Marigolds do not get much love as a cut flower. Most people use them as a companion plant for tomatoes; they have a natural insecticide and a fragrance that repels critters like rabbits from your garden.

They are absolutely fool-proof they never get any kind of fungus or other heat and wet related problems. It is this ordinariness that prevents many from seeing their possibilities as a cut flower. Now that they have been growing since early spring there are stems long enough to cut and arrange.

I put Marigolds together with Bright Lights Cosmos, Bi-colored and Red Coreopsis, Pinwheel Zinnias, and Persian Carpet Zinnias. The Marigold has a nice ferny leaf so leaving them on is all you need for filler.

Flowers are the most profitable and successful organic thing I offer at the farmer's market. From now on any food I grow I am keeping and eating, giving to friends or canning. Its just too hard to get enough to be able to sell it in bulk, and its not worth it to see all that work walk away in a bag for a few dollars. Food always was my loss leader, Im really there to sell folk art. But with my truck in the shop and my freelance jobs backing up I will probably only do the farmer's market every couple of weeks or so. 

Im going to be on a blog break for a few weeks while I paint for a show with a 7/31 deadline. This is a national juried show with good prize money. Ive come close -honorable mention which wasnt a money prize but I did get a great easel and some paint. This year I actually have a strategy and hope it pays off. The show isnt until October, the July deadline is just to see if you can get in. I had one painting get in last year but the other one was rejected. So, I need to focus. I'll be back in August. Enjoy the dog days everyone.


  1. First, I love how you promote marigolds. You're right. I rarely use them in bougets... they seem too short, but they aren't.

    Second, blog breaks are good especially when real life is calling and focus is important. Will you show your work here in August?

    Crossing fingers that your vision pays off. xoxoxo. Please come back soon.

  2. Flower or weed? It's just a value judgement, isn't it?

    Have a productive and restorative bloggy break!

  3. The Mrs loves marigolds and is always collecting seeds from other peoples plants. I was hoping she would plant them in our community garden this year to ward off the bunnies, but they never quite made it.

    Could these be some inspiration for your art show? Good luck.

  4. heart of rooted
    feilds that glow
    chanting flowers
    rivers flow
    sunlight reaching
    tip of heights
    mountain pastures
    shining bright
    livened union
    vibrance calls
    summer rythms
    fire warms
    nature whispers
    fullness speaks
    cosmic streams
    of oceans deep


  5. good luck chickory....neil

  6. I used to plant marigolds all the time! Don't know why I stopped. I still have seeds and everything. Nothing beats them for beauty and heartiness. Thanks for that reminder.

    Their essence is distilled for perfumes, too, and the marigold note lends a composition a kind of sharp, earthen weirdness that is strangely sniff-worthy (it's a dominant note in Calyx and in Decleor's Aromantic).

    Good luck with the show and let us know when you hear something!

  7. Will miss you ...but wishing you well at the art show, you rock! Love the marigolds .... xoxo

  8. Ah, these gorgeous photos are such a bright spot in my day! No wonder your flowers sell so well at the market. You will be missed during your blogging break, but wishing you all best focus and getting selected for that show!

  9. i love your flower arrangements!
    here's to a productive blog break.
    good luck!

  10. We'll do fine with just a photo of paintings here and there ...

  11. I love marigolds, they are a flower which is often overlooked as a cut flower ... your floral arrangements here with all the warmth of their colours and flower shapes are a delight to my heart, I just love the cosmos.
    Enjoy your blog break while you concentrate on your painting for the show.
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. Beautiful colors! Sigh. We didn't get any flowers planted this summer. I had great plans for sunflowers - maybe I can still plant a few. Life had other plans for my time, which it often does. :) Good for you, painting and entering that show. I will keep fingers and toes crossed. See ya when you get back! xox Pam

  13. Good morning Chickory,

    Best of luck on the contest. You'll be missed as will your lovely photos.

  14. See you soon, Pup.

    I'se prayin' that ya make the show--iffin' I were the judge, no question!!

  15. Those flowers are gorgeous! For some reason, I can't get enough of golds, oranges, and greens this year. I want to sew in those colors, dress in those colors, and decorate my house in them. Good luck on your art show. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

  16. I have always loved marigolds and am going to use them in bouquets from now on!

    Enjoy your blog break. I take them a lot, but never realize I was on one till after the fact :)

    Thanks for the lovely word pictures from the west - I miss the wide open spaces and the western smell!

  17. As Chapter President and Treasurer of my local Marigold Appreciation Society, I would like to thank you for this wonderful homage. This is sure to help drum up business, but of course - and perhaps most importantly - it should drum up respect as well.

  18. Catching up on your blog after a looooong absence. I really missed it! Love marigolds and love picking the seed heads after the flowers and sowing them wildly through the backyard. They never fail you.


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