down home folk art and a kind of Mid Century Modern-esque high stylization. I don't know if that's intentional or just the way my eyeballs interpret it, but it's very unique and compelling when it happens. I dig it!

  10. susan: I feel the same. Im embarrassed of mine. If I dont have time to do something well i shouldnt do it at all - or do it but if its not up to snuff -hold it back. I thought yours was professional and lovely.

    SHe is going to put every entry in the book. I try too hard lately. I have to just draw freely and let things be off or wrong and quirky. I have to do assignment work today -but for my studio sale I want to just draw automatically and paint without too much fuss. Im having some difficulty focusing lately. gah!

    Neil!: I swear everytime you write a poem I declare that one my favorite. Tea with the sky? I love that. I always delight in these poems. thank you so.

    Moi: an astute deconstruction. Couldnt have described it better myself. Im glad you likey!! More to come.

  11. @ moi .... very much a mid century color scheme too.

    @ Chicky ... it's a happy painting!
    Perky chicken, eager insect, cycling life.. is this your painted haiku?

    Good luck with getting everything ready for your sales. Will you put everything online after the on-site sales?

  12. This is beautiful dear chickory,that is one confident looking bird. I love the colours against the black background it gives them more prominence.
    xoxoxo ♡

  13. shut up !!
    mine looks naive (not in a good way & tres amatuerish - boo !! boo !!


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