Art Giveaway: This little chickie went to.......


i put everybodys name on sheets of paper that were mostly the same size to make it FAIR then.....

the winner may shoot me an email at with an address of where to send the chick. dont worry, i wont come over. grrherhaha


  1. Congratulations, Carl! You lucky duck! :)

  2. Yes, congrats... I knew the odds were against me, but I had this tiny hope...
    I'll recover by tomorrow.
    Thanks Chickory, for sharing your art in such a generous manner.

  3. YOBO: your myrna arrived today! and, i sold a piece of yours this expect to hear from me. happy weekend to you.

    publius: i was pulling for you. i smiled when i wrote down your name. thanks for playing, its always good to see you.

  4. lucky karl! and yes, this was very gracious and generous of you.

  5. Karl is a lucky SOB. That'll look good hanging over the lobster tank.

  6. Yay for Karl! I'm totally jealous!

  7. yay! Karl! How sweet of you to give away one of your chicks. :-)

  8. Congrats Karl.

    [gently sobbing at yet another heartbreak]

  9. Congratulations Karl... and chickory so lovely of you to be so generous. ♥

  10. So Karl,
    Congratulations! But if you joined in for the fun of the gamble but don't actually have the space for this charming piece of art I would be delighted to help you with that little issue by forwarding a mailing address ... :-)

  11. Good Morning Chickory,

    I'm happy to have won some great art. Karl is my nick-name. My real name and address is:

    Harry Lime
    128 Verity Lane
    Troll Island, Florida

  12. Congrats, Karl! Better watch Troll. He be sneaky.

  13. Good morning Chickory,

    Nothing like being late to one's own party. Please excuse my tardiness, I was not online much this weekend. So I was unaware of my luck at the draw.(Thank you Amy, the paperwork for your appointment to the academy will be forthcoming)

    Hopefully I'm in time to claim this coveted prize, before some nefarious usurper absconds with it.

    Thank you Chockory for your kind and generous gift!

  14. Yea for Karl!

    But please show us where in yore abode this chickie finds a home.


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