Tomorrow I will enter into the slave training program at the airport, where I will submit to either radiation or a pat down by agents of state tyranny so that I might enjoy the company of some fine women, beloved bloggers Moi and Boxer, for the weekend. I can tell you such excursions are going to become rare as I find this ridiculous sham, "homeland security", intolerable. I'll take the pat down, not the death ray,  and be sure to remind the minion who feels me up that they are an agent of darkness and a creature of oppression. Unfortunately, I didnt have time to make another "Training Submissive Americans" shirt for this trip. (That one was an iron on, and it didnt look as good as I wanted it to, so I plan to screen print one before I have to fly out to Cali in August.)

On the other side of the security gauntlet I will settle in for some quality people watching. I'll notice the creative and unsightly ways people have chosen to deal with not having to completely undress at the security checkpoint as I did, having removed cowboy boots, a belt with metal buckle, bracelets, and a silver pocket rosary. There will be lots of flip-flops. I despise them as I do crocs but people resort to it because it is easy - like walking through a scanner is easier than a pat-down. They accept it so they will not be inconvenienced, and it is this observation that worries me -there ain't never gonna be no revolution. It will be too hard.

Maybe I will work in a few rounds of Angry Birds, or watch a YouTube on my android. I usually download a podcast or two to listen to on the plane. This time I actually have a book: "What the Dog Saw" by Malcolm Gladwell; a collection of essays. I've got some juicy fruit gum packed, cinnamon altoids and a wide assortment of homeopathic potions and pharmaceuticals for pain, anxiety, irritability, muscle tension, and inflammation. I've got an apple for fiber, and from Valentines day, I have a little red construction paper heart that V made that says "I love Peanut."

On the plane I will look out the window and see the grids of land sectioned off traversed by roads and highways. I'll see the color change from my eastern greens as it fades into a deserty warmth. I'll see clouds reflected in bodies of waters; I'll look for farms and rivers and forests and wonder about weird structures of repetitive geometry. While I am looking at it all, it will seem quiet and beautiful but I will know that there is so much to be alarmed and vigilant about. But I will give that a rest for the weekend and get my mind right about being in the present and savoring each moment of the trip with my friends, because that really is the stuff of life, isn't it?

While I am gone, I encourage you to visit aunty belles back porch and read her very important post on yet another epic State control program -this time for rural communities. If you have not yet begun to take an interest in food, and food security, this weekend would be a great time to start.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'll be back next week with a full report and loads of photographs.


  1. Happy travels, chickie! And if you could manage to snag some video of the NM landscape (preferably while someone else is driving), that would be swell.

    Happy summit, and safe travels,

  2. I told Moi that after my last two trips that involved xrays, I'm going to postpone my annual mamogram a few months. THANK YOU for leaving your farm, V, the dogs and the chickies to spend some time with us. It goes under "Don't Postone Joy." We're going to have a fabulous time. YOU deserve a little vacation. xoxoxo!!!!!

  3. Relax, relax, relax, Chickory. Your gonna have so much fun! Enjoy your trip and we'll look forward to those fabulous photos that you always take! And, thanks for the info on the heirloom seeds. I'm getting some asap.

  4. Have fun my darling. Do try and keep your temper with The Man.

    Hug those fabulous women for me. Damn, I wish I was there. I will be with you in spirit, toasting your fabulous selves!


  5. Wave when you fly over Texas!

  6. That flight you're on usually shows a movie, too. Although it's usually pretty crappy. Note to Hollywood: Please, please, never again shoot anything involving the words Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.

    Cowboy boots are an excellent shoe choice for travel. Like a high heel, they can serve as a weapon in a pinch. Can't conk a terrorist over the head with floppy plastic.

    See you soon!

  7. Have a wonderful and safe trip and lots of fun with Moi and Boxer. I like the assortment of things that you have packed, especially the red paper heart that V made for you and juicy fruit gum, I love it for a quick sweet breath fix. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  8. TSA Pat-Down Attendant sounds like a perfect job. Oh wait, I'd probably only get to do guys - never mind. You behave yourself young lady. Anarchy can wait until after your vacation.

  9. For some reason I'm feeling like swatting the computer screen! Anywho .. Maybe they will just wave you on through. Regardless, I know you'll have a great time.

  10. Can I just say that I love it when you get a good rant simmering? :) You have a wonderful time, and when you get back, I will love to read about your adventure. I have been reading a lot about food lately. Sigh. Never mind. Enjoy your weekend with your pals! xox Pam

  11. "Fondling included" ...

    Travel well, return safe.

    BTW I hate flying in an airoplane. I'd rather take a train or a ship for long distance travel.

  12. Once I got pulled for an additional search. I declined to be escorted to a room or behind a screen. I told the stazi he would have to conduct his search in full public view with hundreds of witnesses. I even loudly invited the others in line to please pay attention and if possible to take photos or videos of the search.

    He then said if I opened my mouth again I would be detained, would miss my plane and possibly incur expenses. A woman stepped forward to hand me a business card stating, "I am a lawyer. When they are finished violating you and your rights I can help with the revenge". She then turned and took a photograph of the man's id badge. End of the search. The really awesome thing about this story is the woman's card said,

    Sue Lawyer
    landscape services

    She remains one of my heroes to this day.

  13. Airports freak me out, ever since a bad experience I had at Gatwick three years ago ... 8O(

    Anywaaays ... travel safely and have a great time!

  14. Think about it folks:

    if everyone arrived at the airport an' refused to submit, are they gonna hold all the planes?

    How soon ya' reckon afore the airline lobby demands that TSA stand down? We need to git us a grip--the airlines need us more than we need them--they will become our allies. Simply pass the word to everyone on FB/ Twit--on August 1 everyone dons one of Chickory's tee shirts an' NObody submits to TSA (yes, you have to get Whar'youse goin' another way, so plan around it). When the news crews show up, everbody is peaceable but firm--"I came to fly not have my fly examined."

    after one day of shut down planes an' mass chaos in all airports, the TSA paradigm will be re-thought.

    We are vastly more powerful than we realize. BUT, this is the kicker:

    be prepared to be inconvenienced fer the sake of retrieving yore freedoms.

    P.S. Chickory, I want 15% on T-shirt sales.

  15. Chicky baby, you know how La Diva feels about the TSA pat downs! I'm glad you put yourself through the indignity of it all for the joy of the company of two fine women and a chance to be "care free" for a few days!

    Love the piccie you found....

    and LOL to Fishy's story, that is EXCELLENT!!! Ok off to your next post!


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