Best. Treat. Ever.


V gave me an electric ice cream maker and boy have I given it a workout. I've made peach, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream and coffee ice cream. I've made frozen yogurt, various granitas and frozen drinks with it. But I hit upon the best frozen treat ever when I changed a recipe I thought was too heavy and I'd like to share it with you. Everybody that has tried this says it is the best ice-cream sandwich they have ever tasted - and because they are petite; about 3.5", they aren't too fattening.

You start with this classic custard recipe. (The recipes that require cooking are the best- without the custard base, the ice cream doesn't hold that creamy easily scooped out consistency after freezing)

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 1/2 cups whipping cream
  • 2 cups half-and-half cream
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract

Cook the first five ingredients over medium heat stirring constantly. It needs to reach about 160˚ and then chilled in a bath of ice and water. The consistency should coat a spoon. Now add the vanilla, and put it in the fridge overnight or for a few hours.

I made ice cream with this recipe and thought it was too sweet and too heavy. So I took half of it and added an equal part of half and half. Next I added a few drops of coconut extract. With half the sugar and half the fat, the ice cream was still tasty and creamy but not too sweet and full of flavor. I tried to use coco loco coconut milk but it was WAY too oily and sweet. Extract works better.

Put the mixture into the ice cream maker and when it gets to where it has nice peaks and shapes you are ready to make ice cream sandwiches. Don't let it hard freeze or it won't spread right.

Get some Famous Chocolate Wafers. They are on the baking isle. 
Take one and get a spoonful of the ice cream and plop it in the center. Don't let it get too big because when you put the other cookie on top, you want to press lightly so the ice cream spreads out to the edges. As you make them, put them in the freezer on a plate uncovered. 

When building the sandwiches, if too much ice cream eeeks out of the side just take a spoon and run it around the edges and it looks really tidy. 

When they are nice and solid - like 10 minutes - individually wrap each sandwich in either parchment paper affixed with a sticker or wrap them in plastic bags. If you leave them on a plate, the cookie will stick. You know how the cake part of an ice cream sandwich gets kind of soft? Well, being with the ice cream makes these cookies soft so they need to be packaged. 

That little hint of coconut gives it a tropical vibe and enhances the chocolate. It's just a pretty and easy treat that has impressed everyone that has tried it.


Haiku Monday players may recall that Moi won the chicken haiku challenge. The prize was a custom made folk art piece based on the winning haiku. I finally did the painting. Here is the winning haiku again:

Faithful feathered friend—
chopped, plucked, garlic-stuffed. Sunday's
sacrificial lamb.

I chose to focus on Moi's observation of chicken as the defacto sunday dinner. And I was thinking about all the ways she indicated it could be, er, processed. Then I started thinking about the charts that show cuts of meat and thought about the ways a chicken was used. So I ended up with a kind of silly butcher's chart for a chicken. Moi - I hope you like it. Its not pretty, but I hope its at least funny. If you don't like it, you can always use it as firewood. Oh and congratulations on yet another haiku win.


  1. Going to give your ice cream recipe a go. Haven't made cooked ice cream since that time Mom burnt the mixture when we had company.

    Especially like the chicken feet!

  2. omg....LOVE the chicken, especially the left foot!
    And by the way, how many calories when one eats ALL the ice cream sandwiches? Because, realistically, that's what would happen here.
    Mea Culpa.


  3. using the bottle cap for the eye is brilliant and I love writing on the body of the chicken. I doubt this will be fire wood. Just the opposite. And it's pretty freaking funny too. "Hooters" and "Chinese Take Out" are cracking me up.

    Now, for the crack ice cream cookie recipe you posted. We used to make hand churned ice cream as kids, with rock salt. uff. It was a big chore to keep cranking that thing and my Dad would make the ice cream but we had to crank. I love the idea of electric and even though I have a ban of any new gadgets in the kitchen..... I think I may have to break down. At least if I'm going to eat sugar, it might as well be really, really, GOOD sugar. :-) xoxoxo

  4. p.s. bwahahahaha.I just saw the feet. bwahahahahaha. Remember the top chef with chicken feet?

  5. Ice cream is my very favorite dessert in the whole entire universe and if anyone told me I could never ever eat it again in order to live, I'd have serious thoughts. Life is just not worth living without ice cream! I've had my Cuisinart ice cream maker for three years and FINALLY made my first sorbet (mango Thai basil) the other day. I freaked out when I first got it by using crappy recipes that were either too sweet (with yucky corn syrup) or not enough cream, I think you are so right by making the custard first. I want to make cinnamon and banana ice cream....can't wait to see more of what you come up with, those sandwiches look divine!

    And I agree with everything Boxer said about the rooster painting! Well done! x

  6. Now, I'm curious whether strippers who invest in elaborate costumes make more than the ones who show up in their old man's stained Harley shirt.

    Must. Do. Research.

  7. Troll, give me a call. This type of research es muy importante! And obviously Atlanta's the place to go to do it.

    Love the chicken, love the sound of the sandwiches!

    [Cue Sublime] "I don't practice Santa Ria! I ain't got no crystal ba-all." Thanks for that, Chickory, that won't be stuck in my head for the next week or anything. Bummed about missing you on our mountain run...

  8. xl: you mean she went ahead and froze it with the burn taste? i bet that was a fun dessert. DO try it - its easy and it really does taste great. and its fun. glad you like the chicken feet - i guess ive indicated all the chicken foot religions...

    AHL: yeah I eat about 4 a day. I dont know what the calorie count is maybe a 100 per sandwich. (I sure hope thats all)

  9. Ooooh,those look divine and if I'm correct, those cookies are the same recipe as Oreos? SIGH. Sadly, off my eating schedule for the next month or two. :( The chicken painting is a scream. I love how your mind works. I especially laughed at Michaels Arts and Crafts Store and Soul Food Kitchen. I'm glad Soul Food Kitchen got the breasts.

  10. I know you are a true Southerner because you included a section for
    " Fried Gizzard".

    About those ice cream sandwiches .... does Koby like them better than furniture?

  11. I love those chicken feet - hahahahaha! You are so funny! As for ice cream, I'm afraid I'll have to wait for the next life, the one where I am slim and my metabolism is that of a hummingbird. This one, not so much. ;) xox! Pam

  12. I adore homemade ice cream and have such fond childhood memories of it. Thanks for the cooling reminder.May just have to invest in an electric one and do some experimenting!

    And woot to the chicken!

  13. I was wondering how in the heck you were going to interpret my haiku and man if that brain of yours isn't genius. "Stripper costumes" and "Michael's Arts": Price. Less. This is beautiful and humorous at the same time and I will treasure it forever. I have just the spot for it . . . Thank you!

    P.S. You are so on electric ice cream maker duty at Blog Summit.

  14. c,

    that creamy
    easily scooped out
    consistency is CRUCIAL(!)

    it's just some kinda ice otherwise

    "they aren't too fattening"




    well, there's more to life than just being not fat ;)

    your pic of the finished product does look inviting(!)

    delish, even :)

    have fun

    × × ×


  15. Good evening Chickory,

    Now I'm no artist, yet I feel that Soul Food Kitchen and Hooters positions should be reversed.

    @ Troll: Extensive research, really is key to the positive outcome of any experiment.

  16. Home made ice cream??? Yum!!! Love the chicken, esp. the feet.


  17. boxer: well real sugar your body understands. it doesnt understand fake sugar. Chinese take out might have worked on any area of this chicken. Try the ice cream sandwich! you will like it, and its vegetarian! I do remember the top chef with the chicken feet -didnt somebody fry them and serve them just like that? ew.

    la diva: your ice creams are so exotic and sophisticated! thai lemon basil? i dont friend is always pressing me to drink these gimlets that have basil. I dont love that. but banana and cinnamon sounds great. I agree- ice cream is the best dessert and a life without it would turn me into a crazy lady.

    troll: well ive been to a lot of titty bars. V used to have lots of them as clients. He did all the fancy lighting and sound pink lights in the opaque plexi runways. i never saw anybody in an old harley shirt. they had nice gear and expensive shoes.

    tripp: now its stuck in my head!! Yeah, atl has a ton of strip clubs. convention city. i hate that I will miss you this trip-but you'll be back in fall, right?

  18. pam: there are bags of feathers at michaels in every color. I use them on certain ornaments i make. SOul food kitchen is all about fried chicken breasts but they also do the organ meats too. and thighs. you never see wings tho.

    fishy: Koby loves cream. if she hears that ice cream maker spin or if i use a mixer to make a cake she is very attentive in the kitchen. I let her have a little taste of vanilla ice cream and she is mad for it. chickens like it too. Fried GIzzards!! you know thats the organ that all the grit lives in and acts like teeth. would you eat that? I wouldnt.

    yoborobo: i'll pay the price in this life and the next for ice cream! actually, i should have had a section for wicca on the feet too.

    eggy: the electrics are great. the thing with the crank and rock salt is only fun if there are lots of people to turn the crank in turns. thanks about the chicken!

    moi: i'll do it! maybe i'll make some ice cream that involves chiles. Im glad you like how i interpreted the haiku. when you won i was like - damn, the hardest one!

  19. /t: thats right! Im now old enough that I can go ahead and have the ice cream - even if i was skinny as all get out id still be middle aged and nobody cares! I think i'll have an ice cream sandwich right now. grrhahahahaha

    Karl: LOL. i get your reasoning but i think hooters is all about wings and drumsticks. am i right? and youre right: the first step in scientific inquiry is observation!

    faery: yeah, that was a no-brainer. what else could they be used for? grherhahaha. Im sending you some virtual homemade ice cream right now.

  20. I love this whole post. Just right at the right time. Didn't you visit a terrific ice cream place during the holidays and didn't they have a flavor called cereal milk? I think of that every morning at granola hour.
    I can see I'd better enter the Haiku contest next time you are in charge of prizes.
    Love to the Trout and Koby.

  21. And that plate, oh my, is too cool. Really special, did you make a whole set of them and platters and a large bowl for salads or floating rosebuds and candle holders?

    Very unorthodox and so pleasing to the eye and tummy. Of course, there is nothing ever that could be more appropriate for your ice cream custard sandwiches. I'll have one please. Did your Mother make striped whipped cream and Famous chocolate wafer cakes too? And the trick was to slice it diagonally?

    Famous ought to put a warning on the package. Addictive.

  22. ya kiddin' me?? Ice cream samwiches? I'll be right thar'!!

    Lucky Moi,,,,thas' a winner chicken paining.

  23. oh wait!

    The feet! ahahaha! But, I like Millinery best--whole thang be a riot.

  24. Wait wait --now that I read the comments,
    @ Karl , cackle! Listen, at Hooters is all about Karl's view. The wings is jes' the appetizer

    As fer chile ice cream, thar's a mex dark choc chili ice cream that is jes' the ticket.

  25. Whenever someone mentions Hooters to me, I think of the South Park episode called "Raisins." If you haven't seen it, it's worth You Tubing. Side-splitting stuff.

  26. just wanted you to know I'm probably buying an ice cream machine this weekend. Weeeeeeee.

  27. I hate blogger! My comment didn't post!!! grrrrrrrr....
    Anywho ...
    Yummmmmm on the ice cream cookie!!! What is the cookie sitting on? Mints? Did you make those too?

    Your chicken is priceless, btw. I think Karl might have a point there .. LOL ....
    Have you thought about selling this off your truck? oops, if it's priceless, what price could you put on it??

  28. Please post more ice cream recipes. Did someone say chili & dark chocolate? Love this blog, Ande.

  29. I've got to make those delicious and darling ice cream sandwiches!

    The folk art chicken is too cute -- love, love love it!!

  30. Morning Chickory chickie, here's a link to my friend's blog in Miami, he does the wackiest ice cream flavors. You might be inspired! Enjoy!

    click HERE

  31. where to? i have an address from your studio in atlanta?

  32. oh, the above refers to sending the bottle caps.

  33. nina: cereal milk! its got to be as popular as "cake batter". man i love that. No my mom never made those famous wafer logs -but i made one. damn i wish i had sliced it diagonally. I will next time. My friend Betty made that plate! its a little flower for votive candle. Im going to buy several because that tiny size comes in handy more than you would think. Im glad you liked this post -id love to share and ice cream sandwich with you on the porch.

    aunty: yeah, does anybody even think about millenary anymore? maybe in britain. C'mon over for a sandwich.

    moi: i can guess! grherhaha

    boxer cool!! good thing you can box it all off.

    Foam: I am planning a parts of a chicken folk art piece for the farm market. same things but maybe I will try and find a use for that space between the legs on the stomach. The cookie is on a little flower plate that Betty, of FIshbone Studio, made.

    Furious! er, Victoria, great to see you. I will post some more ice cream this summer. I want to try to create a ribbon of flavor in the cream.

    nancy: thanks for coming by. havent seen you in forever...Please do make the ice cream - its a winner i guarantee it! and thanks about the chicken.

    la diva: cool. im going there next and will report back to you.

    FOamer: i'll send you a note on the dread FB>

  34. Yeah Chickory Art!

    And I just have to say my favorite homemade ice cream flavor is Grapico....a truly southern treat!

    My husband has been eye-ballin' an ice cream maker....maybe I should break down and get him one!


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