I miss Calvin



  1. A local shoppin' "village" whar' I
    see movies had decorations up BEFORE
    Halloween. REFUSE to buy anythng thar now. Boycott commercial Christmas schnizz, people.

  2. I was in the local Home Depot 3 weeks ago and they had all of their Christmas stuff out. Pretty soon they just won't put it away anymore.

    I always read Calvin and Hobbes when it was still in publication. The funniest is the snowman series.

  3. Buzz makes a good point. Maybe those year round Christmas stores have the right idea?

    I remember buying the books as gifts for people in my life of all ages.... C&H is timeless.

  4. I miss The Far Side. I kept this one on my bulletin board at work.

  5. Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County ("Aaaack!") were the greatest cartoon strips EVER. Miss them both. But I have the full boxed retrospective sets on each. CostCo was selling them for a song a few years back.

    No one is doing anything these days that can quite compare.

  6. I miss Calvin too ♥ It was so great to talk to you yesterday- I can not wait for the 19th to get here! :)

  7. So why did we let commercialism hijack Christmas?
    Why are we letting the crazies hijack America?
    Calvin and Hobbs need to ride to the rescue!

    Happy weekending!

  8. HO HO HO! (kidding). Well, it is true that Thanksgiving just got swept under the rug over the years. I am conflicted, because I HAVE started Christmas shopping (internet). I don't allow myself to listen to carols until after Turkey Day. Otherwise, by the time Christmas is here, I am sick to death of them. lol! xox

  9. hmmm.
    go figure.
    politicking in a comment box about Calvin and Hobbes.

    Half a dozen guesses of what he's up to and six "they say"s about his plans, and the man is not talking to any of it.

    Good for him.
    Heck... I heard he started painting, and, looking at the books I have (well worn and laughed at till they're wet with tears) I very much believe that.
    I also believe he paints under an assumed name.

    Of course, I also believe in reincarnation (or, if you're from the South, reinTARnation) so, guess that's a wash, eh?

    But the guy was deep.
    I used his series on the found/injured raccoon for my 9/11 tribute, and it still makes me cry at how accurately it describes the sensation of loss.

    I'll send you one of the books, if you want, gal.
    Then again...Goodwill stores have them still, sometimes.
    (not selling Goodwill stores. Just, that's where I shop a lot of my books)

  10. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Calvin and Hobbes, what great cartoons they were. Buzz is right about the snowman series.

    If you avoid dealing with retail, it's not hard to miss all the hype. Just refuse to pay attention to it.

  11. Sometimes people leave the weirdest comments...maybe I've been out of the loop to long?

  12. A very cute cartoon, I don't believe we have it here.
    Yes, the Christmas stuff hit the stores here in October, before you know it Christmas will be over and there will be the Easter buns and eggs on the shelves in January.
    Have a good weekend.
    xoxoxo ♡

  13. I'm so sorry you lost your Wren.


  15. I always loved Calvin and the Far Side also. But Calvin & Hobbes was just classic. We had a guy at work who was wheel-chair bound and (before I worked there) the staff raised money for a service dog for him. Named Hobbes. And yes, those snowmen cartoons send me into hysterics every time I see them.

  16. That's why I visit gocomics.com daily. If you like C&H maybe Cul de Sac is also to your tastes.

  17. thanks mago!

    Pam, I loved the snowmen too - but favorite was the art history series;

    Thank you so much Dani;
    Dianne, lets dye eggs and get a head start on Easter;

    mayden you talking about boneys comment? grherhahaha

    Karl, you are so right. only V gets a retail gift;

    faery..great minds;

    Boney: the duck feather is a caramel wristwatch;

    yobo I call it national poultry appreciation day

  18. moi I have a bunch of CandH books. and no comic is very good now. I dont even bother with the sunday funnies they are so bad

    fishy: they'll be riding an out of control sled to the rescue

  19. von lx: grrherhahaha that was good. far side is great.

    boxer: thats art for ya. im uping up a year round arbor day store. you investing?

    buzz: the snow men series is awesome! his poor ol slumped over daddy would come home to calvins impressive installations!

    aunty: you agitator!

  20. Never fear, I R Calvin! Well, when I am not Doom. :p


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