Haiku Monday *revised*


pool surface

pond at forest edge
surface tension mirrored
essential life


pond at forest edge
essential life mirrored
in surface tension

***Master Basho's Ghost informed me that I failed to get a 5-7-5 format. Here is a new entry:

Thunder sand and spray
moon pulls foam edges into
azure horizon

** Haiku Thursday is a weekly multi-participant game that anyone can play. Visit the Haiku Host to find the topic for the week, then post your haiku on your blog, and let the Haiku Host know that you are up. The Badge of Great Honor will be awarded and the winner may display that badge on his/her blog.


  1. Love it.....how on earth did you think of that?
    I am never quite able to put a Haiku together.

  2. Beautiful.....both the poem and especially the photo.
    I love ponds and the life that teems in them; a tiny world bound by mud and debris.....faerie realm below the surface.



  3. garsh!! i can just feel the teaming microcosms in that photo! great shot!

    i like both poem versions that accompany your photo. i like the first one best though.

  4. Wow, both of yours are terrific! Such imagery!

  5. How did you achieve that gorgeous, other worldly quality to that photo? I love it! The flower painting you have hanging at Chicory in back of your heater has that same quality: like mother nature in outer space.

    Oh, and your haikus are beautiful, too. "Essential life," indeed. We all crawled up out from the pond :o)

  6. Seriosly beautiful photo and Haiku. Was Photoshop involved? and the Haiku is nearly a prayer.

  7. cheryl: i dont know. practice. join us! this is a fun blog project. only three sentences!

    AHL: i know. i go to one in the spring with the biggest tadpoles you have ever seen. its very primordial.

    john gray: thank you and welcome1 I look forward to looking through your blog. Loved the chicks, of course.

    boxer: no but there is on your coco photo

    xl: thank you! whatever will you do tomorrow morning?

    foamy: garsh is right! do a haiku. c'mon. play. - theres a crescent moon tonight so its a sign

    jenner: thanks!

    moi: i like that too..theres a depth to those dark areas and the surface has such presence. up from the ooooze..

  8. your pond
    is very dark
    and mysterious

    holding great secrets,
    i imagine

    × × ×


  9. I love the haiku. Both forms of it, but you know, it really improved in the second version. Meanwhile, I have to ask, if you happen to do any more of those Sterling paintings ... let me know ... I didn't see anything on your shop link. Hope you have a good week and that everything is nice and calm and peaceful for a while. I know emotional times will be looming. I remember this time (between family health crisis events) as being really heightened in awareness. If that made any sense whatsoever. But thinking of you and Auntie. And I hope you saw the Chicken Cheerleaders at the Puppy Bowl yesterday.

  10. Your revised effort is one of my favorite haikus this go 'round. Beautiful! As is the photo. As frightened as I am of wide open ocean, standing at its shoreline is one of my favorite things to do, ever.

  11. I just want to clarify that the very first one IS really good haiku. It just doesn't follow the 5-7-5 format The Troll's contest requires.

    The third one is very nice too. I suspect it's a contender.

  12. drifting petal
    far stream sung

    life living lift
    on old conscious hum

    spun within nature
    internally begun


    sorry chickory dont know how to do these haikus,their hard stuff...neil

  13. What an awesome photograph! A design by nature to inspire poetry for sure.
    Best of all, I can FEEL your haiku.
    Happy Monday.

  14. I love all three poems, especially the last.
    The photograph of the sandy beach,lacy trails of foam, waves, ocean and sky is amazing ... so many shades of blue.
    Your pond is also beautiful, so much life lives there in its own fragile world.
    I liked neils's poem too!

    xoxoxo ♡

  15. oh man!! look at those waters. must be the golf.
    now i want to sink my toes in thunder sand and feel the spray of the ocean ..

  16. heh...no photoshop fer haikus?

    I likes the first one--an somethimes, ain't it kosher to have less than the 575, esp. when some syllables is long vowel?

  17. I forgot to ask:

    Are these art-contest things that I send you...?

    A) Annoying

    B) Things you actually enter.

    If B, do you want to be informed about PHOTO contests too? Big prize ones, that is.

  18. Thinking about ya' an yore Mama.
    Hope youse OK

  19. Bon Jour
    23,000 images in my iphoto-yikes
    I just uploaded w-a-y too many photos to the uppercase flickr site- 63 to be exact - I'm BAD. I emailed Janine (the editor) to apologize and explain that I could not stop myself from that excessive upload and for that I am tres sorry.

    My florals, my photos are all like little children how can/could I possibly choose ?? Anyhow - glad that's done and hoping I don't come across, too much, like a who-does-she-think-she-is ??? xo S & Deee

  20. ps do you know artist Betsy Walton ?


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