The Kahlo Challenge


A few weeks ago, Troll sent me a heads up about a contest called the "Kahlo Challenge" sponsored by Bohemia beer. Wanna take a guess as to when I started this piece? Yep. This morning. I finished and just uploaded it to the Bohemia site with 5 hours to spare before deadline. Thats pretty good for me.

I really enjoyed making the piece and hope I win one of the prizes. No matter what though, it was good to follow through and take a shot at 10K (or 5K for second, 2K for third).



  1. OMG!!!
    It is WONDERFUL, and I hope you win too!
    Beautiful~~Frida would soooo approve. ;-)


  2. Wow!! In one day? Oh, the wonders of working against a deadline. This is absolutely beautiful. If you don't win a prize then they don't get it.

  3. Good luck, you wild Bohemian you!

  4. I loooove the colours!!! The painting is so Frida!

  5. I adore this piece! As always, your vibrant colors and careful details are a delight. Good luck!

  6. Good evening Chickory,

    It's a good brew and you do it more justice than it deserves.

  7. Did you drink a bottle for inspiration? Good luck!

  8. I LIKE it!!! Hope you win the grand fun would that be?

  9. You're going to win the big one.
    This is pre-Congratulations!
    Good karma comes round.

  10. It is beyond amazing. You did this in one morning? Holy tomato. I think you might just be Wonder Woman. You should win. Hands down. xo Pam

  11. AHL: thank you! I would want Frida to approve - lots of the entries i saw were copies of Frida paintings with the beer featured somehow. I dont think that was what they wanted. Least not how I read the rules

    foam: about 8.5 solid hours. I did stain the plywood the night before. I would have changed a lot had I had time.

    xl: hee thanks

    faery: i really like painting on the wood now. I love how paint lays on it.

    eggy: thanks, I hope i get soemthing but i bet some heavy hitters came out for that prize. For me it was a big deal to follow through. I always say im going to try and then fade.

    Karl: thanks - ive had one. But I like super light beers that beer lovers sneer at: like Sol.

    fishy: no way. I couldnt drink and paint.

    dani: thanks!

    deborah: thank you!

    Nina: from your lips to God's ears. I could use it! thank you.

    yoborobo: no i started in the morning. It took all day. all day cram school - no breaks hardly. thanks a million!

  12. It's very nice. I am proud to be associate with it and hope you win!

  13. OH MY, Well ...
    Bonjour Frida !!!!!!

    Beautiful, love the composition.
    We'll be shocked if you don't win
    10K woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo
    fingers, toes & paws crossed

  14. A nice day's work. You certainly capture the essence of Kahlo (unibrow and all) and things I think about when drinking Mexican beer (volcanos). It's suppose to be a really good pilsner but sadly, I have never tried it. Maybe I'll look for it when next I stumble into my local liquor store.

    For my sense of scale, how big is the painting? Good luck in the contest. I'm sure Troll will want a cut if you win.

  15. Well done, it is beautiful, I love the vibrant colours and the work you have put into the details including Frida's monobrow!
    Good luck I hope you win dear chickory!

    xoxoxo ♡

  16. Just goes to once again prove my belief that no matter how generous the deadline, most artists and writers will leave everything to the last minute. And you also proved my belief that the work is nine times out of ten better for having done so.

    This is beautiful. I really dig the background texture effect, too. Is that because this is painted on wood?

    All fingers and toes crossed for you to win, win, WIN! When do you know?

  17. I love this! When will they announce the winners? I love how you stay true to your style but can express different themes that are still "you". Great work! I'm impressed with your skill under pressure!

  18. Wow. I'd drink this beer and I'm not even a beer drinker. I love the colors and I love how you've stayed true to you as an artist and your beloved Frida, while still creating a very commercially cool graphic.

    And, I agree with Moi - some of my best work has been done with that hot flame of pressure on my ass. Well done!!

  19. If I give you one with a prize larger than 10K, will you promise to get started a day or two before the deadline?

  20. nicely done, sugar! i think i'll have to run on out and buy a six pack and toast your entry! xoxoxox

  21. Deadlines - who needs them anyway?
    Frida looks nice - cheers Mrs Kahlo!

  22. WHoa! Whoa whoa whoa. Beautiful work. Asking FK to send the karma yore way--

    But...why is a beer named Bohemian choosing FK? Is she the icon of Bohemian life?

  23. uh, Troll, cain't ya find no 10K prizes fer WRITERS to enter?? Me an Moi need some Bottega Veneto totes.

  24. frida soaring: gracias!

    susan: oh im sure some heavy hitters came out for this one. If I win anything it will be a miracle. but thank you! (did we get in the pet illustration uppercase?)

    buzz: grehrhahaha. you are funny! I think of volcanos too! the painting is 24 x 24. I stained the wood and then did the painting with acrylic.

    dianne: thanks. I would like to win, but its a long shot. They have just started showing the entries on Bohemias FB page - im sure they are holding back some killer pieces.

    moi: the winner will be announced on the 23rd. but I think the winner will know before then. It is painted on wood, which i stained to look like a rich cantina bar maybe. I didnt mean to wait until the last minute - i had high maintenance guests all weekend and then had a massive clean up sunday eve. But i was working...I had the idea fully formed and ready to go when i started on monday morning. keep those fingers crossed.

    one little deer: its my style but Frida's vernacular. Im glad you like it. thanks so much!

    boxer: hot flame of pressure! ha! i like that. usually i avoid that like the plague. thanks about the piece - i shouldve started earlier - theres a lot i could have done, but I sort of like this spare design. and yes -it features the beer more than frida hopefully that will work out for me. but, we'll see. did you get the ice cream maker yet?

    Bashos ghost" 100K! wow. thats very cool. and i like the assignment. you know a big agency will win that one. what would you do? should we collaborate?

    savannah: suga! thank you! enjoy the 6 pack and i'll be with ya in spirit.

    mago: i dont need them, but i have lots of them suddenly. the movies..they are backing me up because i need more processor! Frida is a megastar is she not?

    aunty: i dont know. they said something about Frida liking Bohemia beer and are using it in a campaign. good luck with getting those botegas. if i win i might buy you a *smallish* bag

  25. I will be forming an ichiza and submitting a kasen renga. Because I suspect I'll be the only entrant taking that tact.

    If you're willing to work hard and serve as illustrator, you can be part of the ichiza.

    No, I do NOT know that a big agency will win it.

  26. I totally love this. It is magazine-ad ready. It has class and it is not copy-cat. Fingers crossed and kissed ... here's hoping you win! I've had Bohemia beer, not recently, but I'll go buy a case if you win!

  27. hey sweetpea, will keep you posted when Uppercase Vol. 10 arrives - awhile yet xo S & Dee & the whole darn gang - ps thanks for the sweet words ;-)

  28. that little angel
    with a bottle of beer :)

    you're the winner!
    you're the winner!
    you're the winner!

    ALL THREE! :)

    good luck with it, c

    × × ×


  29. Hi Chickory,
    Nominated you for my Versatile Blogger award. If the rules are too much effort, I understand. See my blog for details.


  30. Beautiful Chickory!
    I know you'll be out of town when we're up there, but is there anything we can drop off at your place from South GA?

  31. Im not going to win anything. they said the winners would know by now. c'est la vie. Thanks everyone for your kind words and support!

    * sorry about the quick reply. editing video today and a little pressed for time.

  32. Let's say that you've been working on this for years. Unless they read your blog, they'll never know.

    Love it. And if they take your design, it's the next thing I'm buying.


  34. If I was in charge - you'd win! I still have Red Tail Over Smithgall hanging over my mantle.

    Flap/flap- SOAR!

  35. Fantastic.

    Just fantastic.

    It must be so great to be able to bring such marvelous, creative things into being.

    Awesome woman.

  36. Chickory; thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm not worried one little bit about whether or not you respond to that award! Its just for fun. And Oh my dear me...if I could play well enough, I'd do a sound track for you; but my fiddle is rusty indeed-the cat's hair stands on end when I play and my hubby asked me to 'quit while I was ahead' the other night. He said my waltz sounded good and it could only go downhill from there! I'd be happy to make some recommendations though...

  37. You wuz robbed. None of the pieces I saw on the website were even a fraction as impressive as yours. I haven't been able to find the winner, either.

  38. moi they say they are gonna announce them tonight.

  39. Chickory dear, have you had any news about the competition yet? I have not been able to find anything online because I don't have a facebook deserve to win a prize.
    I was reading Mayden's hommage to our dear friend Foamy and I left a comment about how much I value her as a friend. So I wanted to tell you how much your friendship means to me and how much I value you as the beautiful person you are, you have advised me and stood by me when I really needed a friend, you have supported me when I have been hurting, given me a swift kick when I needed it, given me great advice which I have followed most of the time. I keep making mistakes but one of these days I will grow up and I do realise that I don't need a man in my life to be happy. It's just that I am having a little trouble with the absence of one particular person at present as he has been away for far too long. I won't die of a broken heart I just miss his friendship and communication. You told me once that it takes a really good man to replace no man at all, so I am still holding onto that good advice.
    Thank you dearest chickory for being a wonderful, caring friend, I am so happy that I have you to look out for me and your words, art and images bring so much beauty to my life.
    Love from your most grateful friend, Dianne.
    xoxoxoxoxo ♡

  40. melody rising
    warm meadow lift
    harmony braids
    heavens full grip
    uplifting unity
    vibrance of sky
    energetic potency
    aligning deep inside
    lift of living sentiment
    blooming of us all
    mighty living rivers
    rush and push draw
    bird of living paradise
    glide the gracefull sound
    of unifying unity
    embracing sky and ground


    have a poem chickory,and good luck with your comp....

    love and respectfulness to you


    Don't be freaked out by the "Facebook" part. In the fine print it says you can enter in other ways and it isn't judged by facebook know-nothings. It's judged by art people.

  42. I so love this. I wonder if you could sell it to some Mexican theme restaurant or bar???? I agree with the robbed part. Maybe could see the one that won, but certainly not #2 or#3. Grrrrr. Thougth I read that you've been feeling bad? Hope you are better soon. And that some bottle caps arrived at your address.

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