Don't Postpone Joy


You know what this morning feels like? It feels like those scenes in movies before the world is forever changed; its business as usual as the TV talking head in the background reassures the viewers about *whatever* being under control and the next scene is empty streets, evidence of societal breakdown and zombies/'the road"/scorched earth/etc.

Three nuclear reactors are in danger of total meltdown at Fukushima. The morning news spent 3 minutes on this story so they could address:

abercrombie and fitch's prosti-tot swimwear line
a teen mom fight on MTV
dancing with the stars
soap star susan lucci's memoirs

I suppose when everybody in the world starts walking around with gills coming off their necks, Fukushima might earn at least the amount of time given to an undefined undeclared unapproved war on Libya.

We have the lamest news media on the face of Earth. And not just morning news -all of it.

Take nothing for granted. Don't postpone joy. Cherish and savor all that you love.  Or in the immortal words of The Police: "when the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around".


  1. I am confused by the Fukushima meltdown and still wonder how it got so out of control. I mean really, no one would lend them portable diesel pumps until now? Or industrial size portable diesel generators? I don't care what the cost, those items should have been there within 2 days. The whole northern part of Japan is going to be glowing for decades.

    But you have to admit that the teen mom fight was pretty hot though. Bwahahaha

  2. I so agree with your post.
    We don't have news; we have *News-Entertainment*. Sort of like professional wrestling is *Sports Entertainment*.
    The less Americans know, the less they think, the less they object....
    Yep, I'm thinking gills....and zombies too. Other than the ones already on the news. ;-)


  3. My thoughts exactly. Your post is very timely for me as that is what I am in the process of now. If you wait the stress only excelerates. Those who find contentment do not fear humiliation. That's what the TPTB try to nib in the bud, "contentment" no money in it. Thank you for this timely post. Your pics are beautiful.


  4. My disgust with US news is the incessant Obama cheer-leading.

    I really like the doggie-in-the-pond pix!

  5. buzz: great point! reallY we cant impose ourselves on a sovereign nation? we do it ALL THE TIME.

    its incredible. lets see: bigger threat to the world: radioactive isotopes circling the globe on the jet stream or kadaffi being kadaffi as he has been for years? That rock star physicist michio from berkley calls it our Faustian bargain with nuclear energy and that the reactors should have been entombed by now. he always comes on after the spokestool for the nuke energy lobby lies. Governments lie. it has one function: self preservation. and it burns me up when somebody says to me: dont worry -its not enough for you to get cancer here! as if that were the source of my despair. im talking about spoiled oceans, damage to creatures and birds and the poor poor people in japan with no where to run. all of Gods beautiful creation. its like the sick feeling i had with the oil spill times 100.

    AHL: lol youre right there are zombies among us now! Newsentertainment makes me sick! and its everywhere now. or if not entertainment, opinion.

    scrap: TPTB love stressed-out, sickly, in debt consumers. and the TV. The ever present lying glow box. youre right. dont wait. great to see you here scrap. thanks for dropping by.

    xl: its amazing to me after years of the "world hates us because of W" not a peep about Obama being burned in effigy in arab states; or about O using the US military as the UN's military (what was that about being BROKE?) or giving GE the keys to the kingdom; having a cabinet full of corrupt thieves, expanded patriot acts, just endless treasonous acts.

  6. I've been only watching BBC news online and I limit that too. It's all scripted to keep the attention span of a Country (ours, not England) that has been reprogrammed into robots. Bad news doesn't sell, unless they're selling Xanax.

    As for not postponing joy - you know I get that, big time and I love the pictures from Chickory - especially the one of Trout with her stick.


  7. I'm totally with you. The World has gone mad.

    I can't bear to watch the news at all. I get it on-line from the BBC. That way, I can decide what's important.

    It still amazes me, Life is so short and people waste their time being horrible to each other.

  8. Hi Ande
    I know just what you mean! Our (UK) media love a bad news story. I'm convinced the economic crisis would not have been so long-lived had the media not painted the very worst possible scenario every evening. If you believed everything you heard on the news over here you'd be too scared to do anything!
    A great post with a great message!

  9. Where can I get a copy of Susan Lucci's memoirs?

  10. It is beyond horrifying to see a crawler saying " plutonium in the soil, radiation in the ocean" and above this a nuclear energy spokesliar saying " while the raw data can sound alarming, the reality is not".

    These news editors are completely detached from reality. I live within the eradication zone if the SRS blows. Then too, so is the entire SE United States.

    Why are we not in the streets?
    I e-mailed all my senators and representatives saying the following:
    " Please can you advise WHY there is no bill before Congress which prohibits ALL foreign aide, for ANY reason, until we have zero trade deficits and a balanced budget?" Form letter responses so far. No surprise.

  11. boxer: a dog swimming is a thing of beauty. its just all so sound bitey - theres no depth to it. and that makes sense in the age of twitter. TWITS cannot pay attention for longer than 140 characters.

    roses: the world has gone mad. thats it in a nutshell and theres nothing to be done...except, what i am advocating.

    dan: in this case i am saying the opposite. I am saying i do not believe what the japanese power company is saying and my heart breaks for anyone in the fallout from their lies. I just dont trust this dont worry about the gamma rays, people. and neither do people who are in the process of dying from Chernobyl:

    MJ: I think you can download it from your Wii directly into your veins.

    fishy: i dont know. i guess people are too busy working their asses off to pay the bankers' debts. I dont know why! do you have a mountain of laundry for us to do?

    Troll: what. you think I am over reacting? dude!

  12. Actually, my true confession is, I have run out of laundry and am now washing bolts of designer fabrics from my stash.


  13. I couldn't agree with you more. Even the newspapers shock me, what is considered front page stories nowadays. It's ridiculous.

  14. i was taking to one very worried mama who's son is stationed over there.
    he flew his family back stateside, but he stays there ...

  15. Oh, to be Trout on that pond - take me away from all the craziness of humans :) Great photo, and happy Haiku Monday!

  16. Chickory dear, I could go on and on about what is not right in this world, so many natural disasters, the problems in Japan with the radiation leaks, dictators who make their citizens lives a misery, wars, riots to make a point but I won't, you have seen it all through the media, it is depressing.
    Some poor people have terrible lives and so much to contend with on a daily basis.
    Thank you for this post and the beautiful photos, especially that of Trout swimming with her stick, it reminds us that there is still something in life to live for and to give us joy as some have none, and we must protect these blessings as we are the fortunate ones.
    The quality of our lives is definitely governed by where we are born and into what society and geographical location.

    Have a great week!

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  17. Dear Chicory and friends,

    I agree with you all; I don't think what's happening in the world is OK or right or just or kind...BUT, I still believe (maybe naively so) that one person can make a difference. Use your gifts and talents whatever they are to make peace...whether its a fiery letter to a government official; money to help with the Japanese cleanup; running for office; picketing; going organic, whatever. Put a ripple in your pond. Like your post today. It's the only way to live sanely on this planet. (And don't forget to pray; always pray.)
    Thanks for the photos. Such beauty.

  18. It was a "basically agree" type of Dude.

    Dude. (basically agree)

    Dude.. (over-reacting)

    Dude! ( you're off-base)

    Dude? (you might be insane)

    For the record, I'm more concerned about horrific foreign policy mistakes like Libya, than Japan's nuclear power industry.

    I think TV News CAN cover the former reasonably well, but CHOOSE not to. For obvious reasons.

    I don't think they CAN cover things like the malfunctioning plant very well. It's not a story that lends itself to TV's strictures.

    The WSJ is covering it very well though. Maybe you could try that.

  19. We don't have news in this country. I watch BBC. And I agree completely - you have to grab the joy in the day. Who the heck knows what is going to happen tomorrow (and if we will even be TOLD). :) Okay, I am done ranting, going back to birdwatching, before they develop third wings. :))

  20. stunning, stunning photos
    much love from all of is to all of you

  21. It's a tricky tight rope walk for sure, on the one hand (foot?) remaining aware, concerned, and proactive in the face of tragedy and stupidity and on the other refusing to let it get you down.

    Overall, I think, there's a lot more to recommend this planet and her people than not.

  22. Beautiful photo's Chickory... Wise words regarding joy... Make the most of it while it happens. Life changes so rapidly.

    news reporting in most countries has become "infotainment"... "Fodder for the Proleteriat" to use the words of Orwell.

    God forfend should the populace become distracted by the real world! Yet some of us do and it is frightening... And there is grief within in that enlightenment... But there is always hope.

  23. Also, "prosti-tot?" Bwhahahahahaha! I got a lot of joy out of that. Abercrombie makes me want to lock and load. I refuse even to take my niece in there. Plus, they pipe in this hideous, cheap perfume that smells like something a prosti-tot would wear.

  24. Torn? Conflicted?
    See your doctor for Giv-A-Dang Pills and Elixirs.
    Why, just a few pulls on a bottle of Giv-a-Dang and you'll be forgetting the worse things around. No more nukes. No more wars. No more any ol' danged thing!
    And it comes with a can-o-cat for the dogs to chase, too!

    Here's a laugh for you, gal.
    (and anyone else that wants or needs a giggle. Just click on the picture and wait for it... I guarantee a laugh)

  25. keep the faith, dear c

    oh, i see by your pics you do

    × × ×


  26. I had that same morning when every was changed forever when I was 8 and I cried on my aunt's lounge for a week straight while my brother and little sister played, too young to know to be sad.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos and your eye that catches that beauty. I'm sorry girl. xoxoxoxoxoo

  27. Soooo happy to be catching up with your blog! Missed you!


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