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This week I am preparing to attend the 2011 Blogger Summit with Moi and Boxer. One of the highlights, other than spending the weekend with two stellar individuals, is going to the International Folk Art Show in Santa Fe. I've been in a collectors state of mind, and did a virtual collection this morning On Etsy while I had some coffee and planned a little menu of food to take over to my best friend's house, who lost her mother yesterday. We traveled the same path this year with a dying parent, and now we are bonded yet again in our grief. Hope you enjoy this little curatorial exhibition, which features our own blogging friend, Susan Black of 29 BlackStreet.

I have a very small buying budget, but I am determined to find something wonderful and authentic that I can treasure always, and have to remind me of what I know will be a delightful adventure. You know, Im really looking forward to this - its been a bit of the blues these past months, and I am looking forward to filling my eyes with beauty and wonder, having some laughs and exploring a part of the world I've never really seen. I'll be sure to exploit the trip for this blog's fodder; of that you can be sure.


  1. I love those laser cut puppets—a touch of the Javanese about them.

    Oh, you'll find plenty of things to make your fingers itch at market. The problem will be WHAT to buy. This year, I think I'm going to focus on a piece of Persian pottery. And get all thoughts of a Persian RUG right out of my mind :o)

    It's going to be a hoot, girl, and I'm thrilled you guys are coming!

  2. wow! how exciting for all of you. i'm not going to lie, i am jealous. i'm blue, sugar, don't mind me. xoxoxox

  3. Sounds like a good adventure. Seems like it's been a less than a year between blog summits.

  4. I like the greenhouse one.

    Have a wonderful meet-up!

  5. I'm leaving half of my suitcase empty in case I find things I can't leave. I'm sorry for your friend, she's lucky to have you in her corner right now.

    @Troll - the art festival planted the flag for location and date this year.

    My favorite is the Greenhouse at Night. Great collection, but it's all seems a little blue/gray in color. xoxoxo.

  6. moi: i bought some of those for my nephews and nieces last christmas. As far as the show -I am really looking forward to the paintings of eastern europeans...like lithuania and yugoslavia. they make such weird yet sophisticated things.

    savannah: its going to be fun! After I hang out with my friends family for a while, I might try and find one new something I can wear. I hate clothes shopping - but I want to look nice for moi and boxa.

    troll: thats because boxa came out to chickory this spring. it wasnt an official summit. an official summit should have your ears burning.

    xl: isnt that great? I love that painting. even more, i love the idea. kinda reminds me of that green house in minority report. kind of edgy somehow.

    boxer: well the gray and golden is on purpose. its the yin yang of melancholy and joy -and a beautiful color pairing. A collection should hold together in both sensibility and palette. As i think this does..and there is a bit of spirituality mixed with raw vision and then a bit of soar. make sense?

  7. Sounds like a great plan Chickie, and I love seeing what catches ***your*** artistic eye. Mostly, I can't believe Troll made a blog summit comment without using the word "pillow-fight". You girls have a grand time, we will be on baby-watch here!

  8. So, sorry about your friend's mother. And I understand the grieving. It takes awhile. Nothing that can be hurried even though we go about our day to day lives. I love the fly dress, the dandelions, the one with the chicken by Ana. You all have a wonderful time in NM!!

  9. Yes. I think I do. Thanks. I know that's what I felt when I looked, but didn't really know why.

  10. Nesting dolls--but wow, $450???

    Have a grand time--good luck wif' the pillow fight.

    PS Food war on back porch

  11. Actually, Troll is right. Our last summit was September 2010 at Chickory, nine months ago. During which, I believe, it was Boxer that dangled the promise of fun photos if Troll were to come out of hiding. Et voila!

  12. I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly and also you didn't win the Bohemia contest, you were a strong contender. And the photos below are just gorgeous, I always show them to my hubby so he'll make an effort to learn his camera better! haha!

    Can I say how jealous I am of you gals all getting together AND looking at really cool art and STUFF? I'll be thinking of you....have a wonderful time and yes, buy yourself something that makes you happy when you look at it. (I sent you a cool video today via email, did you see it?)

    PS: I'm sorry about your friend. I have a few bonds like that that I wish I didn't. It sucks.

  13. Get outta town and have some fun...you deserve it!

  14. Gosh, there are some lovely pieces of art to buy, it will be a feast for the eyes so have a lovely time and enjoy yourself in Santa Fe! :)
    I love Susan's 'dandy lion', the flying dress and the Giclee art by Ana.

    xoxoxo ♡

  15. Chickory, we DID have the same brother! He did the same spit thing to me and my sister! ARGH!!!! (but I got him back too! haha!)

  16. hey check this out !! & it's my birthday too
    xo s & dee & the whole darn gang



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