Your Dad Called


He said he wants a Beer Bull for Father's Day.

Painted on 100% scavenged beach house.

Several colors; one bad attitude.

New for the 2011 Blue Ridge Farmer's Market

Haiku Monday / Cliche

China shops tremble
Bull Art. No B.S.


  1. Nice. No bull.

    I have some bottle caps I could send, if you wish.

  2. I like the black angus with the rogue cap! LOL funny. Is this a tweet too? Posted on your website? Are you fully 'media integrated' now and is it working?

    One more thing, have you received any feedback from Luke???????

  3. Nice haiku, but this whole blog is so visually beautiful that it puts most others to absolute shame.

  4. faery: what to do, what to do with old beach house and bottle caps? grherhahaha.

    xl: YES. I'll take the caps! thank you. Somebody gave me an entire bag of Coke caps, which look good with chicken boards, and I cant find them anywhere. I have some special ones like "dixi cola" that i save for really good ones. ONe of the bulls isnt a beer bull -he has "pioneer" caps. some kind of ginger ale for the past...great old lettering and gold color. great cap.

    fishy: Luke says wheres the wings!? that aint no angus thats a limosine!grherhahaha. no I am not fully integrated. who would I tweet to anyway? dont people have to sign up for my tweet? Im going to post one on the dread FB though. for the farmers market page.

  5. Really? Mebbe the Chinese have a thang fer bulls?

    Youse pretty clevah.

  6. czar: thank you! thats a high compliment.

    aunty: well i was trying to riff on the bull in a china shop cliche. my haiku is saying avoid that and order on line. get it? har har. im weak this week, i know it.

  7. Too clever! I'm in love with the way the paint lies on the grain and your seafoam green is just right. Perfect for beach house salvage. Knock out colors on everything. You will definitely clean up at the market this summer... but how can you part with such wonderful work?

  8. nina: my dad, stepmom and grabbed the sheets of siding off the road -my dad had them cut into boards and shipped them up to me. I had come home after a walk and said I had seen where they had torn down one of the older beach houses (to make way for these new bahamian style bungalows in the hood) and how great theyd be to paint folk art on. we went over there around midnight and picked them up in a golf cart! I like the seafoam too - im sure painting a fish or mermaid would have been a good fit, but for some reason i just made a bull and started banging in the caps. I love these. I would would buy this! you should see some of the raw stuff Ive purchased over the years. did you ever see that little clay preacherman I got? youd love that. I hope i clean up. because the base paint was already on the wood, i can offer them super thinking about 40 bucks.

  9. nina: to clarify: seafoam WAS the color of the house. I didnt paint that -they came that way.

  10. Soooooooooo cool, these bulls! You should use the haiku to introduce them on their own page.

  11. I like the departure from traditional farm animals - the bulls are really good, especially the snorting noses and bottle caps used to fill in their bodies. Also love the color. I think they'll do well at the Market, too bad you don't have things from your garden. Boooooo to beginning in June. How very PNW-esque of them. But we need that time to actually grow schnizz. How's your hand????

  12. These are really fun and powerful guys. I think your inner strength is busting out. :) Meanwhile, I am making the husband save all his beer bottle tops to send to you! Plus a few other interesting things we might run across.

  13. OMG, these are too funny! I LOVE the first one. Brilliant. :)) xox Pam

  14. They are all so good, I love the colours and the texture of the wood and that background colour is great, my favourite is the first one ... brilliant idea dear chickory!

    xoxoxo ♡

  15. Loved reading about the sourcing of the boards. Sneaking around in the night in a golf cart? Howlingly funny. Love, love, love how you recycle a beach house! No bull. Really respect your decision to leave the turquoise backgrounds, you rarely see that house color north of the tropics.

  16. Tres cool. I like them all but the whitish one is my favorite.

  17. Very clever and different. Love the upcycle. xox Corrine

  18. as another poster says "this blog is so perfect visually that it puts most others to shame".
    i second that.
    but not only has it a quality of superb visuals and layout, each contribution is so far away from the last one.
    these snorting bulls express something i have not seen in your work before.
    a rapidly evolving, constantly changing, perfect expression.

    always a pleasure.

  19. No cojones?

  20. moi: after my garden chores, I will give them a page over at my shop. but that haiku - er wasnt my best thats for sure. glad you like the bulls.

    boxer: i need to have a good market day. I have been doing a ton of home improvement - deck to be stained today...and i need $! (dont we all) glad I didnt do the arts fest last weekend. sales were slowwwwwwwww. hand still hurts. first finger is twice the size of the one on the other hand. made painting the studio rough. thanks for your comments on the bulls - ( magos comment)

    pam: yes! Have him save them for me!! yeah the bulls are me - definitely me. grhahaha

    yoborobo: you are too kind!! thank you.

    dianne: clearly i need to paint more white bulls. I think his expression is the best to. and i like his pink muzzle

    fishy: i like that color too. I was sad to see that old school wooden beach house come down. Ive known it for years and it was always one of my favorites as it had a big side yard too. a block from the beach no less. anyhoo - i can save $ by keeping that background color. Im glad you enjoyed the upcycle story.

    troll: thank you! youd tell me if you didnt like them so i am pleased.

    dosfishes: hey you! thanks a million. I love to find my materials and this beach house wood was a major score. I couldnt have done it without my dad though.

    su: thank you so much! I returned my blog to the original minima blogger template. You have to do html code to modify it, but its worth it as it is a much cleaner canvas to design on. I really try to keep a nice looking page so your comment is a treasure. The snorting bulls...well i dont know how they happened the subconscious was clearly in the drivers seat.

    63mago: good point. "beer steers" is a better name for them. Design wise, i can do the cojones, they remind me too much of those idiots that hang them under their trucks. oy vey.

  21. ?
    Foreign countries, foreign customs ... what does the truck owner want to tell the world with this brazen display of maleness? "I am a stupid goat, shoot me" is only one possible answer. Others could be "I have no balls of my own" or "I can not get over the fact that I have a penis".

  22. I didn't even notice they are cojone-less. Perhaps they are just being circumspect.

  23. perhaps the bulls are suffering from the Seinfield "shrinkage"?

  24. Perhaps, like Baby Storm's parents, you want to raise your bulls in a genderless environment free from the tyranny of sexual politics and gender bias?

  25. grrherhaha ha

    i want a beer bull today

    and maybe another one on father's day ;)

    ha ha haiku, tu

    × × ×


  26. 63 mago: does it mean " I have a dick" or "i am a dick". I think its the second one. grheha -

    moi: yeah i didnt notice either. what can i say? im middle aged. (but only if I live to 100)

    boxer: grherha painted in winter!

    moi: i saw that. that poor kid he has a weirdo culture and the worst parents ever to grow up with. very nice

    /t: beer steers for everyone!

  27. A "noble" set!
    (Except it isn't "no bull"...)
    54 on MV this AM


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