rain and more rain


I have never seen day after day of rain like this. hard soaking rain. at 10 am this morning it looked like 8:30 at night.

my creek is usually a calm trickle like you see above and now it is a raging river. thank God there isnt any construction above me -there is very little muddy looking run off. the chicken pens are soaked but they are high and dry in their church. i just heard a news story about a 3 year old boy who was washed away and lost when the mobile home he lived in was broken in half by a flooded creek in the middle of the night. parts of the interstate are closed and a couple of people died in their cars in Atlanta today. everything i put in the ground for fall is washed away or has rotted roots. and the radar shows more coming in from alabama for tonight.


  1. I guess it's too late for an Ark?

  2. it's not been as bad here, but we've had a lot of rain too.

    and you know, just before school was over for the summer, we had a whole bridge collapse in our county due to rain and folks lost their homes too.
    it has been wet alright.

    reckon the drought is officially over?

  3. National news on my welcome page today: storms drench the southeast, people lost, people killed ...
    No link because AP charges by the word.
    Stay indoors, do you have survival supplies? Keep a battery radio operating for news alerts. You can't save what is gone, you can save yourself and your animals if you think you need to evacuate.

  4. That's a raging creek, alright. Stay safe.

  5. I read about your rain/flooding and I'm sorry. Around here we get this all the time; flooding is a part of life. I hope it ends soon. Is there a chance you can replant? :-( Stay safe and dry.

  6. This is sad! I wonder if raised beds (put in a few at a time) might make a difference in terms of your crops? Jeeze- it seems like your part of the country is either in drought or drowning- a happy medium is hard to come by... (politics anyone?)
    wait- I think some your tomatoes just floated past my house :)
    Hugs friend and be well- we are all thinking of you.

  7. i saw it
    on the news
    about two drown
    & waist deep water in atl

    it's gotta be pretty unusual for september... anywhere

    stay dry

    × × ×


  8. Be well... I love your art, and your posts (which I mainly see on Nina's blog... but I'll start to come here).

    The skies have really opened up down there. They will close eventually...

  9. Yeow!
    Sorry fer yore disappointment. Bummer.

  10. Gosh that is a lot of rain, I havent had rain like that here for quite a while.
    Tragic when lives are lost.
    You take care and make sure you are all safe. ♡

  11. we saw this in western VA in'04 living in the low lands, little trickles turn to raging waters with the run off.

    It is a sad thing the loss of life but this is how droughts end. i am more concerned with your last reply and them now forced to live without proper shelter. WTF happened to our priorities?

  12. Rain angst?
    Our part of the Carolinas is also experiencing the dark as 8:30pm at noon gloom. We have areas with no school because of the flooding. Like you it has been quite a spell since we have seen so many days of heavy soaking rains. Lots of loss here too. Sorry about your veggies... I think I have angst over your last remaining watermelon with the litle fence around it .... sad.

    Your creek looks a bit dangerous...hope you are not a bank walker, they are prone to giving way without warning. Can you exit there if you need to or are the roads to your place flooded out? Take care.

  13. It's never good when we get too much of one kind of weather. That's so sad about the little kid, breaks my heart. You stay safe! Hope it dries out soon! xo Pam

  14. shamy: i didnt go with the ark-they would only take two chickens.

    foamy: i believe it is! thats why so many trees are coming down -first they thirsted now they drowned. we have a lot of schools closed because you cannot get there. lots and lots of closed roads.

    nina: i did leave. i am in ATL now. i had supplies and could have ridden it out fine - but i chose to leave once i lost power and had no internet. i knew youd appreciate that revelation. the road i came out on is now closed. i am fairly sure that chickory's creek will not crest today will not be as rainy. even if it did overflow there is nothing to be done. and the little cabin is up on stilts (its only about 8 feet from the creek)

    faery: i did and will. thank you.

    boxer: i might. the swiss chard still looks okay. but all the seed crops: lettuce and carrots and spinach are lost. i know! just another wet day in seattle.

    mayden: grherha yeah those yellow pear tomatoes are finally over thanks to this water. i am safe and fine. i'll be back on my garden as soon as the soil is dry enough to work.

    /t: it seems unlikely to drown in that depth - but watching the water run across some of these roads...its pretty fast! maybe people get swept up and they hit their heads or something and its over. so terrible. thanks, 't.

    publius: great to see you. thanks so much. and welcome. i commented on your blog not too long ago and then couldnt find it. maybe its because you have so many. ;-) im glad you came here today.

    aunty: just a little hiccup for me. for so many its a devastator. i cannot get over the loss of that little boy. tragic.

    dianne: we are fine. have you ever travelled with wet chickens? its not that fun.

    walking man: its bad. in the Chickory's county, it is 60% national forest and federal wildlife. in the paper it said the forests are full of campers who are living there. the campsites at the lake are now homes - the state has given extended permits. our food panty is constantly emptied - they were actually happy to get my sacks of okra. when winter comes its going to be rough. most people when they think of "poor" they see city. but in the rural south i am seeing lots of stress not from water - from no jobs. without construction, and a drop in tourism, this county has very little work.

    fishy: they closed 575 a few hours after i left. i am fine. i took the fence off the final watermelon. it wont make it. come on little rabbit -its all yours. (like all the others!)

    yoborobo: breaks mine too. i hate mobile homes. look at the slide show in the post below: options for inexpensive housing. its just so sad. and then will come mosquitoes....

  15. I totally understand your concerns. We used to live on a creek that was normally bone-dry. But when the rains came, the water in that creek moved at about 40-50 mph. We saw tricycles floating by once. Dead trees slamming into the bridge hard enough to make chunks of concrete fly. And then once, a neighbor girl, 8 years old and almost totally deaf, was walking along on our side of the creek, inches away from that raging water. One little slip of the foot or sod giving way, and she'd have been GONE. I yelled to get her to step back and it took a long while before she finally understood that I was there and what I was trying to tell her.

    I hope your chickies stay safe, and the rest of your critters and family!

  16. That is why I plan on having my banjo on my knee when I go to Alabama. That way it will stay dry. I was originally headed to Chickory country with my banjo, until I saw Deliverence again on cable and read this post. I am starting to think my banjo is cursed all the time, and not just when I am attempting to play it before an audience.

  17. Your rain is beyond anything we get, except for maybe once a year and typically the flooding happens where people have built along rivers that flood. YOUR rain is Hurricane level amounts and I'm so very sorry for everyone who has lost something... especially people who have lost loved ones. Heartbreaking pictures on the news.

    :-( I'm glad you're home, can't imagine traveling with chickens, I just think of the saying "madder than a wet chicken." ouch. xoxoxox.

  18. nina: i did leave. i am in ATL now. i had supplies and could have ridden it out fine - but i chose to leave once i lost power and had no internet. i knew youd appreciate that revelation. the road i came out on is now closed. i am fairly sure that chickory's creek will not crest today will not be as rainy. even if it did overflow there is nothing to be done. and the little cabin is up on stilts (its only about 8 feet from the creek)

    thank gawd. You can always rebuild later. You did the right thing at the right time, I expect nothing less from you. No matter whatever else you or anyone thinks of you, you are a survivor. And interestingly, optimistic, never a victim. My, my, just think what lessons are on the table for new building projects and new artworks! I can't wait to see how you interpret these experiences!

  19. SNORT...."have you ever travelled with wet chickens?"

    That traveling with the chickens is now so normal that it's the wet chickens that's abnormal. I absolutely love your outlook on life.

  20. I finally caught up with network national news last night and couldn't believe it. So sorry about your crops. Hope it clears soon, because rain like that is just no good for anything except firing up the global warmists.

  21. Glad you are safely evacuated. Less rain today but more cresting from the higher elevations. Hard on the trees, just missed having half a tree fall on me Sunday afternoon ... I was in the car and thank God I had the window open so could hear the crack in time to accelerate :-)

  22. Y'all is in the news again tonight--Chickory --oh I is so sorry!! Mercy mercy, chile'. Come down heah iffin' ya need a dry berth.

  23. Believe it or not yes I have travelled with wet chickens we had many when I was a girl...they kind of smell a bit and so do some wet dogs. :-)
    I'm so pleased to hear that you have returned to the city, I hope you will all be safer there. ♡
    love xo

  24. Keep safe girlfriend. :)Hope it dries out real soon.

  25. everyone: thank you SO much. you are the best blog friends a chickory could have. xo


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