1. They bush hogged the daisies, too? :(

    PS: E-mail your postal address so I can send the bottle caps...

  2. Jaysus Christ XL, how are you ALWAYS first?

    Chickory, I love how you notice the little details about life...and then share it all with us. I really appreciate it. Your photos are amazing, esp. loved the clover post, the bouquet in front of the sheers.

    And the bull art is da bomb!

    PS: husband wants to know if you use a special lens (looking back at the strawberry shots, divine!)

  3. Channeling Annie Dillard--this is masterful. Gorgeous.

  4. is the meadow all clean now? Did you get the weeds and winter debris removed? Does it still smell wonderful? I wish I could put my feet in the creek, but I also know it's HOT/HOT(Africa)HOT there so maybe I'm happy I was there when it was cooler?

    Beautiful shots of grass. Have a great weekend. REST those fingers!

  5. @LaDiva re: XL - don't ask. It's magic! :-)

  6. c,

    ah-choo -- excuse me

    ah ah-choo -- excuse me

    ah AH -- excuse

    × × ×


  7. xl: and the wild lobelia, the buttercups, queen annes lace, coreopsis, and black eyed susans that werent quite ready to bloom. But this is the big detail - the weed eating, trimming back the wild hedgerow...its gorgeous, but its a man made manicured beatuy; the meadow is gone. Yay!! thanks for the caps will send you an email.

    la diva: last fall, I bought a Canon S90. It was a camera that had been written about in the NYT by an editor that was clearly in love. I started reading all the reviews on it and decided to buy it. It was a big purchase for me. Its tiny; a compact - but it has a lot of the features an SLR has. anywhoo - no special lenses. but thanks to XL i started working with the manual dials (mostly aperture priority) more and things got better. at first, i wasnt happy with it. but now i adore it. Thanks for your kind words! Those strawberries were really amazing and I got so many it was crazy. I have 17 frozen bags of them.

    aunty: annie is a patron saint. my sister introduced me to her. And the grass bouquet is an idea i tore out of that same sisters martha stewart mag. Of course, that bouquet was a farm that specialized in fancy grasses so she had reds and other colors...ive been looking at grass seeds. see the grass with the tiny balls for seed heads? in groups that grass makes the meadow airy and light green. i call it fairy grass.

    boxer: it is park-like. I picked up the all the sticks. next is to clear the creek of debris but i need men with chain saws for that. my tree man went to Maine for the summer. so Im just going to tag the trees that are going and having V take out the little bitty ones. It smells great! honeysuckle is still blooming and there are wild roses blooming too. very sweet air. but dry. its a drought now...we desperately need water. Have a great time this weekend!

    /t: no! these arent sneezers! these are the good grasses. grrherhahaha

    faery: im so glad! xo

  8. Aunty took my Annie Dillard thought.

  9. Oh wow, dear chickory these photos are all so wonderful. I love the grasses, their heads and seeds are all so interesting and look great against the aqua coloured board and the unfinished clap-board. Oh and the last photo with its mix of grasses, daisies and yellow cosmos?, is really beautiful to my eyes, my kind of wild garden.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  10. Uhoh, I hope that doesn't mean that developers are moving in. When things get "mowed" around here, that is always a possibility. I'm with you, no point in mowing down nature in a natural setting. Vacant lot in the middle of town? Yes. Big meadow in the country? NO.

  11. Really love how you highlight beauty so often overlooked and trampled upon.
    Out west we are required by law to cut down everything around our dwellings by June 15th. I managed to save the overgrowth in the Guinea Pig's Memorial Park, whew! But the clearing rules work, I have seen wildfire skip homes without any dried grass fire fuels available.

    Love you >gratitude<

  12. You've been hogged!
    I love the smell of fresh mown pasture or field. Just heavenly.
    Looks like you let the different types of grasses seed before cutting, which is awesome if you get some rain.

    Good luck with the opening of the Market! I am soooooooo looking forward to the pictures and the report. I'll be sure to ask St. Luke to watch over you.

  13. Just dropping by Ande. You've piqued my curiosity and now I'm doubly flattered by your compliments on my etsy treasuries. Your talents know no end. Such wonderful photography to compliment your amazing art. And You gotta love a dog that eats clover. What a sweetheart.
    Have a great day at the market!

  14. I can't decide which one I like the best...they are all so beautiful! You photograph asa well as you paint!

  15. How sad. I love to see a natural meadow. They are rare now in UK, and sadly due to that, our bees are in decline. They are such important habitats for wildlife.

    I love your images......

  16. New Art Contest at the Troll Stroll.

  17. i just adore a natural field. i'm trying to decide if i ought to sneeze, but i don't think i would have to. it's the mowing that gets me .. and hay.

    love your bulls down below .. or should i say steers. i've been collecting beer bottle caps .. mayhaps i'll send them to you.

    ps: the ultralight steer is too funny. i hate that ultralight crap.

  18. Trying all afternoon by the pool to snag me some innernets to tell you: grrrrrrl, you got some magazine quality photo skills. Gorgeous stuff.

    Also, I never heard the words bush hog until I hitched up with a Southerner. We don't get extra vegetation out here :0).

  19. Dearest Chickory,

    Tales of my South Dakota trip to come, but at least I've gotten a few photos up on my blog. You are a master of the close-ups of nature's details. I reveled in being in big sky country :)


  20. I luvs that FOAMY says

  21. Troll: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is a dog-eared volume that will never get old.

    diane: I use an old window to photograph the flowers against. It reflects the sky and gives the photo some needed depth. I am looking forward to the golden daisy things that bloom in june.

    Pam: no no - I had the bush-hogger come and mow. I let the field get waist high and now its time to put those seed heads to the ground. you'll be glad to know that I looked for turtles before the hoggers arrived. I found no carcasses in the field post hoggin'.

    Nina: yes with the drought we are experiencing an overgrown field can be a fire hazard. Usually we are a wet climate but not this year. My neighbor started a fire this spring burning two televisions in a barrel and then leaving. nice, huh> I had to call the fire department. Now he sold all his hard woods and the loggers left piles of limbs and debris. Im waiting for the next fire. >one love< xo

    fishy: didnt get great photos...the sun made harsh shadows and later i was too busy. It was a good market - i made enough to fill the truck with gas and buy dinner at the grocery.

    Enchanted Blue Planet: welcome, welcome. Well, you are simply the best curator ive seen. I was hating Etsy until I started looking at your I feel better about it. ANd your blog profile page is superlative. Im glad to know you.

    debora: oh girl, you are too kind. thank you. I think MY favorite is the top one. (thats how you know my faves they always lead the post)

    cheryl: Well, it was a meadow all of spring and it will be again. I had it mowed. It will get mowed one more time before fall. I do have an upper field that stays natural though. And next year, I am going to start my own bee hive - my husband suggested it which is kind of shocking and a wonderful surprise. Seems he is taking an interest (finally) in country livin"

    troll: not for me it isnt. the prize isnt a prize. but keep them coming!

    Foamy: thats probably why that steer looks so annoyed. He really prefers a dark stout. Send the caps! Please!

    Moi: grrrrrehahhaha. yeah. uh, how are those plans about relocating to Jawja coming along? c'mon SB!

    Eggy: so far, im impressed. I cant wait for the details. and it might be wrong of me, but I am kind of wondering about ND cuisine. (!)

    aunty: LOL


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