New Mexico Part 2: The Folk Art show and Santa Fe


none of the people in this photo are us
Let's just get right to the point: what did we eat that was good? Well, it was all great from Moi's phyllo wrapped fish served with salad on arrival night, to Pete's roadhouse and live band venue's Christmas chile plate with pork to the awesome awesome salad at the "Flying" something to the Grove sandwich. But the best was at Cafe Pasqual in Santa Fe. Moi and I ordered the carne asada and it was very tasty. The peppers especially were wonderful. There were 3 varieties and each had a distinct flavor with none of the heat taking over that flavor. But if there is one regret I have from this trip it is this: when I tasted the corn cake with veggies special that Boxer ordered? I should have called the waitress over, handed her my plate and ask her to box it up, and then ordered what Boxer had. Life is too short not to have done that. I am still thinking about what I missed. Because that was the best single bite in the entire 3-day trip. Way to pick it, Boxa!

This was the late lunch we had after going to the International Folk Art Show. I have to say, Santa Fe puts on a great event. I did not take any photos of the artists in their native dress, it seemed exploitative and I also didn't want to photograph the work just in case they were worried about design theft (like many artists are). I will just show you some of the things that I purchased. I didn't have much of a budget  because my big bang was spent on getting there. But here are a few, not all, of the things I bought:

Four desert plates from artist Abdullo Narzullaev from Uzbekistan

Assorted cheap and colorful papier mache toys from Mexico; one devil is of particular interest:

All the summiteers think that this fellow "looks like somebody". Like a character actor or maybe a guy in a band. Or maybe it is a "type". Whatever it is, we have all seen him before - in human form.

A hand painted Sacred Heart cross. I love it. Im going to buy more from this shop for gifts. I also gave V a Sacred Heart (with the flames coming off the top) as per Moi's suggestion. It was a great idea, he loved it and it is in our kitchen over the window - a place he selected. Much better than a t-shirt from the airport gift shop.

A scarf from India. That's about it - I did buy a ceramic bell shaped like a mouse and a few trinkets for the children in my life. We had planned to go to Jackalope a famous folk art emporium but I put the brakes on that - having exceeded my budget quite a bit.

We did not see that much of Santa Fe. I was expecting poshy poshy but it was more eclectic and earthy than that. The prices of things were very high though; I briefly admired a blouse until the price tag said 198. and I let go of that sucker like it was red hot. Moi and I agreed that the lacey western dresses were almost but "not quite" the right garment to wear with cowboy boots; they needed to be not so white and a tad less girly girl. I looked hard at a concha belt. But in the end, I walked away. Yes! I loved the town square, the zocalo of green with people laying out on blankets and having kettle corn and ice cream. We also visited a gallery that carried the work of Boxer's brother. It was wonderful to see his work in person as he is a very accomplished painter.

On the way back we drove through a little town where I believe Moi said they just gave away land to whoever would come and live there. Naturally it is an artist haven. Outside of that town is where Boxer and I took photographs of the fire (see previous post) and of our Lady Driver of Patience:

Moi, I want to thank you again for having us out. It was a wonderful weekend and you made it really special. Thank you for the wonderful gift bag, the meals, the deers and beers and your charming company. Loved the dogs, SB, that newport lighter, the art you had, hittin' golf balls for Maddie, seeing Ivan come through the dog door, the neighborhood dog-gauntlet walk, learning about how much I hate white flower based perfumes, laying in the hairy dog bed and, well, ALL of it. XO


  1. That devil looks a lot like the TSA goon who groped me at LAX.

  2. I was going to say something weepy, but then XL made me laugh, so there goes that.

    The pleasure—and the thanks—is all mine. It was a great trip and I know what it took for you to be here so I cant' tell you how happy I am that you gals enjoyed yourself. You are boatloads full of fun, even if you don't like white flowers or arugula. (Problem. Child.) So, come back anytime! We'll find those dang dresses.

  3. What a superior haul. I's say whatever the airfare, you made out like a bandit.

  4. A joy to read how fun it were fer all y'all.

    Luv the Uzbek plates!

    Is that MOI? in the blue car??

  5. Sounds like the trip was a great success! Those dessert plates are so colorful and fun! Glad you had fun.

  6. What fun .... what a great trip!! I love those dessert plates ...

  7. Chickory dear, so pleased you girls had such fun, it sure sounds like an enjoyable trip with plenty of great experiences. You did well with your purchases, I adore the scarf, I just love those earthy colours.
    That devil kind of reminds me of Ed Sullivan. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Wow!
    The Santa Fe folk art offerings seem more international than regional. I love your dessert plates. When I first saw them I thought, " They look Turkish!" How far is Uzbekistan from Turkey? They are rich, as is that wonderful bleeding heart, is it from Mexico? I love the hand blocked look of the fabric from India. Good pickins Chick, really good. Not too sure what I think about buying a devil to travel with ....
    seems like a high risk activity to me!

    Clearly, Moi really knows how to host a wonderful summit.

  9. Looks like a good time was had by all. :) You found some lovely things to bring home! My favorite is the cross, I think. The devil reminds me of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. xox Pam

  10. I'm still thinking about that lunch. No joke. I may buy the cook book (whaaaat?) because when I said it was one of the best meals of my life, I meant it. Sorry I didn't share more.

    Santa Fe should be proud because the Festival was very well organized and despite the massive amount of people, everyone was civilized. Well, except for that woman with the thong and tat. Or maybe me pushing onto the bus? I love my paper mache doll/birds/etc. and LOVE all of your photographs.

    It was a perfect weekend, just the right amount of time although I can see how someone who take weeks (if not longer) to learn all of the amazing things New Mexico has to offer. It's an amazing place and Moi? Well, she's just 100% amazing. xoxoxo Great post. Thanks.

  11. What wonderful artifacts! I'm almost jealous. It's been decades since I've been to NM. I loved it out there. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time. The yellow fellow reminds me of a few of my students ...
    oops.. did i really just say that?

  12. thanks everyone! xoxox chick'ry

  13. I love, love, love all the neat things you brought home!

  14. Your souvenirs are amazing and I especially love the cross. I love the colors and have two well maybe three small bright collections also....incised vintage Italian pottery,crosses similar to yours and Haitian art. My only venture into the the bright. Everything else is shabby and white :)


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