Guinea Hen


Guinea Hen. Oil Pastel on Paper 22x30"


  1. Love this Ande, love the contrast between the dotty feathers and the swirly clouds and chicken wire behind.
    Have a great weekend

  2. MRM: thank you. I want you to know how much i appreciate your well wishes for both me and aunty. it does help.

    sharon: thank you! I am going to be doing a pearl hen soon. I am really looking forward to the drawing on friday! I loved that stuff from lush the best. great anniversary week you had! I'll be over later today.

  3. Very nice. I like the chicken-wire in the background.

  4. Mystery. Menace. Love it!

  5. That is one angry looking hen. She must be cold. Did you use real chicken wire as a stencil?

  6. troll: i like the chicken wire too -in a way, it suggests dna building blocks too

    xl: kind of like my entire january. the colors in the piece are like the days have been. and now, sleet. hate it.

    buzzkill: she's cold, im cold. were all cold. i bet youve had about enough as well. at least it was warm where my mom is. and i do mean at least

    foamy: yay! thank you. and thanks for your kind words. i know you know how this is. but i have to tell you, I cherished the time i had. i really did. now its just waiting.

  7. faery: merci!'

    buzz: forgot to i didnt use a stencil...i freehanded it.
    and you can tell cause i kind of lose the uniformity along the way.

  8. Good evening Chickory,

    She does look like another one ready for winter to end. And at 22 by 30 she must be much bigger than the real thing, did you just increase the scale in your mind or do you lay the painting out to the size you want fill in the area? Either way nicely done.

  9. Oh my GoodNess this is Gorgeous.
    Stunning xo S & Dee

  10. yes, i know, i do so very much understand ..

  11. I'm glad you're making things, but I see a change.



  12. Gorgeous! I have an entire flock of guinea hens that visits me from across the street every day. They are so loud that I know whenever they are near!!

  13. This is gorgeous chickory, you have done so well with all of the intricate details in the feathers.

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. Gosh I am amazed, that is really beautiful.
    I love the contrasts......
    A lovely piece of artwork

  15. With that punk rock hairdo, you can bet she is the early bird who always gets her worm.

  16. Welcome Home! I know you are glad to be among your tools and your animals again and I'm glad to hear you cherished your time.

    You mentioned: and you can tell cause i kind of lose the uniformity along the way
    We are are own worst critics. And maybe not even the worst as in awful, but the most critical.

    This piece, Guinea Hen, puts you in a whole new category, it is just lovely. Reflexive Relational Chiaroscuroism. Translation: very high-priced ism.

    The chicken wire resembles honeycomb. And the opening in the cloud, a zipper, As if we are looking inside the clouds and a fowl is the silver lining.

  17. She is fabulous and strong and cautious; and the coloring is different than your usual pallette. Interesting. I know you have lots on your mind, I wonder if she has a bit of you lately in her. Or mom. I hope you both are staying strong. Thanks for stopping by today. Here's a link to the Puppy Bowl (with kitty halftime show) and rabbit cheerleaders and hamsters in the overhead blimp:

  18. This is just gorgeous.

    I love what you do.

  19. karl: now that you mention it, she is about the size of a real guinea. but yes, i just had a sheet of paper and filled it. winter must end! i bought seeds!

    susan: merci!

    foamer: xo

    boxer: no - i just limited the palette on this one. no dark meaning - at least my conscious mind says so. ;-)

    Jenner: welcome! they say they are the best watchdogs for a property. i cant have them. i have to carry my fowl back and forth from country to city in a car. they are too big.

  20. dianne: you cant go wrong with a Guinea. their markings are clear and graphic!

    cheryl: thank you! i have large size prints of this guinea hen. 22 x 28 just like the original. I will be doing a pearl hen soon -there will be more color to that one. have you ever seen the ceramic hens by la pintade? they are wonderful.

  21. moi: yes! looks like you circa 1980's sometime/ grrrrrhahahaha!

    nina: Reflexive Relational Chiaroscuroism. very nice. well the bird demands it! i did cherish my time with mom, nina. she told me things i will carry with me all my days. I would sit by her and sort of lay part of me on the bed and she would reach down and pat me head now and then ... i can still feel that. but yes. it is great to be back with my materials - and i know you know how that is.

    pam: i dont know that i would read too much into this. I also made a very cheerful and bright painting while visiting mom -which will be the cover for the spring Bas Bleu catalog. I will post it later this week. It was neat because my sister made a lot of really good suggestions which i incorporated into the painting. and I got to show my mom the drawing and the finished art before i shipped. so it was a family affair. thanks for the puppy bowl link. if i have to watch something, which i dont, this would be far more to my liking.

    roses: thanks a million! xo

  22. Buckwheat! Buckwheat! Buckwheat!

    Foxy Loxy very gwaciously jacked our loud-mouth female guinea, and left the quiet male to peruze the garden by himself.

  23. hey---come yak wif me about EGYPT on the BACK PORCH. Kick up some dust, ok?

    Aunty's Back Porch

  24. WOW!

    v.nice, c

    × × ×

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