Me and Valentino on a Hike


**All the pieces featured are from the Valentino Fall 2011 collection. 


  1. Earth tones are in again? Oh, no! Avocado and harvest gold appliances!

  2. nature is really THE muse.
    i think the 2nd photo is amazing.
    would i wear any of those outfits?
    nah .. i'd much rather wear the type of close and shows that would get me to the places you got to with your camera.

  3. Your brain just never stops working does it? :-) Really brilliant how did you put this together?

  4. xl: LOL. actually, those old colors are kind of in with regard to kitschy vintage kitchen schizz.

    foam: i would wear the first dress in a heartbeat. Id need to drop a few pound cause all that stuff on it means bulk. so...but clothing is definitely about form and function. but i do love how organic the clothing in the Valentino collection were...what a great show.

    boxer: oh yes it does - and often. grherhahaha. I put it together when i saw that taupey lichen on the rock today and remembered the dress I liked. Then I thought about how organic the collection was and started pairing up the photos. too bad there wasnt anything to go with the native azaleas i found today.

  5. i saw that taupey lichen on the rock today and remembered the dress I liked. Then I thought about how organic the collection was and started pairing up the photos.

    Brilliant connection.
    I wonder who is doing the textile design.

  6. SEND this to Vogue or W.

    Do it today.

  7. nina, on that first dress? the bodice is a dead ringer (har) for tree rings or that tree fungus that has the stripes of browns...i tried to google it and couldnt find it. I loved the collection because it really did appear to be fashioned from elements in the forest. The show wasnt hard like a lot of the other ones-too often they were post modern to the point of silly although some of them looked capable of being converted into anti-radioactivity suits. Hermes comes to mind.

  8. aunty: you think so? I will give it a shot. so, you liked? Great clothes, huh? which one should I wear to the FEMA camp? grherhaha

  9. Wow, this is an amazing post!

  10. YES--DO IT (the pay 7-10k for features)

    I went to the site--
    Best collection I've seen in years--not luvin' all the burgundy, but mercy! the cut, the style!! The coats/ jackets--elegant, sophisticated--jes' superlative.

    I'd wear that teal watery long shirtwaist ev'r chance I could--but that navy suit? GIMME!

    Luved the spare hair models--nearly none jewelery, even the music. Great collection.

  11. Aunty Belle is right-send those photo's out...they are that good! Oh how I wish I had your artistic sensibilities...

  12. Those models are not very good at camouflage. I could see every one of them.

  13. This is a wonderful post dear chickory, I love how you have matched every dress with an element from the forest; perhaps you should be artistic director for Valentino's collection when it is introduced in Vogue and other major fashion magazines.

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. Bwahahahaha to Buzz.

    I thought the fall collection was stunning, but would never have made these connections. Brilliant. And I even like the burgundy/browns because I'm so over mushroom/nude for fall (although, tell that to someone whose primary clothing palate is sixty million shades of grey).

    My favorite is the second dress, even though I usually hate that shade of baby poop green.

  15. Beautiful! But daaaaaaamn, those girls need to eat more.

  16. jenner: thank you! which dress is you?

    Aunty: i looked around this morning and didnt see how to submit it. any suggestions? I like the burgundy stuff okay -especially the dress that was similar in design to my #1 dress with the lichen look. Those snakeskin boots helped. Loved those sheer blouses under the constructed but soft jackets. the whole look was just understated and elegant. If i was rich? oh boy. now, where to wear them? to browns feed n seed? home depot?

    debora: you are TOO kind. I will try, but, i didnt see how (yet). I thought your poem today was excellent.

    buzzkill: grrherhahahahaha!! real camo for this audience would be fabric that looked like the inside of saks fifth ave.

    dianne: i could live with that!! reckon theyd give me dress #1? im spossed to be having some professional photos taken of me this summer with my like to wear something foresty

    moi: yeah - that flesh hed to toe is disturbing. its like a nekkid barbie doll walking the runway. But that taupe is okay - it works for me all right. the shoes! the boots! man. It was my favorite collection - i didnt look at the london show yet though. loved the look of clean pulled back hair and minimal makeup like aunty was a kind of austerity -but not a sad austerity.

    dani: i know! I just ate some cheese toast for them.

  17. First, ask Mella's girl for contacts who would refer you so that your stuff did not arrive un-vetted.

  18. Someone is having way too much fun with her new camera.

    We had a harvest "gold" refrigerator once.
    Before we got rid of it,
    we named it "Malaria".


    It never stayed the same temperature.
    Always had chills and fevers.

  19. I'd wear the mushroom dress and the water dress. I really love the water dress and you what? I like it because of how it was paired with your photos.

    Aunty is right. Send it!

  20. yep them models all look like they may of taken too much heroin or something.

    also ladies if anyone is interested will be making my own designs based on the contents from the chuck out skip at the back of tescos,bits of old sandwich and stuff,half rotten vegetables and odds and ends.
    chickory if you like that mushroom dress
    I am sure with some super glue a couple of old dust sheets from the last job I was on and some mushrooms from the tesco skip I could knock you up something pretty similar,although you may have to bring some deodrant around with you whilst wearing it

    anyway bye..neil

  21. Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani3/24/2011 4:04 PM

    I lika your pictures, yes? We go into the business and maka lotsa money, yes?

    Ciao Bella!

  22. Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani3/24/2011 4:05 PM

    My friends, they call me Clem!

  23. anon: hmmmmmm i dont know about that. i will give it some thought.

    silas: grrherhahaha. thats funny. I dont think we had any harvest gold appliances, but im pretty sure we had avocado.

    boxer: i can see you in both of them/ you look pretty in those sea colors

    neil: so. didnt inspire poetry this time? LOL. Its the lichen dress i like. I might follow your lead -pull them off the rock and glue gun them onto a dress.

    Clem: Im in!

  24. The first photo?
    Genius relationship.
    The water photograph, looks better than the model and the Valentino.
    If not Vogue, MarieClaire because we all want to know what Neeeeena would say.

    Today I saw baby chicks in Tractor Supply. Most were little yellow fluff balls but in one bin there were tiny, tiny little brown and yellow striped peeps. Stole my heart. Blowfish doesn't want any city chickens so instead I came home with golden raspberry bushes :-) I couldn't risk putting that big peach tree in the Fizz though.

  25. Clem must be friends with Juan Carlos.

    And let's not forget that 1970s orange. Rust? Pumpkin?

  26. chickory you always inspire poems,just so tired at the mo,think my brain is still in hong kong,and its about 4 o clock in the morning their now,you are going to get a poem along with su and mrs life by tommorow night...

    I have new manky old dust sheets coming in ladies so get your orders in now,
    anything is possible especially with chickorys glue gun skills


  27. I think they would give you dress #1, that is the least they could do.
    Looking forward to your photos in 'forest themed' attire! :)

    xoxoxox ♡

  28. OMG, I love and adore this post. And those dresses. And your photos. But the pairings? Beyond brilliant! Love how your mind works. I'd wear any of them. That taupe one at top is a fave -- yours too? Brilliant brilliant post. And is just how those "nature challenges" on Project RUnway SHOULD turn out ... rather than the insane crap that shows up instead on that show. If not vogue, send to Tim Gunn please!

  29. this is one of the reasons i love you ...

  30. Your photos, and these pairings, knocked me out. And the comments here have me grrhrrhrring all the way into next week. You have such an amazing eye. You should so get this in front of someone. I predict the word "fresh" will be used by some NYC editor . . . And they'd be right.

  31. Good morning Chickory,

    Could somebody please feed those girls, before they waste away to nothing. They look like they were in a concentration camp.

  32. I love the way your mind works. The way you put nature and fashion together in a way it totally comes together. You just rock.

    (I'm just repeating what everyone's said. Sorry, but you're awesomely talented.)

  33. And thankfully not a pair of Crocs in sight.

  34. incredible - I just lapped up (over the last week or so) all 3 seasons of Rachel Zoe - found on youtube by me. I had been huntin' high & low for her (we don't get Bravo as part of our cable package) I am a self confessed freakin' fashion junkie, in my mind & spirit only, not at all in my person or wardrobe (or lack there of) and these juxtaposed photos are completely brilliant. ----- Ba nan as !!!!

    Simply brilliant, gorgeous photos & those stunningly beautiful dresses

    Counting the days til Season 4 - xoxo les Gang

  35. chickory doodle
    skylark high
    verse inner sing
    humming to life
    living spark roll
    dynamicly race
    chasing of everything
    loves inner taste
    a grace of in unity
    nature in heard
    words of the universe
    flying the birds
    observing in consciousness
    sun shinning rays
    multiplying the essence's
    riding the waves


  36. beautiful, c

    what an eye(!)

    oh, and you look just like a supermodel

    × × ×


  37. dear all:

    I just wrote a detailed comment to each of you and blogger was unable to process. This has been happening so much lately! THANK YOU all for your comments and kind words. I always delight in you observations and comments. thank you!

  38. blogger has been eating a whole slew of comments! it's been frustrating ..

  39. astonishing this gift you have.
    creativity is so totally in love with you.
    she shines her benediction upon you constantly.
    wow. once again my jaw drops open in wonder and awe.


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