now all i need is a bear....


V set up a remote camera so i can watch out for Chickory when i have to be away. i can switch to a view of the creek too. isnt this cool? i love it. its got a battery, so it will work even when we lose power which is often. I can take a snapshot at anytime of what i see. so c'mon wild animals. ( too bad i cannot monitor the garden; see what mr rabbit is up to)


  1. Okay, now that's funny. And kind of scary. Will you be able to clue us in, too?

  2. i can turn it off when we are outside organizing arms for the revolution. you're not to worry.

  3. Will it catch me chasing the squirrels around your property?

  4. chickory - we have a version of one of those, and the DH set it up in the woods. We got some funny shots of curious raccoons, and deer. :) No bears, thankfully. Or people for that matter! xo

  5. shamy: when you do that it fires laser beams!

    yobo: who is the DH? the designated hitter? LOL

  6. That is the coolest thing ever. I can't wait to see you post a pic with a bear. I am sure it will happen. I did a similar thing to tape happenings on my driveway after the infamous Voodoo Lime incident, with mixed results. I think the cameras have come a long way, baby.


    maybe you can
    have one of these
    things set up /w nephew...

    pickin' banjo on the porch, skinnin' a possum, bathin' at the creek... you could sell subscriptions :)

    × × ×


  8. Gives a whole new meaning to Squirrel Roast...

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  10. Laser beams? Did you say laser beams? Cool! All the better to pluck out the politicians.

  11. so we can see when nephew and the rest of the crew from "Saw VIX" is coming? Cool!

  12. Wow, that is so cool, V is very clever...that will be lovely to watch and listen to the creek whenever you like.

    Dammit,now if I turn up there and start pinching your cosmos or Californian poppies you will know its me and won't be able to blame the wildlife. :)

    What a pleasant way to spend some time, picking the last of the flowers and digging up some plants for my garden. xo ♡

  13. I see enough "wild life" without having a camera which would probably get stolen.

  14. Good thing I have cloaking technology.

  15. pam: voodoo lime incident? do tell!

    /t: well as you might imagine, my torrid affair with nephew has influenced this installation in a wee small way ;-)

    shamy: i was thinking squirrel protection systems 'mu, and you know it.

    moi: oh the stuff dreams are made of

    boxer: we be better than knowing, we'll be "ready" grherha

    dianne: tee hee. i wont prosecute. come on over and pinch away. xo

    walking man: thats why the images are beamed back to a hard drive in atl. you can steal the camera -but not what it saw. i hope it is a good deterrent. this place is very remote. you really are on your on out here.

    puerileuwaite" klingons have pugs? who knew?

  16. You know what would be REALLY cool? One of those Remington semi automatic rifles WITH a laser beam attachment. Huh, huh?


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