Winter Sparrow




  1. Nice work on a subject that rarely gets any love.

  2. it's gorgeous!

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  3. Love it, and I'm really drawn to the seed pods (?) for some reason.

  4. Oh my gosh, it's just beautiful! I love these colors, and I agree, the seedpods are fabulous! xo Pam

  5. This is wonderful.

    PS: Have you every done one of Dovey?

  6. shamy: i ove the little chipping sparrows. the song has minor notes at the end with a bit of sorrow. this will be springs Ba Bleu cover.

    /t: you are TOO kind. thanks, 't

    pam: me too. i love them. its my husbands nickname for me...pod. short for pea pod. sweet.

    yoborobo: thank you. i made an iron on tshirt with this design and it turned out pretty good.

    xl: thank you. have i painted dovey? i have. i did a dovey painting thats kind of like a russian egg. very patterned. i will post it soon.

  7. Classic Chickory. The seeds too.


  8. wow
    Our own snowy sparrows here would love it to wander upon seeds on plants like this.
    (they don't think I put enough out, sometimes)

  9. them seed pod thangs remind me of lizards from the underneath side.

    Red efts and orange newts love luv too.

  10. Ahhh, I'd know him anywhere. He mingles here with Juncos, Brewer's Blackbirds, Flickers, Acorn and Ladderbacks, Western Bluebirds and glistening little hummers. He found my heart when we had to go to the big city ond day and there were his cousins, on pavement at a machine shop, grease and soot, slim pickins. I asked him why he didn't come home with me to a better life and he said he would never leave his family. Maybe next time, when I tell him he has family in Jawja too.
    You've shown his joy in loyalty and his true nobility. Many praises.

  11. This is gorgous! I love the colors! Oh and ps it's edith :) This is my new site :)

  12. This is such a gorgeous illustration, the sparrow, often forgotten but such a lovely bird to have in the garden ... the leaves, shoots and seed pods are truly beautiful chickory dear, you capture so much beauty in your art.

    I have left another comment for you at my blog, along with some links that I'm sure you will find interesting. xo ♥

  13. Another masterpiece! all-time fave is on your sidebar, 'the harbinger of spring'. Simply perfection in my eyes.

  14. for the client? If so, they'll be very happy.

  15. This is so damn smart little art dog. The use of the blue for the chill of winter? Brilliant. Combined with the whiteout conditions of the environment? Wow. The sparrow in the green with pods... sustains hope.
    Made my day :-)

  16. Chipping sparrows are very common at our feeders year round. I love them. They're quick and smart and aren't afraid to give those lumbering C-130 dove the what for if they start hogging the seed.

  17. mookie: thank you! did you win the prize"

    Turey! welcome friend. and thank you.

    boney: yeah that plant is a figment of my imagination. but that birdy is a favorite. i tried to embed his song but blogga kept rejecting the file. gah!

    nina: i often think that too - fly away little birdy to the forest where there is only nature and no jackhammers! but the little sparrows are adaptive and cheerful. there is a meditation in this. chirp!

    SKP: hi edith! good to see you. new blog? i'll be right over.

    dianne: i love the little sparrows...the brown birds overlooked for the flashier blues and reds....but they are so earnest and with so a dear a song they have my heart.

    jean: thank you. that black bird was one of the panels i did for the atlanta botanical gardens.

    boxer: your sister will soon see.

    fishy: will you be my art rep? you are so good! thank you.

    moi: indeed. quick and nimble like a guerilla!

  18. Very pretty. I love trying to paint birds and then find that the subtle nuances of colour to be much more difficult than imagined so can only do simplistic, two dimensional birds! You make it look easy.

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