you cannot capture the big of this forest




  1. But you can stitch together a panoramic photo showing your dog Trout at the trout stream. Love it, so beautiful and magestic.

  2. Pretty big! :) We have some seriously tall trees out back, too. Don't you love them? xo Pam


    really nice!

    × × ×


  4. That's so cool. And you're right, you cannot capture it, but you did a pretty good job.

  5. Pretty cool collage assembly. Maybe even impressive :-) I might fall off the chair if you told me you took the pictures with your phone. I have got to go take some technology classes. Maybe I'll just hire a 20 something as a private tutor.

  6. How very beautiful, such majesty in your tall forest trees and Trout looks so happy on the banks of the stream. xo ♡

  7. Damn fine shot at it, though.

  8. * Trout is still as adorable as ever! :D

    * Those trees are...really tall! haha!

  9. oh, look.
    Your ex"builder" is selling stuff on the net, now.

    (I doubt it)

    I still take a stab at trying the big reds and sequoias in California.
    Haven't painted one that I would show.

  10. Hockney went down to Georgia :o)

  11. pam: i always wanted to do one of the hockney style photomontages..and i have done it back when we used to print photos...but not since digital.. i think i will try some soon.

    yoborobo: i could get in places with even more extremes...this forest i think is part of the largest deciduous broadleaf forest chains left on earth

    /t: thank you! im sure you have the big trees too...but not quite as much i right?

    boxer: thank you. we need a videographer ;-)

    fishy: naw i used the cool pix i have a love hate relationship with...too slow a shutter. cant catch the chickens with it.

    dianne: its trouts favorite place

    j cosmo newberry: hey hey! you inspired my back to my poets chair over at the yard!

    prism: trout says "bushy! come play!" xoxox good to see you as "prism" again'

    boney: if only i could trashcan the experience as easily as i did the spam

    moi: i loved those ones he did in the southwest desert...know which ones i mean?

    aunty: thank you...try this with your big trees...guess youd have to go wide.

  12. You bet. A bigger Hockey fan you are unlikely to find :o)

  13. Chicory,
    How blessed to live amongst such majestic sentries.
    Nothing moves me more than a tree.
    Their wisdom and acceptance are stronger than in any other life form.
    I think that should I happen upon what you photographed one day - my only choice would be to bow down and worship them forever.

    Thanks for sharing your good karma once again.

  14. moi: LOL im sure you meant Hockney but ya never know!

    su: under this heavy canopy i feel i am protected under the safety of their branches. a forest is truly a life sustaining and verdant cathedral. good to see you!

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  16. great photo! it's amazing how tall our trees can grow, isn't it.
    i just read your post below. for some reason i never get chickory updates although i do for the sparringk9. don't know why. therefore, i seem to miss postings. sorry to here about etsy,didn't know it was sooooo ... corrupted? but am looking forward to your new webpage. and maybe, like aunty, i'll mosey down thataway myself one of these days.

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  18. Cool! I have lots of photos like this, mostly of Hawaii and Australia. Loverly!

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